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Roadtrip Back to Bangkok (27 April 2019)

Back to Bangkok

Back to Bangkok

We had to bid farewell to Khao Yai and made our way back to Bangkok to meet up with our friend. Before heading back to Bangkok, we decided to drop by Dairy Home for lunch and ice cream. Yes, it is so good that we decided to drop by again before bidding the final farewell to Khao Yai.

Back to Bangkok - Puppy

At Dairy Farm, we get to meet a puppy after we parked our car. A very playful little fellow. We had fun interacting with him before we head in for steaks. Kind of miss him already while I’m typing this blog entry.

Baan Tobi Hom

Baan Toei Hom

Returning the car at the airport can be confusing because the signs weren’t obvious and we had to turn out and enter again. Thankfully, we managed to return without much issue. After which, we took their MRT towards our Airbnb.

Back to Bangkok - Baan Toei Hom

We stayed at Baan Tobi Hom, which is a shophouse where the owners open a small eatery. We’ll be staying upstairs so we had to carry our luggage up a few flights of stairs. Since we arrived first before the friend, we decided to choose our bedroom first. We took the bigger sized bedroom while we let him have a smaller room.

After a short rest and settled our stuff, we decided to head out to the nearest mall to see what’s for dinner.

Movie – Avengers: End Game

Movie Ticket

We decided to watch Avengers: End Game. While we were at the self serve counter, every timing that we clicked, it’s full. But we managed to get two seats for a 7 pm show. While we were waiting for the time, we decided to head over to Macdonald’s for a quick dinner.

Our friend’s flight got delayed a little thus he couldn’t make it in time to join us. Thus he had to settle his own dinner while we were off to watch a movie.

I was told that before every movie in Thailand, we all had to stand in attention for their national anthem with a short video clip of their King. I am glad that at least I got this piece of information if not I wouldn’t know what to do.

Avengers: End Game was a 3-hour long movie. A battle between the Avengers and Thanos. So glad to be able to see Thor and Captain America again. Or rather Christ Hemsworth and Chris Evans. Yes, fangirl here!

Back to Bangkok - Last Train

The movie ended around 11 pm. We had to follow the other moviegoers to exit the mall as it was already closed when we made our way out of the cinema. Thankfully, there’s still MRT for us to get back to our Airbnb. And yes, we managed to catch the last train home.

Khao Yai National Park, Yellow Submarine (26 April 2019)

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park

After breakfast, we head over to Khao Yai National Park. I thought it would be the kind of park we have back in Singapore. The one where you can stroll with your family or dogs, but I was wrong. Fluffy Bunny drove and we had to purchase an entrance ticket for both ourselves and the car.

It was a long drive up the mountain. Basically, once you bought the tickets and enter, you’re already in the National Park. Fluffy Bunny told me that we might see wildlife crossing the road or walking along the side of the road. Thus I kept trying to see if I can spot any.

Many said they spotted an elephant in the park. What we spotted were many monkeys and a lone deer.

Haew Suwat Waterfall

Haew Suwat Waterfall

After asking for direction, we head off to Haew Suwat Waterfall. One of the must-see waterfall in National Park. But was told it wasn’t the best season to see a waterfall due to dry weather.

When we arrive, it started to drizzle a little and we had to make a quick trip down to see the waterfall. We had to descend down a flight of stairs and walk quite a bit distance before we get to see the waterfall from a far distance.

As it’s a rather dry season, the stream of the waterfall was quite pathetic. It wasn’t what I expected after seeing pictures online. It’s just a tiny stream of water flowing down. Nevertheless, the sight was breathtaking due to the surrounding it was in.

Pha Diew Dai Cliff

Pha Diew Dai Cliff

We drove further into the National Park for Pha Diew Dai Cliff. I have no idea what it was as I thought the reason we visit the park was that I requested to see the waterfall. As head up further, it started to rain heavier. Which decrease the chances of seeing wildlife in the park.

