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Toby’s 10th Birthday

Toby’s Birthday – 3rd or 9th January?

When we adopted Toby around 9 years ago, it was confusing to know when is his actual birth date. His old vet records and pedigree certificate both stated different birth date. However, the month is the same. So we decided it doesn’t matter which date, as long as we wish him happy birthday in January, it’ll be the same.

Morning Walk at Punggol Tebing Lane

This year, I decided to bring him and Twix on a car ride to Tebing Lane for a walk. I know he enjoys a walk or goes on a cycling ride with me. So this year, we went to a place that he’s never been before.

We did a quick walk before the sun and floor gets hot. Went to the Tebing Lane bridge where we walk over to Lorong Halus. There’s nothing much there thus we headed back across the bridge.

Ants Attacked

As we continued to walk further, the son had to poop and he chose the nearest grass patch. Little did we know, we had stepped on a colony of ants. And yes, we got bitten. Toby was jumping around due to pain and feeling uncomfortable.

My first instinct was to help him even if I got bitten by ants. Then I checked on Twix who seem to have no reaction at all. It took quite a while to remove all ants from Toby as he’s being uncooperative as he was jumping when the ants bite him.

Thankfully, I managed to make sure that both of them are ants free before continuing our journey.

Heading Home

As the sun gets hotter and brighter, we decided to head back to the car and head home. And I could see that Toby’s stamina isn’t as good as before due to age.

When we walk back to the car, I realised Toby walked slower when there’s shade. It’s like he’s enjoying his walk. When we got to the sunny area, he seemed to be in a rush trying to reach the shaded area.

Despite being attacked by the ants, I could tell that my silly boy enjoyed himself nonetheless.

Changed of Diet For The Naughties

Change of Diet

Last year I took our son, Toby, to the vet and realized that he’s having a food allergy. And so it began our journey of finding out what he’s allergic to. Was recommended to try a raw diet by the vet and so I began to do some research before starting a whole new diet.

Apparently, feeding raw wasn’t easy. There’s so much to take note of. Such as bones, organs, meat percentage for your pet’s weight. Thankfully, Fluffy Bunny made an Excel Spreadsheet to calculate the individual ingredients required. Which did make things easier for me when I sort them out by meal portions.

Goodbye Processed Food

What I meant about processed food are kibbles and treats that they previously have been eating such as dog biscuits. There are so many ingredients being put into creating what I call it now, junk food.

Due to the many ingredients, I have no idea what our fur kids are allergic to. I remembered the time when Toby had something that they claimed it’s Duck flavor. His whole eyes became swollen and he couldn’t open his eyes well enough to see the world. Had to apply eye drop and eliminate that food forever.


We got rid of kibbles. Stopped raw because my mum complained there’s no space in the freezer. Currently, the furkids are on freeze dried. They were on Primal previously, but we switched to Woof for a try. And they’ve been doing well so far. No relapse of skin issues or swollen eyes.

For treats wise, we gave them dehydrated meat that doesn’t have any other added ingredients. Currently, they are on Zeal for treats. Have been alternating the flavors for both freeze-dried and treats because eating the same forever seem so boring. Alternating flavors make feeding time exciting for them as well in my opinion.

Twix Got A Huge Hotspot

When I Discovered Twix’s Hotspot


Discovered that Twix got the hotspot when I noticed her fur seem to be wet. Was hoping it wasn’t what I think it is, but sadly it’s the opposite. Although she had this skin issue previously and I do know what to take note of, but the recovering process and making sure the wound is well taken care of is a tiring process.

I immediately went to get my grooming shaver and shaved the fur around the area. Firstly, to have a better look at how bad the wound is. Secondly, it’s easier to apply medication. Thankfully, I have quite a few spare e-collar around and I immediately made her wear one. This is to prevent her from licking or biting which may aggravate the wound further.


If you have no idea what the term dogga means, it’s actually from the word yoga. It means your dog is flexible enough like as though they are doing a yoga pose. So apparently with the e-collar, Twix was able to lick and nibble on the wound which is near her tail. Despite trying on different size of e-collar, she was able to lick and nibble still.

bleeding hotspot

By doing so, she’s aggravating the wound and making it worse. And yes, the area spread and the wound got bigger and moist. It got so bad that she was bleeding once when I got home after work.

