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We’re Engaged!

We’re Engaged!


Happy news is meant to share. Fluffy Bunny and I are engaged! It happened when the clock strikes twelve at midnight on 8th October 2017. It was our 10th year anniversary which made the moment very special and memorable.

Tic Tac Box

tic tac box

We were at Takayama and was lazing about in our Airbnb room as we waited for midnight’s arrival. When the time is finally here, Fluffy Bunny said she has something for me. I was expecting a present maybe something I like or secretly hoping to have. But it wasn’t. Girlfriend handed me a huge tic tac box and in it was a stack of messages carefully typed out on a typewriter. When I read the messages, I had the urge to cry not because I know what the ending might be, but those words were touching.

After I’ve read the messages written on the card, I turned around where my cute Fluffy Bunny proposed. And of course, I said yes since I have been waiting for this day to come.

Unromantic Proposal

Girlfriend asked if I prepare anything for her. Suddenly whatever I had rehearsed in my pea brain went blank. I took out the ring and without any mushy words or kneeling down, I popped the question. She didn’t say yes but nodded her head and that’s when I went ahead and place the ring on her finger.

It was the most unromantic proposal and she’s been telling everyone about it. I’m pretty sure this will be a very nice story to tell if anyone asked how we proposed. Well, it doesn’t matter since the proposal was a success.

We’ve already planned to wed in two years time. Which gave us time to prepare and not rush into things. Now that we’re into our next phase in our relationship, we’re looking forward to the future.

We Signed A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package


Pre-Wedding Photos

It never occurs to us to have a pre-wedding photo shoot. To us, we would want to spend as little as possible for our big day. We wouldn’t want a lavish ceremony or celebration to mark the occasion. As long as we had each other, that’s what truly matters.

Although I may have wanted a pre-wedding photoshoot previously, it isn’t easy to find a photographer here that is willing to render us his/her service which made it impossible to fulfill this dream of mine.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package

The other day, as we were heading towards Uniqlo at Bugis. someone handed me a leaflet.

After knowing we were a couple, he happily introduced himself and what his company had to offer. They were offering pre-wedding photoshoot package to couples. They introduced themselves and assured us they do same sex couples business as well. And it has been on the rise recently after Taiwan legalize gay marriage.

As tempting is it may sound, we weren’t sure if we would want to sign up for this. In my opinion, the photos that they showed us were nicely shot. I asked Fluffy Bunny to make the decision as she’s much better at handling such situation. After much consideration, we decided to go for it.

Most of their slots for 2018 were fully booked but it doesn’t concern us as we planned to have it done in 2019. And it will be in Taiwan! Can’t wait to go back there again for their yummy street food. And of course to marry my best friend too.

Travel Planning For Japan Trip

travel planning

Travel Planning

Travel planning can be mentally draining. Between us both, Fluffy Bunny is the better travel planner. She could figure out many important details that I would have probably left out when planning a trip. We have been to quite a few places together and most of the trips are just the both of us. These are the trips where she planned the routes, where to stay, what to eat etc. I couldn’t have done it any better.

My Tasks & I Screwed It Up

We have been planning to visit Japan for years. Finally, we decide to do it on our 10th year anniversary. Bought our air tickets early this year and I was given the following tasks.

  • Plan the itinerary
  • Research on places of interest
  • List out restaurants or cafe we wanted to visit
  • Find out the address of the places we’re visiting and google map it

Fluffy Bunny have work during the weekdays. During the weekends, she would be meeting up with the boys about their current project. While my work is much more flexible and she thinks it would be best for me to research for our trip. It is a 3 weeks trip and I have no idea where to start.

We both have decided to visit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara at first. However, we decided to add in more places like Hiroshima and Kobe. And I had to google search what these places have to offer and what I would like to see during the trip. I ended up just listing down many places of interest and restaurants. What I didn’t do was to check for reviews and if it’s accessible from one place to another. I didn’t take into account that Japan has the most confusing train lines and they’re operated by different companies.