Getting to this cliff requires a long drive up the mountain. There’s no sign to say where’s the exact location. We saw some cars being parked by the roadside and we followed suit. Seeing there’s a stair leading down to a path, we decided to do some walking. It was wet and cold weather during our walk, sadly we didn’t bring any jacket or shawl to keep us warm. Because we didn’t expect such a sudden change in temperature and weather.

Once we arrived at Pha Diew Dai Cliff, the view is worth the cold and wet weather. It’s simply breathtaking but you have to be careful. There’s no barrier to prevent you from falling over. So do remember to stand behind the yellow line for your safety.

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine Entrance

After our trip at the National Park, we head over Yellow Submarine for some refreshment. It’s one of the recommended cafes in Khao Yai.

Tea Break

Fluffy Bunny ordered latte while I ordered a cold refreshment, mint lime. We ordered chocolate lava cake to munch too.

Yellow Submarine

The place was quiet when we’re there. Great for relaxing and enjoy your afternoon snacks. The place is quite Instagram worthy too. Many locals and tourists would be standing around the building for some photo takings.

Farm Chokchai, Dairy Home, Primo Piazza, Pak Chong Night Bazaar (25 April 2019)

Farm Chokchai

Initially, Fluffy Bunny wanted to bring me out for breakfast but sadly it wasn’t open yet. Thus we made our way towards Farm Chokchai for their morning farm tour at 10 am. If you’re driving there, be warned that the car park is very far from the main ticketing entrance. You’ll be passing by their restaurant, their gifts shops which you might think you’ve reached, but actually no.

Farm Chokchai

We were early thus had to wait at the waiting area before we were ushered into an air-conditioned room where we were made to watch an introductory video. After we’re done, we were ushered to the next station where they introduced us to their bull. Explaining to us how they carefully chose their cows and bulls for their breeding program.

Next up, we’re ushered into the next station where they showed us their ice cream factory. Got a small cup of ice cream to sample which I personally didn’t think there’s any wow factor to it. After which, we’re on to the next station on milking the cow. As I’ve always wanted to try milking a cow, I volunteered when they asked who would want to try.

Farm Chokchai

After which we took a ride on a carriage pulled by a tractor for a ride around the farm before we were on a short 30 minutes of free and easy. There are a few mini-games for you to play and win prizes and a small little ATV track. But of course, all these require you to pay extra if you would want to play.

Farm Chokchai

Next is a short cowboy show where they showed us some tricks before asking for volunteers. Of course, I volunteered again. Hey, nobody knows me there and I have no idea where I got the courage to do so. It’s fun and quite a nice experience I would say.

After the cowboy show, it’s the end of the farm tour where we got to ride on the carriage again to the main entrance of the farm.

Dairy Home

Dairy Home

We headed towards Dairy Home which is a few kilometres down from Farm Chokchai for lunch. Fluffy Bunny said this place is famous for their steaks and homemade ice cream. And my eyes lit up when she mentioned steak.

Dairy Home

We ordered two different cuts of steaks. Got ourselves each a cup of ice cream that comes with two flavours. With every ice cream purchase, you may bring home the cup. Bring the used cup to the counter to exchange for a new one where you get to choose other designs.

Dairy Home

The steaks were cooked to our preference. They are tender and chewy. Taste-wise all I can say was yummy. I love the area too with some dogs that are friendly towards humans. They love the attention given and would ask for more. Which will literally make your heart melt.

Primo Piazza

We headed to Primo Piazza next.

Primo Piazza

We headed to Primo Piazza next. We paid THB200 each for the entrance. Which we get tickets to feed the animals at their feeding area. Use the tickets given to exchange for some feeding grass and you get to feed the hungry alpacas and goats. Do note that the animals will come together at once, some may try to snatch from your hands.

Primo Piazza is just another Instagram worthy place. Nothing much in my opinions. No shop and it’s practically empty. You’re there paying the entrance fee for less than an hour to feed the animals. Maybe you can be there for an hour at least for photo taking session which is not our style of travelling thus we left after taking a rest at the cafe which was open that day.

The Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

We headed to the Chocolate Factory which was nearby for a tea break. We ordered some drinks and a white chocolate lava cake. Their cafe is a great place to relax and have an afternoon tea/coffee. I would say, the service given was good too.

Pak Chong Night Bazaar

After relaxing at The Chocolate Factory, we headed towards Pak Chong Night Bazaar. I am not disappointed.

It’s more than just-food. You get to shop for accessories, clothes, phone accessories etc. However, we didn’t get ourselves anything there except some street food for dinner. We didn’t stay as long as we hope to return back to our accommodation before the sunset.

Although we left early, before we could reach our accommodation, the sun starts to set. Managed to see a nice sunset along the way. However, it became dark when we’re nearing our accommodation. Their street lights aren’t a lot compared to Singapore’s. Thus we had to navigate in the dark with only the car’s headlight. It’s quite scary, but the experience was a little fun.

Road Trip to Khao Yai (24 April 2019)

Khao Yai

It’s another day of travelling on the road again towards Khao Yai. Another long drive to the next destination. After checking out from River Kwai Bridge Resort and getting coffee, we were on the road again.

Baan Mai Chay Nam Restaurant

Khao Yai - Ban Mai Chay Nam Restaurant

Our first stop was Ban Mai Chay Nam Restuarant upon arrival at Khao Yai. It’s a restaurant showcasing olden days items, like a collector’s themed restaurant. Most of the items there are probably way older than the two of us combined. It’s an interesting concept restaurant that’s like a mini museum.

Khao Yai - Ban Mai Chay Restaurant

We decided to settle our lunch here since our last meal was breakfast. Ordered quite a few dishes and frankly speaking, it wasn’t worth the money. These dishes you can get it at the stalls by the roadside when you visit the night market.

Piazza Palio

Khao Yai - Piazza Palio

After lunch, we head off to Piazza Palio. The entrance is free and you get to spend as much time as you want there. When we were there, there’s not much crowd. It’s basically a Italian themed place where you can take as many pictures that’s Instagram worthy to post online.

We didn’t spend much time there as basically there’s nothing much to explore other than taking some pictures. Shop wise, many were closed when we’re there. It’s like a ghost town in my opinion.

Baan Suan Noi

Khao Yai - Baan Suan Noi

We decided to head off to our accommodation and call it a day. It’s one of the accommodation that we’re looking forward to for this trip. Took us quite long to decide before we finally decided to go ahead and book it months prior to the trip.

Everything there are built by the owners of the place. There are little hobbit place and a mini santorini theme room for you to choose from. They have a cosplay room where you get to dress up for photo opportunity.

There’s nothing much around the place. But there’s a small little eatery next to it.

Kanchanaburi – River Kwai Bridge (23 April 2019)

Saiyok River House

Saiyok River House

It’s another day of traveling, this time to River Kwai Bridge. Another part of Kanchanaburi and more war memorial places to visit.

I didn’t sleep well the entire night due to the warm weather and the annoying mosquitoes. I’ve no idea how many times I woke up to them buzzing around me. Neither do I have any idea how many times I’ve got bitten. Nevertheless, it’s a nice experience and I myself won’t want to do it. However, Fluffy Bunny seemed to be enjoying herself.

Breakfast was provided and we had them before we head off towards our next destination, River Kwai Bridge. They do have a few option of breakfast to choose from and I decided to go with their American Breakfast. Fluffy Bunny ordered Chicken Basil Rice.


While waiting for our breakfast, we came across a few kittens that was staying there. They’re so tiny and cute. And of course, playful.

River Kwai Bridge

River Kwai Bridge

Fluffy Bunny said I should try driving in Thailand and I was given the task of driving us to our next. Driving in Thailand is a little scary to me as I am not familiar with the place. It’s especially scarier when we’re in a city area. Other than that, it’s quite therapeutic I would say.

After we’ve checked in, we head over to River Kwai Bridge which is around 10 minutes walk from our resort. As we arrived around noon time, it’s extremely sunny and hot! The heat was unbearable I would say.

