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Wedding Planning – Invitation & Reception

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception wasn’t part of our plan. But Fluffy Bunny decided to gather everyone for lunch after our ceremony. A way to thank them for making all the way to celebrate our marriage.

Choosing a venue for the wedding reception wasn’t easy. There are so many choices to choose from. Initially, we couldn’t decide if we want a lunch or dinner, but after much discussing and asking her sister for advice, we decided on lunch.

Our initial venue to have lunch wedding reception only opens during dinner time on the day of our wedding. Thus we had to research further for other possible location. Checking out menus and reading reviews. Like everyone else, we just want everything to be awesome on our special day. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime event.

As I am typing this entry, we haven yet settle on the venue. But we do have a few in mind. Will be emailing them before confirmation and booking. Gosh… There’s so much to do for a one day event.


We wanted to keep this small and within budget. We do not want to spend a whole load of money in celebrating our next milestone. Invitation is a headache I would say because it’s a who shall be on our wedding invitation list.

I wished there’s a guide for us on how to define if this person is worth inviting. As we lay out the names, we realised there are just that few that’s a must to invite. Not to mention, the family which is a must. A few close and mutual friends of ours. Which I think is good enough. We don’t need a huge group of people to be there. After confirming our list of invitation, we decided to personally invite them.

As our wedding is at Australia, Sydney, we gave everyone a dateline to RSVP with us. This is for us to know how many confirmed guests so that we can proceed to book a venue for a lunch wedding reception.

Car and Van Shopping

Kah Motor

Early this year, Fluffy Bunny asked what I could like to do on my birthday. I casually suggested car shopping. Although I know we won’t be getting one but it feels like we’re shopping for my birthday present. The thrill of it seem fun. But gosh, I didn’t know what I had gotten us into then.

On my birthday, we googled for Honda showroom. It showed us our first destination, Kah Motor located at Ubi, next to Comfort Delgro driving school. They are the main authorized Honda dealer and I’m pretty sure as a first-time buyer, we won’t get duped into buying our first ride.

Kah Motor
Address: 370 Ubi Rd 3 Singapore 408651
Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 7 pm
Sunday: 10 am to 7 pm

Our experience at Kah Motor was a quick easy one. Knowing what we’re looking for, Honda Fit/Jazz, we asked if there’s any for us to test drive to see if it’s definitely the one we’re aiming for. Sadly nope. And when we visited during February, their Honda Jazz was completely sold out. Next batch arrival would be around June.

We asked for the price and the package they offer. We even had a breakdown of what the price includes, how much downpayment needed etc. For someone who shuts down when it comes to figures, I let Fluffy Bunny handle the finances.

CarTimes Automobile Pte Ltd

Our next stop was CarTimes, also located at Ubi. A few minutes drive away from Kah Motor. The place where it is located has other car dealer company as well. So it’s like a one-stop car shopping area if you would want to check out prices for the specific brand and model you’re looking for.

CarTimes Automobile Pte Ltd
Address: 61 Ubi Ave 2 #01-01 Singapore 408898
Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 7 pm

CarTimes offers both new and used cars of various brands and models. We went in knowing what we’re looking for and went straight to the point. Since they too have no Honda Fit available for test drive, we sat down and talked about price and package.

Their price can be compared with Kah Motor, not much difference. But the package that they offered are slightly more attractive. Service wise, I would say it’s better. When we went to Kah Motor, it’s our first showroom thus we couldn’t compare much when it comes the customer service.

Scotts Motors

Besides Honda Fit, we’re looking at Suzuki Every as well. Thus we decided to take a look and see if we could test drive one of it. I asked a fellow groomer friend where she bought hers, and was introduced to this Scotts Motors located near Thomson Plaza.

Scotts Motors
Address: 97 Soo Chow Walk Singapore 575383
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 4pm
Closed on Sundays

Thankfully, this place have both auto and manual transmission Suzuki Every for us to test drive. I gave the opportunity to Fluffy Bunny because it’s her dream van since when it first came out. As a passenger, I get to enjoy a short van ride around Thomson area.

Got to know the difference between auto and turbo for Suzuki Every. Price wise, quite a huge difference too. We ended up having to consider between the van and car after knowing their respective prices.

