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Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel

Vers (Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel) on a mission to hunt for Skrulls which brought her to earth where she discovers that she is not what she believes she is. During her time on earth, she met Fury who works in SHIELD. With help from Fury, she discovers the truth and unleashed her true power.

My Thoughts

Being a Marvel fan and knowing Captain Marvel will appear in Avengers: End Game, it’s a must watch. We decided to have a late night movie at Bishan Junction 8, a 10:30 pm movie. Knowing the movie will end really late and there’ll be no bus back, we planned to walk home instead.

The start of the movie is a short clip in honor of Stan Lee. It’s a bit saddening to know that in future Marvel movies, there won’t be any cameo of him. Somehow, it’s quite warming to see him appear in this, probably the last cameo before he went to heaven. Thank you Stan Lee for everything about Marvel.

I was told that the movie is predictable. But to me, as much as it’s predictable, it’s still a nice movie. Considering the effects that went into it, I would pretty much say it’s quite convincing and realistic.

The entire movie, I quite like how comical it can get when it comes to Goose, the cat. As an animal lover, seeing a cat in the movie brings some shine into my eyes. It perks me up the entire movie waiting for another scene of Goose.

For Marvel fans, this is another must watch movie!

Inspector Gadget (1999)

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Inspector Gadget

Jonathan Brown (Matthew Broderick) a security guard dreamt of helping people by being a police officer. However, due to an accident, he was injured and woke up finding himself being totally different than before.

Brenda (Joely Fisher) whose father got killed after an attack to their lab decided to finish what her father had started. She chose Brown to be first test subject for a gadget program due to his devotion in finding her father’s murderer.

Both unknowingly got into an adventure together with Jonathan’s niece, Penny (Michelle Trachtenberg), her dog Brain and the Gadgetmobile.

My Reviews

I remembered watching Inspector Gadget cartoon version on TV when I was young. I didn’t even know that there’s a movie of this cartoon series that I’ve been watching. Even so, I was still a student and doesn’t have the money to watch it at the cinema.

Recently I made a Disney movie list and Inspector Gadget was one of it. Frankly speaking, I don’t remember how Jonathan Brown became a robotic gadget guy. Somehow this movie does bring back some memories from childhood.

I can’t really comment much on the story plot as to me, it was quite predictable. But hey, their target audience probably would be for kids so as an adult watching it, there’s not much of a surprise element. But nevertheless, it’s a good movie for adults like me who have watched Inspector Gadget when they’re young.

Definitely recommending this old movie for those who have yet to watch it.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

fantastic beasts the crimes of grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

It is a continuous movie of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We last saw that Gellert Grindelwald was captured by MACUSA and that Credence was assumed dead by everyone.

The Crimes of Grindelwald revealed how he broke free and gather his followers in preparation for what he had planned. It is like a start of the Wizarding War, the time before Lord Voldemort.

My Thoughts

As a Potterhead, I’ve been waiting for this movie to be released with anticipation. When the time finally came, I was very excited and have a lot of hopes for it. After all, it’s a whole new movie story written that doesn’t come from a book.

I believed there are people who might be disappointed but to me, it’s a whole new adventure to this magical world. But of course, the ones that I’m more excited to see was Newt Scamander his Niffler. Yes, Niffler is now my favourite magical animal and would so love to have one myself.

There are a lot of questions that I would like to ask J.K Rowling after the movies. There is so many new information in this movie which left us wanting more answers. However, all we could do was make guesses and wait for the next movie.

Yes, it’s definitely a recommended movie for all Potterheads. Don’t be disappointed in the movie, as I believe the best has yet to come.

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief (Book)

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thiefpercy jackson the lightning thief

I only started reading Percy Jackson recently and finally finished the first book. While reading through, I was like wow. There are so many new adventures of Percy Jackson that I didn’t know of in the first book.

I have been quite fascinated by the Greek god mythology and have been keen to read Percy Jackson for quite some time. Finally, I decided to just go ahead and read the first book despite having a long list of to-read books.

Book vs Movie

I would say, I love the book more. The movie seems to have changed the storyline and left out a lot of information. The adventures in the book seem to be more exciting to me compared to the movie.

It is like the Harry Potter series where we would compare between the books and movies. However, I would say that the Harry Potter movies tried to follow the books as much as possible and don’t change such drastically. Which didn’t really disappoint me much.

But Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief book and movie does have a huge difference. The storyline to me changed a lot which made me question does the scriptwriter of the movie even actually read the book? I understand that there’s a need to squeeze as much information as possible onto the big screen, but please don’t change almost the entire plot. It made me feel that the movie that I watched isn’t what the story should be.

My Reviews

So, my review will be base on the book and not the movie. I’ll give my opinion about what I feel after reading since I’ve ranted about my displeasure about the movies.

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief opens another adventure for me about the Greek mythology. The first that got me interested in the Greek gods was Hercules. It’s a fresh new story and adventures. Got to know more about the Greek gods after reading Percy Jackson and of course thanks to Google, where I get most of my information from.

I would say, I highly recommend this book if you’re into Greek gods mythology. You’ll understand and know more between Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, the big 3 according to the book. Following the adventure of Percy and his friends, I was introduced to more mythical creatures, both evil and good. The book taught me one valuable lesson, and that is not everyone can be trusted even if they’re someone near or close to you.

Will be moving on to the next book where a new adventure awaits.

Vogue Car Rental

Vogue Car Rental

Vogue Car Rental

After I got my driving license early this year in January, the urge to rent a car was strong. But of course, I rented it for a purpose and it’s mainly for work. Searching for a car rental company that is P Plate friendly wasn’t easy, not to mention one that’s within budget.

Happened to come across Vogue Car Rental Facebook page and was quite delighted to know that they’re P Plate friendly. They have quite a lot of pickup point and one was quite near home which is pretty much in my favour. But of course, I had to check on the reviews before contacting them for further enquiries.

Sadly, they have no reviews on Facebook, however, they do have a few good reviews on carousell. As I research further, I found more customers feedback online. Those weren’t really pleasant. However, as a business owner myself, I understand that there will always be both good and bad reviews. And we just have to experience it for ourselves.

Cars That I Rented

The first car that I rented was a Honda Jazz for the weekend. The rental cost was $249, Friday to Sunday. External wise, it comes with lots of scratches. The driver’s side mirror, the signal light was broken. While driving it, I would say it’s a little noisy. And when I tried to sleep, the sound of the car’s engine seems to be on repeat in my ears. The brake wise, it’s not as sensitive as the cars that I drove when I was still learning. Overall, I would say it’s not a bad car. It’s nice to drive and the size wise is definitely suitable for a petite lady driver like me.

The second car that I rented was a Suzuki Swift. Rented it for 2 days on a weekday and the rental cost was $59 per day. External wise, perfect. No scratches or dents. I was surprised that the car boot wasn’t spacious and that my grooming equipment can’t fit in well. I ended up having to lay down the back seats to make a bigger boot area for my stuff. The car is pretty smooth to drive. Love how sensitive the brake was.

The third car that I rented was a Honda Jazz. Rented it for 1 day on a weekday and the rental cost was $65 per day. I can’t remember if this car came in perfect condition externally, but it is definitely a better ride compared to the Honda Jazz that I rented previously. It was smoother and the brake pedal was much more sensitive. Although many said there’s a difference between Jazz and Fit, to me it’s the same. After much research, it’s just the import companies that are different.

The fourth car that I rented was a Chevrolet Spark. Rented it for the weekend and the rental was $209, Friday through Sunday. It’s a lot tinier compared to the previous cars that I rented but the boot space is a little spacious compared to Suzuki Swift. The direction signal switch apparently is on the left instead of the usual right that I’m used to. So for a start, it took me a while to get used to it. However, for the doors, I had to close it a little harder compared to other cars. The doors seem to be lightly closed and the light indicator for car doors kept lighting up.

The fifth car that I rented was a Kia Picanto. Rented it for 8 days during the Hari Raya period and it cost me $788. When driving, the car seems to be jerky. It’s like there’s something wrong with the engine. There’s one incident where the car was moving and it gives a sudden jerky stop at the traffic light and I almost collided into a taxi that’s making a right turn on the next lane. I wasn’t stepping on the brake pedal at all.

Nissan March Breakdown

car breakdown

The sixth car that I rented was a Nissan March. Rented it over the weekends at $209, Friday to Sunday. It was a nice ride, the car size was alright even for the boot. I was amazed at the automatic feature of the headlights. Other than that, it’s a pretty old model.