River Kwai Bridge - Chinese Soldier Tomb

We made our way towards the bridge and crossed over the river. Fluffy Bunny said across the river, there’s a war memorial which might be interesting. We found a Chinese Soldier Tomb after crossing and it’s about 5 minutes walk from the railway track. It’s just a small area opposite a Chinese temple.

After a while, we decided to head back. Got ourselves a coconut to quench our thirst and to cool down. Was told that there’s a heatwave going on in Thailand. Fluffy Bunny’s sister texted in the family’s group chat saying that she’s in Bangkok and the temperature there was 39 Degree Celsius. That’s crazy!

Big C

River Kwai Bridge - Big C

After resting for a while, we head our to Big C for some grocery shopping. It’s been a must go whenever we travel. Big C is a huge supermarket that sell not only groceries but electronics, stationary etc. as well.

Bought some snacks for friends and some for ourselves for our road trip. We bought light items as we will be visiting Big C again when we’re in Bangkok to do some last minute shopping.

As we were early, we went to a cafe in the building for a drink. We have plans to visit the nearby Night Street Food to settle our dinner. And they’re open from 5 pm onward.

Night Street Food

As we drove towards the Night Street Food, Fluffy Bunny asked me to check if there’s anywhere we can park the car. Quickly did a research and realized there’s no proper parking place. We ended up following the locals and park the car by the roadside next to the Night Street Food.

Night Street Food Chicken Stall

The entire place sells mainly food. As we walk to see what’s for dinner, we decided to try the chicken rice that online netizens recommended. I ordered myself a normal plate of chicken rice while Fluffy Bunny ordered chicken cutlet rice.

Chicken Rice

I would say, it’s delicious! Taste different from the ones I had in Singapore. Highly recommended if you visit this part of Kanchanaburi.

Road Trip – Kanchanaburi (22 April 2019)

Sinsuvarn Airport Suite – Preparing Towards Kanchanaburi

We checked out early and waited for the 9:30 am shuttle bus towards the airport. We’re off to pick up our ride. First stop of the road trip, Kanchanaburi!

I wouldn’t say we had a good night’s sleep. It’s not very sound proof or rather not at all. I’m a light sleeper so I get woken up easily. So far, this is the only hotel that I’ve some dissatisfaction when it comes to soundproofing.

Dead mosquito on the wall

Apart from the sound, the room is full of mosquito. I can’t remember how many times I tried to kill these annoying buggers from sucking our blood. And to be honest, there’s a dead mosquito on the wall left by the previous tourist who came here to stay.

All in all, it’s not a very pleasant experience I would say.

Road Trip Towards Kanchanaburi

Honda City
Honda City, the car we rented

Collected our car from the chic rental at the airport and we’re ready to head off for our road trip. We decided to opt for self-drive instead of public transport for convenience. We didn’t want to drive in Bangkok itself, so after collecting the car and setting up the GPS, we head towards Kanchanaburi direction.

Toll ticket
Toll ticket

Along the way, we passed by 2 tolls, which cost us THB$50 each. We depart at around 11 am from Bangkok and reached about 4 pm at our destination. Didn’t prepare any songs of our choice and the radio have not much English channel for us. Even if it does, it’s only for a few hours.

Wampo Viaduct

Kanchanaburi Wampo Viaduct
Kanchanaburi, Wampo Viaduct

After we checked in at our accommodation, we head off to Wampo Viaduct which was about 15 minutes drive. Upon arrival, we were unsure where to park as there’s no proper parking lot. Thus we followed the car that was already parked there.

The place at Wampo Viaduct is like a little market but most stalls were already closed when we arrived. However, we continued walking towards the railway track where we saw many tourists standing there waiting for the train.

A few minutes after our arrival at the railway track, we heard the sound of the train coming from far. Thankful to be able to see the train stopping by before moving off. Not sure how many scheduled train there is per day, but I would say we’re lucky in that sense that we don’t have to wait long for this opportunity.

After the train passed by, we walked on the railway track for some video and photo taking before heading back to look for dinner.