Stop Bite Collar

stop bite collar

A customer of mine introduced me to Stop Bite Collar and we managed to get one after reading many positive reviews. Immediately put it on her once we got home and although Twix wasn’t impressed, it sort of served its purpose.

recovered hotspot

She wore that Stop Bite Collar for about a week or two and the wound healed much better. And yes, this collar works and we’re happy. The stress caused by hotspot is enough to make us crazy. Having it healed eased our worries and anxiety.


When I mentioned to people about hotspot, they usually asked me what is it and what causes it. So I am going to summarize what I know about this skin issue and how to treat it.

It is also known as moist dermatitis. It’s usually red, moist, hot and irritated lesions. Can be found anywhere on the dog. It may start as a small wound but it could get bigger if your dog starts licking or chewing on it. It can be quite painful so handle the wound with care.


There are many factors that can contribute to your dog developing the hotspot.

  • Irregular grooming or dirty coat
  • Allergic reaction
  • Dogs that swim or are exposed to the rain
  • Excessive licking/biting


Send to the vet when you notice any sign of hotspot on your dog. It can be stressful for both owner and dog during this period of time, so stay calm and be there for fiddo. Once your vet has access and determined what’s the causes, he/she may prescribe medications to aid the recovery. They will also shave the area short and clean in order to air the wound as well as easy to apply medicine.

During the recovery period, it is important for your dog to wear the e-collar to prevent further licking or biting as this may cause more harm than good.

Toby’s Skin Issues & Allergies

Itchy Skin

Around August 2017, I noticed Toby was scratching himself aggressively. Previously it was only mild scratching once in a while. However, the aggressive scratching wasn’t normal and I became worried and concerned for his wellbeing. It got so bad that he injured himself through biting and scratching. Had to put on the e-collar on him to minimise injuries and infection.

Noticed his skin and coat seem to be oily with weird texture on it. Despite regular shower, once a week, he still had this icky feeling that I didn’t like. Gradually, I noticed his ears seem to be having an infection and that explains the constant itch he was having.

Vet Visit and Allergies Diagnosis

Being worried, I decided to bring him for a vet visit. Despite many saying it’s just a small matter and changing of diet helps, I’m just one paranoid pet parent. Called up the vet at Namly place and managed to get the same day slot.

Namly Animal Clinic
Address: 74 Namly Pl, Shamrock Park, Singapore 267223
Tel: 6469 4744
Operating Hours:

Thursday Closed
Friday 9AM–12PM, 2–5PM, 6:30–8:30PM
Saturday 9AM–12PM, 2–5PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–12PM, 2–5PM, 6:30–8:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–12PM, 2–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–12PM, 2–5PM, 6:30–8:30PM
It was a friend who recommended me this vet clinic. Although it’s far for me as I’m staying on the east side, it’s worth the trip as long as it’s good. Price wise, I would say reasonable. Service and experience, it’s definitely pleasant.


The vet that see Toby was Dr Ling. By looking at how Toby scratch and as well as his skin, was told he had a yeast infection. Probably due to food allergy. She gave him a jab to help ease his itch and prescribed some medication to help with his recovery. Dr Ling suggested a raw diet for him and also to try Head & Shoulders shampoo. Yes, the human Head & Shoulders shampoo. I wasn’t surprised as I’ve heard of people using it and quite a few good reviews.
Was told allergies come in many different forms. And by doing the allergy test doesn’t really help as allergies can be formed or change over the years. So I went home doing a trial and error to find out what Toby is allergic to.

Raw Diet

After knowing Toby’s allergies is food related, I ditched the kibbles he was on previously. Although there are good brand kibbles around, it’s processed food after all. Discussed with the fiance and we decided to try the raw diet. There are always risk in introducing new diet and especially when it’s raw.

Apparently, raw feeding is much more tedious than we thought. By just giving meat, it’s apparently not enough. You need to add in bones, intestines, organs etc. to balance out the meal. Initially, I thought gizzard is considered under organs, but I was wrong. The gizzard is considered muscles and it’s categorised under the meat.

Following the weight of your dog, you need to weigh out the amount of meat, bones and organs. Which I diligently did when Toby was on raw. I started out with just giving pork meat during the transition period. And to make sure he’s OK with it before adding the bones and organs to the diet.