My Experience

Other than this 3 mentioned showrooms that we went, we did went to many other places that I lost count. Some were found after searching on Google while a few was just some that we pass by after a visit at a particular showroom.

After visiting many showrooms and met quite a few salesman, I would say there are many different impressions. As a first time buyer, although we didn’t have the intention to get one yet, I feel that there are a couple of them doesn’t seem keen to entertain us at all. Most of them were from the car dealers. The van salesman to me are OK. They explained to us the criteria for loans, carefully explained to us their packages as well as the van specifications. But somehow, there’s this particular salesman who doesn’t seem to know much about Suzuki Every. I think the company should give them a little training in better selling a van.

For car wise, maybe we look young and probably can’t afford a car, that’s why some of them gave us the cold shoulder. Thankfully, the majority of them are willing to help us out as a first-time buyer. Learnt a lot through this experience. And yes, you definitely need to compare price as well as the packages that they have to offer. Choose the one you’re comfortable with, not only in price and package but the services as well. Read reviews and do more research before signing those papers!

Car and van shopping is indeed tiring. I remember being so exhausted after the visit.

Wedding Planning – Budgeting & Venue

Start of Our Wedding Planning

It’s a once in a lifetime event and I would so love to make it memorable. In case you do not know, I have always been looking forward to this day all my life. Well, not so for my fiancee (Fluffy Bunny). So ever since, I had many ideas. From beach wedding to Harry Potter theme, which of course she said no to them sadly.

I decided that I wanted to do something to remember this special occasion. I suggested doing a bullet journal together. One where we jot down everything for our big day. From there we had a rough idea on what we need to do or things to take note of. Which is much easier than panicking at the last minute in my opinion.


Before we even start budgeting, we started a page on our bullet journal. One to track our savings that we planned to put aside for our big day. That was before we allocate and budget the respective needed expenses.

It wasn’t easy since our wedding will be overseas. Thus we need to factor in the currency exchange. Our budgets include attire, flights, accommodations and the wedding day itself. Seeing those numbers made Fluffy Bunny stress as she’s the one who is good with budgeting, to be honest.

So far, we’re within budget for the individual expenses. We’ve settled our flights after knowing Scoot was having promotion which helped save some money. Which also mean that we have some extra cash from the budget that we can allocate to another expenses.


Initial plan was to get married in Taiwan. Firstly, it’s an Asian country and we both like the place. Secondly, it’s nearer to home considering it’s around 4 to 5 hours flight. Sadly, their same sex marriage doesn’t seem to come true any time soon after the recent referendum.

We’ve changed to Australia instead. Browse through some websites and decided we’re getting married at Sydney. I was the one who chose the place and yes, I love it especially the scenery. It wasn’t easy as I was contemplating between this or a beach wedding. After much debating, I have decided on Harbourside at Sydney.

First Car Accident

First Car Accident

Had my first car accident on 20th October 2018 night. It happened after I’ve sent Fluffy Bunny home. I was the only one in the car. Every time after alighting the car, Fluffy Bunny would ask me to drive safely. I did, but I wasn’t lucky that very night.

Frankly speaking, every time when I was behind the wheel, I’m afraid that I would get myself into an accident. It was never the other way round. Like what everyone says, the car can be a killing machine if you’re not alert enough.

How It Happened

The light was red and I was waiting by the traffic junction, the route I always take when heading home from Fluffy Bunny’s place. When it finally turned green and waiting for the cars at the front to move off, I got hit from behind while my car was still stationary.

Rookie’s Mistake

Switched on the hazard light, put the car in a park mode and stepped on the leg brake after cursing. Yes, I was in shocked and I cursed after the impact. Alighted to check on the car and exchanged contact details.

My hands were shaking when I try to take pictures of the other driver’s driving license and NRIC. My mind was in a daze and tried to remember what other important details I should get. I did everything right except, I panicked and forgotten one of the most important things. I’ve forgotten to get the other vehicle’s car plate number.

Hospital – A&E

I was in shock but I had to contact the first person that is in my mind. I gave a quick text to Fluffy Bunny and quickly make my way home. Being worried, she brought calming tea and came to look for me to make sure that I’m OK. I thought I was not till I said I was giddy.

We quickly made our way to the nearest hospital’s A&E department. Thankfully Sengkang General Hospital has opened its doors and it’s a few streets away from home. Despite the long hours of waiting and repeating every symptom I had to nurses and doctor, I was sent home with muscle relaxant and fastum gel.