After all those troubles, I was given a new task. Research on Universal Studio and Disney theme parks. And I had to come up with the theme park itinerary.

Fluffy Bunny The Better Travel Planner

Like I have mentioned at the start of this post, girlfriend is the better travel planner than I am. She was the one who managed to plan how many days for each location that we’re visiting and where would we start from. I can never do what she did and honestly speaking, I’m amazed.

She managed to plan how we’re going to travel when we arrive and how to get to our accommodation. She could plan out where to have lunch and where to visit after. I admit this is something I could never do or rather I’m not good at it. I could bring you from point A to point Z. While the girlfriend would connect the dots and making sure the places aren’t too far off from each other.

Travel planning isn’t something she enjoys. Was told it’s mentally exhausting and she wished I could chip in more. OK, I will try and hopefully not screw this up.



I Tell Lies

I admit that I do tell lies, especially towards the girlfriend. Guilty of course and the fury after she knows is oh my goodness. No words can describe the fury she’s feeling. It’s easy to tell a lie and then the next. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle.

Recently, I lied that I took my probiotics. I just blurted it out without thinking, neither have I think of the consequences after. I didn’t have any reason to lie and I have no idea why I did it. Saying I did take the probiotics seem like a natural thing. Although to me this is a small matter, it wasn’t to Fluffy Bunny. And like an adult, I had to bear the consequences.

An Angry Fluffy Bunny

When she found out that I lied, I was being confronted. Like every quarrel, I kept my mouth shut. The more I say something, it will lead to a never-ending cycle of a heated argument. I understand her fury and she said she wouldn’t be surprised if someday we broke up due to lies.

I knew I did wrong this time and I regret doing it. Broke her trust and there’s nothing I could do to salvage it. Guess I had to slowly gain her trust back.

Made A Vow

No, it’s not a wedding vow. I was made to vow that I would never lie to her again. It doesn’t matter if it’s something big or small, no lies. But of course, if I plan to give her a surprise, those are exempted.

Hope I could keep up with my words. Fingers crossed.

Learning To Enjoy Board Game

Not A Board Game Person

Fluffy Bunny enjoys playing the board game, but I don’t enjoy. I do not see the joy in playing. Neither am I enjoying it.

If we were to collect board games, I have no idea if our future house can fit all of it. They take up space and it’s bulky to carry around. if given the choice, I would prefer not to play. I would avoid playing if I could.

Learning To Enjoy

I know how much it means to Fluffy Bunny if I were to learn and enjoy the games. She requested once for me to take part in the board game. It would make her happy. And also not for me to feel left out.

Board Game

And so, early this year I embark on a journey to try out some new board games. I would say, I quite enjoy a few. Those are the ones where I don’t have to think. A non-strategy game is what I would prefer. Girlfriend’s friend is a collector of the card and board games. I’ve been to his place and his collection amazed me. It is a lot that I jokingly said he could open a cafe for board games.

He would look through his collection and hope to find one that I would like. It is his way of trying to make me fit into the group. Or to join them when we meet up. So far the ones I enjoyed are the cute ones. Or the ones with simple rules. Most games have complicated and long rules. Confusing much.

I am still trying to enjoy the fun of playing a board game. I wouldn’t say I hate playing but more of no interest. However, if I had to play to socialize I would. But if given a choice, I would definitely avoid it.

We’ve Been Through Long Distance Relationship

First Long Distance Relationship

On our first year, we’ve been through the first long distance relationship. Fluffy Bunny had an internship program in China a few months later after we got together. Her internship lasts about 8 weeks. I remember hating the idea that she will be many miles away. And I didn’t know if this will work out. However, we decided to take this as a test to see how strong our relationship will be.

She will be there in December. And I decided to get something for her which she can use during the cold winter. Visited the store that sells winter wear, I got herself a pair of gloves to keep her hands warm. Got her a matching Converse bag for her so she could use during her trip.

She gave me a surprise box before she left. It comprises of my favorite snacks and candies. She bought me a video camera so we could video call through Skype. I even got the Casio Sheen watch that I had been eyeing for quite some time. My girlfriend is full of surprises even until this day.