Toby seems to be doing well on raw except that he lost a lot of weight despite me following the required amount of food to give him per meal. I ended up readjusting the amount to fatten him up as much as possible.

Freeze Dried Diet

He was on a raw diet for around 9 months before we switched to freeze dried. Because we went on a holiday last October for around 3 weeks, our freezer has limited space. Thus I can only prepare a certain amount of raw food for Toby. But we did prepare many packets of Primal freeze-dried nuggets instead.

When we came back from our trip, his skin seems OK without any allergy to break out. Continued with the diet as after calculating, the per month expenses on food is more or less the same as feeding raw. Another reason to continue with freeze-dried is that the lunar new year was approaching and my mum needed the freezer for the big festive season.

But of course, there are some not recommended brands and as pet owners, we really do need to read the ingredient list. Finding one that’s suitable is equally difficult. Quite glad that I’ve found one for Toby. But I’m opened to try out other brands.

We Adopted A Poodle, Twix

Poodles for Adoption


I remembered I received a text from my instructor saying that there are a few poodles up for adoption. It was a former customer who used to patronize his grooming salon years ago. But after some minor conflict, they weren’t in contact for quite some time.
As I’ve always wanted a poodle and I needed one as my model for grooming practical exam, I asked Fluffy Bunny if I could adopt one. Initially, she thought I am asking to buy a poodle puppy and she rejected the idea of having another furkid. After much persuasion and letting her know it’s adoption, she agreed but I have to view the dog first before making a decision.

Viewing of Poodles

I called up the owner to inquire more about the poodles she’s putting up for adoption. Was told she’ll be putting four poodles up for adoption. If I didn’t remember wrongly, there were two boys and two girls. She requested for adoption fee which to me was more like a selling price instead. But I went ahead to schedule a time to visit the poodles to see if there’s any I would like to adopt.

It was night time when I arrived at her gate and I could hear many dogs barking. Pressed the doorbell and waited but no one came. Called and text the owner but there wasn’t any reply. My first impression was, how can the neighbors take it with all the barking late at night? It wasn’t exactly late nor would I say it’s early. When I arrived, it’s around 8 pm and it was about to rain anytime.

Two Poodles Left

When I enter the house, I was greeted by a lot of poodles and I totally lost count how many are there in total. Was told there were only two poodles left, a male and a female. The owner showed me the ones up for adoption and asked which I would prefer. I took my time to interact with the poodles and decided to adopt the female.

I picked the female as she’s less active and I’ve always wanted a daughter. The male poodle was hyperactive and he’s an escape artist. He can jump over a normal playpen height. I’ve already got a hyper son who is also an escape artist, I don’t need another.

Made arrangement to pick up on another day as it’s late and I have yet to prepare anything for this new pooch’s arrival. And I have to update Fluffy Bunny as well.

We Adopted Twix

Adopted Poodle

Adoption fee, initially the owner asked for $700. But I do not have that much and we agreed at $200. We finally adopted a daughter! Before we brought her home, we had been thinking about what to name her. Yes, we’re changing her name from Momo to Twix. Our dogs are named after chocolate brands and having a new addition pooch it’s a must to follow.

Bringing her home, the most headache part was introducing her to Toby. Was afraid she’ll get bullied, however, after settling down, she’s feisty. We over worried and she can actually protect herself pretty well. Over the years, she became the family’s alpha among the male dogs (Toby and my sister’s two schnauzer boys).

Training wise, we had to start all over as she doesn’t know much basic command. The good thing was, toilet training wasn’t a problem. She seems to know where to go which we’re pretty much relieved.

And that’s how we adopted another pooch to our little family.

Toby’s Adoption Journey

Toby Was Abandoned

Toby Before Adoption

When we first met him before adoption.

I have been sharing the story of how I adopted Toby. I don’t mind sharing it again. For the start, I support adoption. And I would love to continue adopting in future.

Toby’s previous name was Sammy and he’s from the Philippines. When he was a puppy, he flew to Singapore with his previous owner. Sadly, when they decided to move back to their home country, they didn’t want to take him along. From what I know, they abandoned him on the taxi upon arriving at the airport. The driver couldn’t find them at the airport after noticing there’s a dog at the back of his vehicle. Without much choice, he brought Toby home with him while finding someone to adopt him.