The doctor told me to return back if I felt any different or if my hands start to feel numb. If not, I should be OK within the week.

Accident Reporting – Police & Vicom

Since the car that I drove was under a rental company, they will be settling the insurance claim from the other party. On my side, I had to make a police report within 24 hours and it’s another long wait at Sengkang Police Station.

And not to forget, I had to drop by Sin Ming’s Vicom to make another report together with the car rental company. I conclude that getting into an accident can be troublesome and time-consuming. No idea why the majority of the drivers are still driving recklessly.

Thankfully I’m OK after a few days rest. And now I do have the phobia of cars hitting me from the back at the traffic junction. But it’s not something that would deter me from driving. I enjoy driving and would love to drive as long as I could.

Section 377A – Repeal or Retain

Section 377A

section 377A

It has been a hot topic in recent months, especially after India repealed theirs. Singapore has been divided into 3 sides in my opinion when it comes to Section 377A.

  1. People who are and/or those supporting the LGBTQ community are voting to repeal this penal code.
  2. People (mainly religious leaders and members) who votes against this penal code.
  3. The Government. In my opinion, they are more of going according to the majority’s views and try to appease the minority. In other words, they will try all means to delay going into the topic of Section 377A.

For those who have no idea what this penal code is about. It is a law that criminalises sex between mutually consenting male adults. According to our government, the law is there but not enforced.

Legal Challenge To Repeal

Years ago, there’s this gay couple who tried to repeal this law from the penal code. However, they failed. Professor Tommy Koh said to try again when someone commented on Facebook that the challenge was once rejected by the court.

True enough, DJ Big Kid decided he should be the one to do. Although I’m not sure if the legal proceeding has started, I would say, I wish him all the best. This legal challenge, if it succeeds may be a huge step for the LGBTQ community in Singapore. However, if he were to fail to repeal this penal code, it’s OK. We will try again someday. And we’ll come back stronger.

Religions Interference

Weirdly, religions are interfering into this. They are against the repealing of section 377A. According to them, marriage should only be involved with a man and a woman. Same-sex is an abomination and it’s a sin.

They have been trying to get involved in states matter. Trying to help the government to make decisions over states matter in my opinion.

So if we were to allow religions to voice out in states matter, shouldn’t we make abortion illegal as well as that’s what goes against the Bible’s teaching? Put it into the penal code as part of our law?

My Opinion

There are so many opinions online and I thought, maybe I should have mine too. Since it might concern and affect us in future.

Of course, I am in support to repeal this penal code. It means a lot to the LGBTQ community. We’ve been through a lot compared to our straight brothers and sisters, especially the prejudice, judgement and stereotype.

Repealing this penal code doesn’t mean we’re asking for same-sex marriage. It meant that our community isn’t criminals due to the penal code. And it is also one step forward to humanity and equality. It also means that we don’t have to hide who we are.

Dear straight people, I’m pretty sure there’s more or less a few people around you that are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or queer. The majority are hiding in the closet and doesn’t mean they aren’t around you. They could be your family member or your closest friend. Put yourselves in their shoes, how would you feel if the roles are reversed? What if being straight isn’t normal and you get judged for who you are?

My point is, we can all live together in harmony loving the people that we love. Why should we have this penal code and separate us as Singaporeans?

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

There’s no specific way to do a bullet journal. From what I learned after scrolling through Instagram and facebook groups, it is everything about you. Do whatever you like because it’s your journal, there’s no right or wrong.

It could be for journaling, keeping notes from school, scheduling, grocery list and many more. You could even add a tracker to track your health or exercise regimens. Be creative and you’ll find your own style to it.

If you’re unsure how to start or set up your bujo (bullet journal in short), google it or scroll through the social media for inspiration. At least that’s what I did.

Trial Year

This year, I decided to give bujo a try. Got me a blank notebook and I started doing a weekly habit tracker. Where I track my daily supplements intake, legs exercise for the ankles and knees. Even had a tracker done to track my asthma as well as the fur kids’ grooming sessions.

After trying many different styles, I guess I have yet to find one that suits me. Nevertheless, I will still keep trying and find one that works for me.