Honestly speaking, I dreaded the day she had to leave. Went to the airport to bid her farewell and a safe flight. I felt lost and not sure what I should do next while she’s away. But I am determined to make this work. And I have been counting down to the day she will be back. It’s like there’s so much to do together.

Second Long Distance Relationship

After graduating from Polytechnic, she had the plan to apply to get into a University. After much wait and working for about a year, she finally got into Digipen. That’s when she said there are 4 months overseas program that’s part of her curriculum. My heart sank, not another long distance relationship.

After our first experience, I knew how badly it went. With all my breakdown and separation anxiety, we both had a hard time. Since I was told beforehand, I suggested we should adopt a dog. Get things off my mind during her absence. Although she was reluctant as we’re not financially stable yet, she gave it a thought. And that’s how we got our boy, Toby.

As the day drew nearer and my heart got heavier, I knew we will get through this. We’ve been through once and the second would be better. At least I wasn’t as dramatic as the first, yet we still had some arguments along the way.

It Takes Two Hands To Clap

A long distance relationship requires teamwork. In fact, in every relationship, it requires both to put in the effort to make the relationship work. It doesn’t matter how wide the distance between you and your partner. If you think he/she is the one, make it work!

I can’t remember exactly how we managed to survive those obstacles, but we made it! It’s a nice experience and it definitely made our relationship stronger. And no, I wouldn’t want to go through another. It’s mentally exhausting.

Frugal Lifestyle

Frugal Lifestyle


Fluffy Bunny is the one that manages our finances. I consider myself a spendthrift and saving for the rainy days isn’t my forte.

As our relationship grew, we decided to cut down on our expenses. It was difficult for me at first, but I got the hang of it as the time goes. Here’s how we start our frugal lifestyle together.

Mixed With The Wrong Group

They said influence and peer pressure played a part in our daily life. I mixed with the wrong group and I spent more than what I can earn while I’m with them.

The minimum salary that I was earning per month were $1100 as a retail assistant at a well known local pet store. That was before the CPF deduction and additional income from working overtime. As I job hopped, I earned a few hundred more. Yet I am spending and not saving up. I have no savings at all during those years since I started working.

I got to know this group of girls at work and I thought I fit in. Firstly, they earn more than me or come from a well to do family. I am the poorest among them. We went out often for recreation and food. Frankly speaking, those places were out of budget but I went anyway. As much as Fluffy Bunny tried to ask me to tighten my budget, I didn’t listen. Well, I regretted and suffered the consequences. I have learnt my lesson to choose my group of friends wisely.

YNAB & Savings

Fluffy Bunny came across YNAB around two years ago and she asked me to give it a try. It is an application that I can use it both on the computer and on my mobile to keep track of my finances. It can track expenses and incomes. I can set budgets in different categories such as for bills, dining etc.

At first I was reluctant because I thought I will end up not using it at all. Oh boy was I wrong. In fact, it helped me manage my money even better. I get to see my finances in overview. Previously, whenever I see the amount in my account I would spend it all. However, this time it wasn’t. With the help from YNAB in managing my finances, I managed to save up enough and paid off my debts. I would say I am debt free now and have savings.

Reduce Our Spending

In order to have a frugal lifestyle together, we need to be on the same page. It took me quite a while to share the same idea of reducing our spending. Although I started out late in managing my finances, I always tell myself that it’s better late than never.

We cut down our budget by a lot! We’ve stopped going to the cinemas for movies, unless we think it’s worth the money or there’s a movie we really want to watch. Other than that, we wait for online streaming.

Dining outside can be expensive. We made a deal to dine out at expensive places twice a month at a budget of $50 per meal for the two of us. And I always choose to have sushi instead because that’s what I like most other than chicken chop. If there’s a time where we really need to settle our meals outside, we set a budget of less than $10 per person at a local coffee shop.