Best Fried Rice

As we head back we realized there’s no place to settle our meal. We happened to saw one stall with the staff there and decided to try and ask if they’re still open. Thankfully, they are!

Kanchanaburi Pork Basil Rice

This stall is located right at the entrance from where we drove in from our accommodation. Ordered fried rice for myself while Fluffy Bunny ordered pork basil with rice. I’ve always love the fried rice in Thailand as they’re fragrant compared to the ones I had in Singapore.

Kanchanaburi Fried Rice

And yes, I love this fried rice that I’ve eaten. I would say hands down, this is the best fried rice I’ve ever eaten in Thailand. Not sure if we’ll ever be back though. But I’m so thankful that very day to be able to have such nice fried rice where everywhere else was closed.

Departure – Singapore to Bangkok (21 April 2019)


Getting ready for Bangkok
Getting Ready

We’ve been saying that we would make a trip to Bangkok some day years ago. Finally, with the right opportunity and valid reason, we booked our tickets a few months ago. And ever since, I’ve been counting down to our trip.

Although it’s a 4 pm (Singapore time) flight, I’ve been anxious and excited since morning. After settling our fur kids, I head over to Dear’s place where her mum offered to send us to the airport after she’s done with her errands. And that’s when I’ve been hoping that her mum will come back soon. Because when we’re at the airport, it’s official that the holiday starts.

Travel Hiccups

There’s always bound to be some hiccups for whatever reason. Our main hiccup was that we had forgotten about our Thailand sim card that we bought online. We’re supposed to collect it at the airport before checking.

We ended up boarding the plane without the sim card. Texted our friend to help us collect before he join us the following week. And we had to get another sim card when we arrive in Bangkok airport if not we have no way of communicating our family on WhatsApp during our trip. And of course, we rely on the data for GPS too as we’ll be having a road trip.

Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

Bangkok Sinsuvarn Airport Suite
Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

We took a shuttle from the airport to Sinsuvarn Airport Suite. It’s about 10 minutes ride from the airport and we’ll be staying here for a night. After checking in, we headed towards our room. You have to climb down a flight of stairs to have access to the lift. Then another flight of stairs down after we exit the lift to our room. I would say, this isn’t friendly for the elderly especially with luggage.

Bangkok Sinsuvarn Airport Suite Room
Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

After entering our room, we realized it’s two single bed instead of a queen that we booked. Called the reception desk to clarify to be told that for the night, they’re fully booked thus we got downgraded. As it’s only for a night, we decided it’s OK.

Dinner – Macdonald

Pork Burger

We decided to head out for dinner. With nothing in mind, we walked to the nearest shopping area to look for food. Ended up, we had Macdonald for dinner. Got me a pork burger while Fluffy Bunny ordered a cheeseburger.

It’s been years since I last had pork burger and I love it. Quite enjoying to visit Macdonald when I’m overseas as the menu are usually different. Being different, I get to order something different and give it a try.


Bought myself a Zoro toy from One Piece. His swords twirl up your cables which I think is pretty useful and of course he’s my favorite character. We decided to put it in the car to twirl cables.

We walked back to our hotel after dinner to rest and that’s how we spend our first night in Bangkok.

Japan – Heading Home (22 Oct 2017)

Haneda Airport

heading home

This marks the end of our Japan trip as we headed to Haneda Airport early in the morning. As much as we didn’t want to leave, we were hoping that the typhoon will hit Tokyo earlier than expected. Yes, we’ve been following Japan news for a few days and they predicted typhoon will arrive on the 23rd Oct 2017. That explains the strong wind and rain the past few days. According to the news, many Japanese were already preparing ahead before the bad weather arrives. This is how efficient the Japanese are! I’m pretty much amazed at whatever they do.

Departure – Japan to Thailand

As we made our way to the departure gate at Haneda airport, I had the sad feeling. I didn’t want to leave and I really love Japan in so many ways. I am sure many of us felt the same way especially if it is your first trip.

It was my first trip and I’m not sure when I will be back again. If there is an opportunity, I would love to move to Japan and start a whole new life there. And I know it’s kind of impossible due to their strict immigration rules and laws. But that’s OK, maybe in future when we have the money, we will have a longer trip! Which I am definitely looking forward to.