It happened that a friend’s brother boarded the taxi and was willing to bring home Toby. Sadly, our friend’s parents said no to keeping a dog. They started asking around and I pleaded with Fluffy Bunny to take a look. It is OK we don’t adopt him, but it would be good to see if we could give this pooch a forever home.

When We First Met Toby

When we went over to our friend’s house to meet Toby, I wasn’t prepared for an active dog. I immediately fell in love with this active fur ball. I believe Fluffy Bunny knew that I wanted to bring home this ball of fluff home badly.

We spent a couple of hours interacting with Toby to be sure we’re ready for a new addition to our family. We didn’t want to adopt on impulse although I am pretty sure I would be the one. Girlfriend is the one that thinks things through more than I do.

Toby’s Adoption

We adopted him the same night we went to see him. I knew it would be a lot of work training him but I was determined. Adoption was a breeze considering it wasn’t from any shelter.

The criteria from our circle of friends were to have Toby sterilized. Which was no problem for us as we already planned to do so. We wanted to have him checked too at the vet. Considering he was abandoned, we are unsure of his health status.

First Night With Toby

I remembered the first night when we brought him back to my place. It was a nightmare! I had guinea pigs and a couple of hamsters during that period. Toby is a curious boy even now. He approaches anything that moves. It doesn’t matter what the species it is, he will approach. No amount of stopping him calm him down.

It was quite late when we got home. Fluffy Bunny went home and I was left alone with Toby. He is my first dog and I have zero knowledge of training a dog.

Basically the whole night, Toby and I didn’t sleep. Initially, I thought a new environment would make him uncomfortable and unable to settle down. I was wrong. In fact, he wanted to play with the guinea pigs and was making a lot of noise. To prevent waking my family, we went for a walk before the sun rises and only got home when I am sure everyone was out for work.

It was a tiring night and I was looking forward to the day where the girlfriend will be around. And that’s when I could get some sleep while she helps me with making sure Toby isn’t up to mischief. I was afraid that my family will disapprove of him and that I have to give him up. I was determined to make this work and I really hope to keep Toby with me. The thought of him at a shelter and homeless is the last thing on my mind.

Successful Homestay


Toby a few years later.

After many tiring days and persuading my family, Toby finally got a forever home! And we have many things to settle. Called up the veterinary clinic to schedule for a checkup and a sterilization surgery. And from then, we created many awesome memories.

Our Two Furkids

The Naughties


We have two adorable yet naughty (at times) furkids. We adopted them both on two separate occasion.

Toby, our boy is a shih tzu and currently he is 8 years old. As he age, his skin starts to show signs of problems. He had yeast infection and is currently on the road to recovery after a change of diet.

Twix, our girl is a toy poodle and currently she is 6 years old. After recovering from an allergy to pollutants, she started to show her mischievous side. Whining softly to get attention is her forte or she will gently nudge your hands if she wants a pat on the head.

Getting Along

I wouldn’t say they are getting along well. Initial state was a tiring process of trying to get them to know each other. Toby was our first dog that we brought home. I didn’t make sure he’ll be OK with another dog and just brought home Twix one day.

The first day when Twix got home, I got busy trying to introduce them together. Bringing them for walks together was one way that I’ve tried, sadly it didn’t work. A desperate mother trying to get her furkids to get along by trying every methods found online. It took me two weeks for them to completely get along and not fight.

Establishing The Alpha

Dogs live in a pack and among them there’s always the alpha and it is something we as owners need to establish. Having Twix as our new member to the family, it is important to set the hierarchy.

As Toby is the mischievous boy and tends to bite aggressively, we decided to try and make Twix the rank above him. It is our hope that Toby will learn to behave as well as Twix after she move up the hierarchy in our family.

The alpha of the pack always get to eat first, so at every meal time or when giving treats we always make sure Twix have it first. Can’t remember exactly how long it took, but as the days went by, we saw some changes between them.

Toby’s temperament slowly became better. Although some may say as the dog age, their temperament will get milder. But I believe that with Twix around, his temperament changed. He used to bite my family a lot, especially my mum who got the worst injuries ever. However, with Twix around, he haven been attacking my mum for years.

Peace At Last

The first few months of having two dogs together wears me off physically. But after seeing them getting along well, my effort finally is paid off. Although they aren’t loving, at least they are no longer fighting or seeing one another as enemy like before.

I have created a instagram for them, feel free to follow on their mischievous adventures.