However, it broke down on me after one of my appointment. The engine wouldn’t start and I had to call the rental company to ask for help. Being a girl who knows nothing, the staff asked me to jumpstart the car myself. Firstly, there are no other drivers around that I could ask to use their car to do the jumpstarting. Secondly, I don’t have the tools to do it. Politely I requested for them to come over to help me. The staff said OK, but it will take him 2 hours to get to Punggol as he was at Boon Lay. I don’t know how it will take him that long to drive over, but I said OK because I have no other choice.

Had to text my next customer to inform him that I will be late. That very day, everything got delayed and I waited helplessly for 2.5 hours till help arrives. He came with an extra battery, which ended up wasn’t working either. It took him about 20 minutes to give up trying and use the battery from the car he drove over instead. And he took back both faulty batteries.

My Reviews

My first impression of them wasn’t good. The staff was late by almost an hour during collection time. And they’re not apologetic. Thankfully, when I read the reviews online, I was already prepared for this. However, during the return of the car, they’re quite punctual. I can put up with punctuality, so I decided to give them another chance and book with them again when I need to use the car. Even the second time, the staff was late which I decided that it’s OK. I will schedule my appointments for a later timing then. Subsequently, the staff seem to be on time during collection day.

Price wise, I would say it’s not cheap but affordable. It’s within my budget and there’s no extra charge for being a driver that’s still under probation. I am sure there’s other cheaper rental company, but I continued with this is more on the convenience for the pickup and return location. Booking was easy even at the very last minute. So no complaints about that.

What hit me that the service is getting bad to worse is when the car broke down and I needed help. It doesn’t help much when their staff had a very strong Indian accent when we communicate in English. It was a little difficult to understand for me what the staff needed me to do. I brushed this off as it’s just a communication barrier. No big deal about that, cos I believe that by asking again, we will both understand one another eventually. However, the staff seem to be rather impatient when I couldn’t understand what he needed me to do.

After he was done helping me with the car battery, I was told to take my cashcard along with me and hop into his car. I have no idea what he needed me to do and I wasn’t informed that I had to pay for his car park entrance just to help me start the car’s battery. I wouldn’t be upset if I was told about it, but no, he didn’t tell me anything at all. So basically, I waited for 2.5 hours with no apology for the wait, I had to pay for the car park entrance for him.

My verdict, I wouldn’t recommend Vogue Car Rental if you’re in a hurry during pickup day. If you’re lucky with no breakdown, I would say their services are still bearable. However, don’t expect VIP treatment from them though. Car wise, they’re not well maintained but for the affordable price, maybe can just close one eye. But of course, safety wise, not very advisable. And after my bad experience with them, I have decided not to engage their services in the future. Will be trying another, so stay tuned for my reviews once I think it’s time to type down my thoughts.

Lion King Musical

Lion King Musical

Years ago, when Lion King Musical was in Singapore, we weren’t interested. However, I kind of regret the decision as I have friends who said it’s a must watch. Even read online reviews and it’s one of the highly recommended musical of all times. I like the cartoon version of it and I’m not sure how the musical will be like. Went on Youtube to look at some trailers and I’ve decided that if the musical is ever coming back, I must watch it.

I was told that it’s an ongoing musical in London, thus I have friends who rather watch it there while on a holiday. I can’t afford to fly over yet, thus I would rather wait for it returns to our sunny island’s shore.

Purchased Tickets

printed tickets

I remember seeing a news online that Lion King Musical will be back and I was so excited about it. Told Fluffy Bunny that I want to watch this badly and she said OK. My excitement went up another notch when the tickets are finally opened for booking. Yes, we booked our tickets when we’re able to place our bookings.

Couldn’t believe it when we finally placed our booking. Upon seeing the confirmation email, I almost squealed with joy. Yes, we finally purchased our tickets and I felt like a happy girl. We booked our tickets around November 2017. And our show was on 21 July 2018. The wait can be torturous. Seeing the advertisement for the musical made me wished that the day will arrive as soon as possible.

It’s The Day

lion king musical

So, finally, the day arrived. We kind of forgot that we can have our tickets printed using our phone with the tickets barcode or QR code instead. We have been worrying about when and where we can collect our tickets.