Public Transport

Both of us don’t own a car at the moment and I don’t have my driving license yet. Our main mode of transport are the MRT and bus. Taxis, Grab and Uber were out of our budget. We try not to rely on them as much as possible unless there’s a need to. Such as we stayed out too late and there’s no bus home. In fact, public transport is considered affordable despite the cost going up and down during the recent years.

Home Cook Food

As we’re moving towards frugal lifestyle and we had plans to stay together in future, Fluffy Bunny took up a new interest in cooking. Grocery shopping has become our frequent thing to do together. From strolling at supermarkets to shopping online. Comparing prices and see which offer the better price.

Home cooked food helped us save a lot. Example we bought around $10 worth of ingredients, it might feed the two of us probably for a day or two. And cooking our own food allows us to make a healthier choice too.

We are still adapting to the changes and moving towards our goal. Hopefully someday either of us are able to lead a semi-retire lifestyle in the near future.

Our Astrology Horoscope: Pisces Dating A Gemini

Unlikely Pair

Years ago, Fluffy Bunny mentioned that we are the unlikely pair. Our horoscope aren’t compatible. As I have no knowledge of astrology signs, I didn’t believe it at first till I read on the internet. Many said our signs compatibility are on the low side and there’s not many successful stories.

However, recently I was curious about our horoscopes that I googled it again. Articles that I have been reading wasn’t as depressing as the ones I read previously. The compatibility now seem higher.

Gemini is the third sign and is ruled by the sign of the twins. They rules the communication and they tend to be chatty. I mean real chatty, I’m dating one.

Pisces is the last sign of the horoscope, and is ruled by the enchanting and elusive fish. We are sensitive and intuitive. Fluffy Bunny also mentioned that I’m dreamy and love to escape reality.

Dating A Gemini

My Gemini that I am dating is special, one of a kind. She have a memory like a goldfish, she can forget things pretty quickly. Things that she have seen before on different occasion, she would comment exactly the same thing yet have no recollection of it. We even had our google calendar synced so that she will remember appointments or events that we’re going to have together or individually.

Like what I have mentioned above, Gemini rules communication. She is chatty and conversations never seem to stop when we’re together. Well, except when we’re watching a movie or TV series and when we’re sleeping of course.

Dating a Gemini is fun but tiring. Girlfriend’s mind moves faster than mine. In conversation and even in arguments, I seem to be on the losing end when it comes to conversing. She changes her mind most of the time. The tiring part is not conversing with her but more of trying to keep up with her.

I never had any regrets dating one. In fact, I believe it is more of a teamwork to make the relationship work more than just horoscopes. It doesn’t matter what astrology sign you are, as long as you’ve found the right person, make it work.

Industry and Enterprise Talk Series By Singapore Polytechnic

Industry & Enterprise Talk Series

We attended the enterprise talk series since I started my startup journey. Back then, Fluffy Bunny was still working at Singapore Polytechnic. She came across this talk about startup and entrepreneurship on the school’s website. And she decided to share it with me.

Since it’s free and I have the spare time, we decided to sign up and attend the talk together. She’s keen to know more about startup as well thus I got myself a companion. I went to the talk not knowing anything. Attending the talk opened up my mind and gave me ideas about business. It made me realized there’s a lot of obstacles I had to go through as a new startup company.

Enterprise Talk: Stage 5 – Expansion


It starts around 6pm and we reached there about 15 minutes early. Ate some snacks and drank a cup of tea provided before heading into the auditorium. Managed to catch up with Fluffy Bunny’s ex colleague who is still working there. Talked about work, family and housing. Part of an adult life, even the topic are more mature.

The talk started with Christopher Lye from Excide. He shared with us about his company and the startup journey they went through. I love hearing people sharing their experiences and their advice to future and current startups.

Next we had Josephine Chow from shopback to share with us about expansion. Although I have no intention of expanding overseas, but I do have the thought of expanding here. Baby steps and I don’t want to rush into things. I have learnt a lot through this talk. And I am much aware of the risks involved even if it’s a local business.