The flight towards Thailand, Bangkok, where we will be stopping for a while for a transit gave us enough time to watch an in-flight movie. We decided to watch Wonder Woman. We did pause the movie during meal time and we ended up didn’t finish the movie before arriving in Thailand.

Transit at Bangkok

mango sticky rice

We had about an hour or two before our flight home. The way to transit wasn’t a rush as when we were heading towards our flight to Japan a few weeks before. Less crowd on the transit route and yes, we had time to do a little shopping at the gift shop. Best of all, we had time to sit down for a quick bite of my favourite Thailand dessert, Mango Sticky Rice. However, it was costly though compared to the one that I could get along the street of Thailand. Nevertheless, I was satisfied. The only regret, I didn’t get one for takeaway.

After boarding our flight that will take us home, we continued our movie for Wonder Woman at where we stopped at. I wouldn’t say I like the movie, neither did I hate it. It was just another superhero movie that I’m just watching. Despite all the good reviews about it, I find it as an OK movie.

Home Sweet Home

Fluffy Bunny’s mother came to fetch us that night. Being back in Singapore seem to be a rather mixed feeling for me that night. It’s good to be home, but the other part of me doesn’t want the trip to end. But of course, I know that we will be back again someday. Not so soon, but we will head back to Japan. Speaking of which, I am already looking forward to my next trip.

Japan – Stationary Shopping & Claw Machine (21 Oct 2017)

Stationary Shopping

It’s our last day in Japan before our morning flight the next day. Since the entire trip was planned for me mostly, Fluffy Bunny didn’t get to see what she wanted. So, we headed out to the places that might have the fountain pen that she wanted.

We headed back to Shinjuku, there’s some departmental store that sells stationary which carries the brand Sailor. I know nothing about fountain pens, but I was told that certain brands seem to be cheaper in Japan. And yes, that’s why we’re out hunting for fountain pens.


It was still raining, but luckily it wasn’t as cold as previous days. After visiting a few stores, sadly they didn’t have what Fluffy Bunny was looking for. We ended up taking a break at a Starbucks store enjoying a hot beverage each and some dessert. Just chilling on our last day and enjoy the nice cold autumn weather. I would say, it’s something we both enjoy but not our friend.

Claw Machine

claw machine

Since it’s our last day, we decided to do something different other than last minute shopping. We ended up having fun at the claw machine. I don’t really enjoy the claw machines but I do enjoy watching. Our friend, on the other hand, is the opposite of me. He can spend hours and money on the machine just to catch a plushie for us or whoever is with him.

If you’re interested in arcades or claw machine, Akihabara is the place for you.

Baseball Batting Place

They wanted to try the Baseball Batting and we ended up looking for one around Akihabara if I’m not wrong. All I can remember was follow them. I didn’t give it a go because the thought of a ball flying towards me is scary.

mickey mouse

When I was there, I got to know that there’s different speed for the ball to fly towards you. They chose the slowest as it’s Fluffy Bunny’s first time. I saw outside the batting cage and observed. However, I ended up seeing Mickey Mouse in a tiny claw machine and decided to give it a try. And yes, I got it on my first try and I’m like a happy kid.

It’s definitely a nice last night in Japan and I truly enjoy the trip.

Japan – Tsukiji Market & One Piece Tower (20 Oct 2017)

Tsukiji Market

Our itinerary for the day is to visit Tsukiji Market before they shift to a new place. During my research and many people’s recommendation, I was told that if I would love to try fresh sashimi or seafood, I should visit Tsukiji Market.

When we arrived, there was a lot of tourists. Our main aim was to walk around the place and find a place to have brunch. Most places offered more or less the same dishes at different pricing.

Visiting Tsukiji Market, please do not go during the auction hours. They’re doing business and we’ll be blocking their way. However, there’s another part of the market for visitors to explore. There’s some fresh seafood you could buy. As you walk to another part, there are places where you could stop for a quick meal. Do note that the eating spaces aren’t big, it’s a little squeezy but the food is nice! It’s definitely fresh and you should give it a try when you’re there.