Fluffy Bunny’s sister offered to help us with the tickets collection. However, after we realised that we can actually print it, she helped us get our tickets printed. Such a nice gesture and I really appreciate it.

When we arrived at Marina Bay Sands, outside the theatre, we saw a huge crowd making their way in. The first thought that came into my mind was, wow, lots of kids. They better not scream or cry or misbehave.

My Reviews

The opening of the musical brought back memories of my childhood. It’s the most memorable part of the Lion King movie. Love how they incorporate puppetry and brought life into this musical. And I would say, the vocals of all the singers were amazing!

Despite the tiny stage at Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre, they managed to bring many characters up on the stage especially that elephant. My favourite scene in the musical was where the group of lioness dance. Seeing them dance on that stage makes me miss those days where I performed along with my schoolmates.

Love how they bring in some local humour into the show. I would say, my favourite character in this musical would be Rafiki. The actress has an amazing voice and the character is pretty funny.

I would definitely recommend this musical to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Disney fan or if you’ve watched the movie, go catch this musical and experience something different. You’ll definitely not regret it and yes, it’s worth every penny that you spent.

A Korean Odyssey

a korean odyssey

A Korean Odyssey

I got to know about A Korean Odyssey on Facebook. Netflix Facebook page was advertising it then and I have a few friends who have watched it. They gave quite a good review of it and after watching the trailer, I was tempted to watch this show. I couldn’t find it on any other streaming websites, so I am guessing it’s Netflix exclusive. And Singapore’s TV/Cable TV wasn’t broadcasting this either. Since Fluffy Bunny still have the Netflix membership, I decided to watch it before she cancels it.

A Korean Odyssey is a remake of the classic Journey to the West in a modern city where the characters blend into the human world. Son Oh Gong (Sun Wu Kong 孙悟空) and Ma Wang (Bull Demon King 牛魔王) are in a conflict with each other where they seek light in a dark world where evil exists. Son Oh Gong met young Jin Seon Min 25 years ago, who was Sam Jang (Tang Shan 唐山) born into the current world with a mission to save the world.

Like the classic Journey to the West, Son Oh Gong and Seon Min went on an adventure together to slay off demons and monsters. Korean Odyssey is a mixture of the genre of romance and horror. Or at least to me, it’s quite scary during the scene where there are monsters and demons.

My Reviews

Other than the scary parts, I quite enjoy the romance part. Son Oh Gong is funny when he’s in love. I like how there’s a twist to the classic Journey to the West, a story that I was familiar with. What puzzled me was Ma Wang relationship with the Queen Mother. Anyway, since it’s a twist, it doesn’t really matter much I guess.

Although there are a few reviews that said the story plot was a little mess up or it’s too draggy, I personally feel that it’s just right. I guess it all depends on each person’s preference. What I think is good doesn’t apply to everyone. The actors in it were good and it’s not those soppy Korean dramas that I tried to watch previously.

If you’re into fantasy and romance, you could give this show a try.

To find out more visit IMDB website

Overcooked (Nintendo Switch)



Overcooked is a co-op cooking game for up to four players. It can be chaotic but fun. It is a great way for team bonding as you’re required to work as a team to complete the level. A game that’s easy to pick up. However, finding a team who can communicate and co-ordinate to work as a team is not going to be easy.

From getting ingredients to preparing them to be cooked. As players race against time to prepare and serve the dish before customers storms out in a huff. As you advance to the next level, the difficulties will increase.

My Review

Fluffy Bunny bought this game to cheer me up after I failed my second driving test last year. At first, I didn’t know if I would enjoy the game but since I love cooking related game, I decided to give this a try.

We bought the Special Edition that comes with the expansions, The Lost Morsel and Festive Seasoning. We made sure each level we obtain 3 stars. It was a fun game although frustrating when if your teammates seem to be in their own world. Thankfully, most of the time I was playing with Fluffy Bunny and she came up with the strategy to win this game.

As we advance through the game, we unlocked levels and new characters. I would say I enjoyed the ice level. As we slide through the slippery course to complete the game, we also try not to fall or push our teammates off course.

I wouldn’t mind playing it again with different people. It’s fun to see how much tolerance they have in a game. I’m weird, I know.

Our verdict: highly recommended. It’s one of our best buy games on the Nintendo Switch.