Made some mistakes along the way such as spelling errors, but that’s OK. I’m going to leave it there as it’s part of my journaling process. I would say, doing this does help keep my things in check as well as releasing the stress I had from work.


I got my inspiration mostly from Instagram and Facebook group for bullet journaling. There are a lot of nice ones but what I like best are the minimalist journals. They’re simple and neat. Not many colours, just black which made it soothing for the eyes.

But of course, I did try doodle challenge. However, I gave up following the doodle challenge on Instagram and decided to do one of my own instead. Like they always say, practice makes perfect. I’m not there yet, but definitely will reach there some day.

Psst… I’m already planning and sketching for 2019 journal. It’s never too early to start planning for the upcoming year. Besides, there are 2 more months left for the year and so I am here on my desk planning for 2019.

Singapore Slingers vs Mono Vampire (8 April 2018)

Online Ticket Purchase

Have been wanting to watch a basketball match for quite some time. Being there supporting our local home team would be fun. After seeing a match that’s coming up, I asked the fiancee and a friend of ours if they would like to go with me.

We booked our tickets online when it’s on sale and we were spoilt for choices. Choosing a good seat and considering the price of the ticket if it’s worth it. But of course, we went ahead with the booking and the countdown to the game begins.

It’s a quarter-final and Singapore Slingers are up against Mono Vampire!

OCBC Arena

The match was held at OCBC Arena. We’ve never been there and aren’t sure where it actually is located at. Like many said, follow the crowd and we managed to get there with ease.

Queuing up to enter the venue was pretty quick which was surprising to me. Considering that they do check our bags, the flow was quick. Probably because they had more than one bag check station.

The entire hall is huge! It’s my first time being to a basketball game and all the excitement is there can be overwhelming. I have no idea how I should cheer for our own Singapore Slingers.

Singapore Slingers vs Mono Vampire

Singapore Slingers

The players from both teams vary in height. But the #21 player from Mono Vampire is freaking tall! And with that tall a player, naturally, he will be stationed right under the hoops. His main role from what we observed was to protect the hoop and prevent our Singapore team from scoring.

I love the atmosphere and the supporters and fans of Singapore Slingers were cheering for the team. Oh, not to forget during the half game, while the players were off to rest for a few minutes, there was a short mini-game for the spectators. I assume those chosen ones had participated in a contest earlier on.

There was a mini basketball game where players were dressed as penguins. It’s quite cute and funny to see chubby penguins running around the court and trying to score.

Intense Period 4

The Last Minute

As the game progress into period 4, it was super intense. The scores were tied and that it is the final round to see who wins the game. The clock was ticking, we’re all screaming and cheering for our team.

During the last few seconds, however, the opposing team managed to score and win the game. I’ve never been to a basketball game before and yes, this experience was truly a memorable one.

Good Game

Final Score

Despite our loss, I would say this was a good game. Both teams gave their best and although it’s sad that our team lost, the day ended pretty well. I may have left the place a little sad, but I went home with a nice experience.

Yes, I would want to support Singapore Slingers again during the next season. I’ll be waiting to cheer on you guys again so let’s all work hard. Till we meet again!

First Drive After Getting My License

Rented A Honda Jazz

First time renting a car from a rental company. Did my research and compared prices. Decided to rent from Vogue Car Rental. Decided on Honda Fit/Jazz as it doesn’t matter which is available on the date that I’ll be renting. In fact, both are actually the same except different model. So I have no complaints. I get to drive my dream car anyway.

My main purpose of the rental was to fetch dogs over to my place for the staycation. And to put what I’ve learned to the test. Was told by everyone that parking is completely different from what I’ve learnt in driving school. And drivers may or may not be patient with newbies on the road.

The Drive Alone

My first drive alone was all the way to the west of Singapore, Choa Chu Kang. I’m not familiar with the expressways and most roads in Singapore except the ones I frequent. Before the drive, I’ve downloaded a GPS app, Waze. It’s a real-time GPS app that tells you of any construction works or accidents on the road you’re travelling.

Driving alone and being on the road officially as a driver is both a scary experience. Afraid that I might miss a turn or drive too slow for the other road users were my concerns. Somehow I’m glad I didn’t have to worry much about it as the expressway was less crowded compared to morning peak period.