One Piece Tower

One Piece Tower

We visited One Piece Tower next. Pre-book your tickets for a cheaper price. We booked ours through Klook. We had a show to catch at around 12 pm. The theatre for the show wasn’t huge and it’s free seating. So if you would like to get good seats, do reach there early. Thankfully, the seats that we had was quite near the stage and slightly center. We’re able to see the entire stage without any pillar blocking our view.

One Piece

Robin’s Finding Poneglyphs

Robin's Finding Poneglyph

Our first activity after the One Piece show, we head over to Robin’s Finding Poneglyphs. With a den den mushi, we head off to hunt for poneglyphs around the building. They are hidden in corners or probably at very obvious places. Except they are in a camouflage print which made it difficult for you to see. There’s a time limit around an hour for you to search for them. We tried asking the staff how many are there, we were told it’s a secret. And good luck trying to find as many as we could.

den den mushi

The poneglyphs are camouflaged so it wasn’t easy to detect. However, some were pretty obvious. I remembered one poneglyphs is near the toilet’s entrance. Besides, there were quite a few people hunting for poneglyphs too so finding one wasn’t difficult when they will tell you where it is.

Zoro’s Soul of Edge

We tried the Zoro’s Soul of Edge where we used the katana and slice things that come our way. It’s an individual game which lasts roughly about 5 minutes, not inclusive of waiting time.

Zoro Soul of Edge

After the game, when you exit there’s a screen where it’ll show you your pose. And I think my pose in using the katana was the best among the three of us. *not shy*

Luffy’s Endless Adventure

Luffy & Shank

We went for Luffy’s Endless Adventure where we relieve those memories that he went through. For example, when Shank gave him the straw hat while he was a boy.

Walked through the mirror maze wasn’t easy nor difficult as long as we found where to go. And of course, there’s one walkway which may or may not make one giddy. That’s the tunnel of the swirling fire and yes, I got a little giddy. But I was told there’s a little trick to walking the tunnel of swirling fire and you’ll be fine.

Nami’s Casino House

Waited for about 5 minutes for Nami’s Casino House. Entering the casino house, we took our seats. It’s like a mini-game where we “gamble” and try to win till the very last bet. The winner for the day gets to win a small token. Apparently, none of us win anything but it was fun.

Usopp’s Road to SogeKing

If you ever want to try your hands at being Usopp for a day, you should try Usopp’s Road to SogeKing. Defeat the Marines and reach the final stage where you shoot through the flag of the World Government. If you manage to reach there before the time ends, you’ll get a gift.

It was so fun that we actually went to try this out twice! And I almost had it but of course, the Fluffy Bunny managed to win among us. She got herself the small gift for completing the challenge.

I would say, it wasn’t easy. And yes, I salute to whoever manages to aim and shoot through like a sniper using a catapult.

Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Tour

Touring the Thousand Sunny would be every One Piece Fan’s dream. Although the tour given by Chopper isn’t exactly on a ship, it’s interesting nevertheless.


We visited Sanji’s kitchen, Nami and Robin’s bedroom etc. Oh, not to forget Dr. Chopper’s room too. At the end of the tour, you get to watch a short video by the crew before exiting out.

Franky’s Park

There’s nothing much at Franky’s Park in my opinion. You get to play a pinball machine which you may or may not win a prize. By the side, there’s a mini playground for kids to play in. And you get to buy a cup of cola to enjoy the area.

It’s more of a place for you to rest your feet after exploring One Piece tower.

Brook’s Horror House

I remember visiting Brook’s Horror House, it wasn’t as brightly lit as the other attractions that we went to. But it’s nice to explore this part. It’s a little attraction that mimic a haunted house. Robotic zombies will appear out of nowhere which I personally find it not as scary as I thought it will be.

One Piece tower is worth visiting if you’re into the manga or anime of One Piece. If not, it’s not worth visiting I would say. We