[Book] Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

I have yet to watch the Broadway play but I managed to get my friend to bring this book back from the UK. Yes, it’s much cheaper than and since she’s visiting her brother last year, why not? Thank you, awesome friend, can’t thank you enough for offering and helping to bring this awesomeness back. Only recently that I managed to finish reading it after it’s been on my shelf for almost a year. Avoid reading many spoilers on the internet, thank goodness for my self-discipline on that.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

This story happened 19 years later after the great wizarding war. Harry Potter’s youngest son finally went to Hogwarts and got sorted into Slytherin. I guess it’s not a very much spoiler considering the pictures are all over the internet.

Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy became best of friends during the years in school. They went on an adventure which changed their lives and perspective as a whole. Through this dangerous adventure, Albus came to realize that his father, Harry Potter, didn’t choose to go through what he went through during his teenage years.

My Reviews

As a big fan of the wizarding world, this is a must-read for me. Some plots in this Broadway play can be predictive like Albus got sorted into Slytherin and became friends with Scorpius.

I have learned through this book that darkness can come in any form without a warning. We may be unprepared for what’s coming but we can be brave and overcome it. Re-writing history may change the future, thus going back in time isn’t a necessarily good thing. Family and friends are always there for you if you let them. So don’t push anybody away if they’re there to help, you might never know if you needed them.

And in the book, there are quite a few shocking things. I can’t believe what I read after I put the book down and try to digest what I read. But of course, I won’t write it here in case some readers have yet to watch the play or read the book.

My verdict, it’s a nice book and I enjoyed it. Now I am wondering if the play will come to Singapore in the near future. Hmm…

Ramen Hitoyoshi

Ramen Hitoyoshi

Address: 1 Maritime Square, #01-99, Harbourfront Centre, 099253
Operating Hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm (daily)

We planned to visit Harbourfront Centre to collect our ferry ticket to Batam. And we decided to settle our dinner there where we happened to chance upon Ramen Hitoyoshi. I’m a big fan of ramen and trying out a new ramen restaurant to me is a must. After we googled the reviews, we decided to give Ramen Hitoyoshi a try.

Complimentary Corn & Bean Sprouts


After we were seated, the staff took two containers and placed it on our table. Each container contains corn and bean sprout respectively. It’s complimentary so go ahead and have it as much as you want.

Although I love corn, I prefer their bean sprout more. The taste of the bean sprout opens up my palate while I wait for my ramen to be served.

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

ramen hitoyoshi

You get to customize your ramen by choosing thick or thin noodles to how thick you want the broth to be. What I like about this place is that the staff did warn me about the thick broth that I wanted. He said it will be very saltish and asked if I would like to proceed or amend my order. I decided to go with the normal soup broth but less oily.

When my ramen was served, I was quite surprised by how big and generous the slice of char siew was. Instead of giving many small pieces of char siew, Ramen Hitoyoshi gave just one big slice.

The broth wise, love it. Before I stir in the spicy minced meat, I tasted the non-spicy broth. I would say, it’s definitely less oily like I ordered. And it’s flavorful enough to make me want to try the spicy version. After I stir in the spicy minced meat, the flavor of the soup changed to a little saltish. However, it wasn’t as spicy as I hoped it would be.

Noodle texture was just right, the way I wanted. Everything in my bowl of ramen goes well with one another I would say. The portion was a little too much for me but the amount given is definitely worth every penny you pay for.

Char Siew Donburi

char siew donburi

Whenever we dine outside, Fluffy Bunny would order something different. Since I’ve ordered their ramen, she decided to give their donburi a try.

Although the bowl of donburi is a little small, it was rather filling according to her. I tried a mouthful of the Char Siew Donburi and I would say I love it. The sauce used goes well with the mayonnaise and the char siew. I don’t like my rice to be dry as I find it difficult to chew and swallow. I’m pretty impressed that the sauce given was just right. Somehow to me, the char siew for the donburi seem tastier than the one I had for my ramen.

I can’t give any reviews on the donburi. Maybe when I visit Ramen Hitoyoshi, I would love to try their donburi.

Our Verdict

We would definitely be back again to try the other dishes. And yes, I would recommend you try out Ramen Hitoyoshi. Other than the food that’s awesome, the service provided was great too. Staffs were friendly throughout which made my first time experience a joyful one.