Dinner & Networking

Dinner was provided by Singapore Polytechnic. It’s buffet style and the dishes are more or less a little different sometimes. Usually I don’t really like the dessert. But the main food can be yummy.

Usually people mingle and network. But I am the quiet type of person and I prefer to mingle with Fluffy Bunny instead. The good thing for the day was the girlfriend drove. Car ride back to home!

Staycation At Fluffy Bunny’s Workplace

Stayover At Fluffy Bunny’s Workplace


Fluffy Bunny’s bosses had a work trip to attend to during the weekend. She had to stayover at her workplace and make sure the company’s servers are fine.

Staycation was what the boss described and I was welcome to spend the weekend. It’s been a long time since my last staycation with Fluffy Bunny. And I think it would be nice to enjoy the weekend off.

Staycation Day 1


As I had an appointment on a Friday evening, I went over on the next day instead. After I am done running my errands in the morning, I head right to girlfriend’s workplace. The morning didn’t went well as the person I was supposed to meet didn’t turn up. Delayed my schedule but I decided it’s something I shouldn’t be upset about.

When I was about to reach, girlfriend texted me to let me know lunch was ready. It was fried bee hoon cooked by the boss’s mother.

We had a matcha flavored dessert after lunch. It’s a little too sweet for my liking. However, the matcha flavor was refreshing on a hot day. The crust is crunchy and goes well with the matcha. It sort of brings down the sweetness.

tea break

I was so tired even before I had lunch. In my mind, I was hoping to have a nap before heading out for my cousin’s wedding at Buona Vista, Rochester Park.

After napping for about an hour after lunch, I got woken up by a call. The next thing I know, I was having tea break with the girlfriend. It consist of a few slices of beef, a few spoonful of pasta with crab meat and two sausages. It was a filling tea break I would say. Didn’t feel hungry at all even when I was at the wedding.

Staycation Day 2


Since I had the weekend off from work, I decided to sleep in. Girlfriend tried to wake me up in the morning but she failed. As I took my own sweet time to get up, I was thinking what’s for breakfast.

Girlfriend decided to make me scramble egg. Something I requested. But I didn’t expect her to try making Gordon Ramsay version. It’s her first time trying and I would say delicious. The texture and taste was different from her usual scramble egg. Both versions are nice. Had different sausages which I didn’t really like. The skin of the sausage is too thick and unable to chew off easily. We ended up peeling the outer skin of sausages and eat the inner meat part.

the last witch hunter

We decided to watch a movie on the apple tv. Scrolling through movie titles and genres, we decided to watch The Last witch Hunter.

I was hoping to watch some nice chasing and killing witches, but I was so wrong. The plot came with a twist which I didn’t expect it. Probably it’s also a good idea of not knowing the story at all. You get all the surprises that comes with it.


Of course we had to have lunch as girlfriend had a headache. Usually it’s her headache that gives her the signal that she needed food. Her tummy doesn’t seem to feel hunger most of the time.

Head down to the kitchen and got myself a burger for lunch. She had a beef patty, lettuces and tomatoes. We do have different taste in food. Somehow I wasn’t feeling hungry but I had to eat. The toasted burger patty was so crispy that it goes well with the juicy beef patty.

harry potter and the sorcerer stone

After lunch, we headed back to the entertainment room where we watched a second movie. This time it’s from Starhub cable.

Enjoy the weekend while we can right?


We had chicken leg with some vegetables for dinner. The whole process from preparing to cooking took around an hour. I wasn’t hungry but with such nice chicken leg right in front, how can I resist it?

Staycation Day 3

tea break

Last day of my staycation and we had to get up early. It’s a Monday and we have work to do. Girlfriend and her colleague were busy with their own work while I was updating my work website.

Tea break at 3pm where I had Polar curry puff for the first time. Not to my liking as I prefer Old Chang Kee’s type. Nevertheless, it’s a nice change to try something new.

Stayed for dinner before heading home at around 8pm. Leaving the girlfriend alone to tend to the work’s servers.

It is nice to spend time together although she was there for work purpose. Now I really can’t wait to have a place of our own.