Thankfully, the drive to and fro from Choa Chu Kang was smooth. Able to change lane without a problem and generally drivers were OK with a newbie like me on the road that day.

Parking The Car

I parked the car at my place’s multi-storey carpark. Went up to a level that’s almost empty and attempt to park by myself. It wasn’t a perfect park and yes, it’s so much different to when I was learning at the driving school.

My gauge was wrong and I didn’t park in the lot. I ended up taking up two lots which I had to adjust and park again. With a never give up and no choice circumstances, I tried and managed to park on my own. In my mind, I was afraid that someone would take a picture of the car I was driving and post it up online stating how badly I park the car.

Fetch The Fiance

Since we have the car, I’ve decided to head over to the fiance’s office to fetch her after work. I left slightly earlier to avoid peak period and congestion as the route to Holland Village can get pretty crowded and crazy.

Managed to get there safely but I suck at parallel parking outside her office. Ended up the fiance had to help me park it nicely without obstructing the area. We decided to head over to Grand Stand for dinner that night. The main reason was that the parking is free! Well, everybody loves free parking. Parking in Singapore can be expensive. For just around 3 hours of parking at my place, it cost me around SGD$6.

Driving Around


While I was driving for that few days, fiance has been trying to correct my mistakes and be a better driver. Which I am hoping I will someday. Driving for that short period of time made me realised that not all drivers are patient. And I come to fully understand why my driving instructor has been telling me to stay further away from taxis. They stop, change lane or turn abruptly. So it’s always good to have a safe distance away from them in order to have more reaction time.

Embrace Your Failures


Many of us probably have quite a few failures. I would be lying if I were to say I have none. Nobody is perfect and we’re bound to hit some obstacles along the way. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, sometimes thunderstorm will come our way unexpectedly. I believe it is how we deal with it that truly matters.

Blaming Others, But Not Yourself

When things don’t go our way, we blame others but never ourselves. We could blame the weather, human beings or even situations. How many of us truly sit down and think that the mistakes that lead to failed circumstances are truly our own fault?

For me, when I failed my first driving test, I blamed my instructor’s incompetence and teaching method. Not till after all the fuming mad emotion died down that I realized in fact, it’s actually my fault. I was the one who took the test not my instructor. I was the one who made those mistakes, probably because I didn’t pay much attention.

And of course, I failed on the second try. After my first experience, I knew it was because I made a mistake. I was nervous and I couldn’t think and give a proper judgment. Of course, I was disappointed, but I kept telling myself it’s ok. Buck up and try again. Hey, it’s not the end of the world.

Embrace Your Failures

When we met a setback, it is what made us stronger. By embracing our failures, we learned from it and never to make it the next round. Failures are part of who we are, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to fail a test. Lost in a game, it’s OK. There’s always a chance to do better. Reflect and learn from it. Someday, we’re gonna succeed.

Year 2018 Resolutions

Goodbye 2017

We all had our fair shares of ups and downs in the year 2017. It might not be a smooth sailing one for most of us, but Fluffy Bunny and I agreed that it was an awesome year for the both of us.

Her mother accepted my existence which was worth the 10 years wait for the both of us. We had family time over meals. I am slowly opening up and talking to her mum as the time goes by. It was a huge step for all of us of course and the journey to get to where we are now wasn’t easy.

Both of us had our anniversary trip to Japan together visiting places we’ve never been. Got engaged which I still can’t believe it that it’s real. Despite all the crazy times together, I’m pretty sure she’s the one that I would want to spend the rest of my lives with.

2017 has been a great year for me. And I’m hoping 2018 will be too.

Hello 2018

It’s the 14th day of the year 2018 and it’s a good start. Had two referral for my business and I’m hoping it’ll get better over the next few months. I have no idea how or what I want to do with this year but like many of you, I had some resolutions that I would want to achieve this year. A more realistic resolution in fact.

I am not going to have the put on weight or lose weight kind of resolution. More of something I would really want to achieve this year which I am already started doing.

2018 Resolutions


So here are my resolutions for the year:

  • Get my Class A in pet grooming.
  • Driving license
  • Save up enough for our marriage next year. Already had a figure in mind which I will not disclose it here.
  • Increase my business profits this year. With more referrals and appointments. Probably will start in retail as well.

I wish myself all the best as well as to all my readers. Let’s aim for a better 2018!