The Lees, Familee

Our relationship is a unique one I would say, basically we’re both girls and have been going strong since 8th October 2007. We’re both the opposites in terms of personalities and preferences. Even our hobbies are different too and things are never boring between us.

We usually called one another by the nickname that we gave one another. The girlfriend is known as Fluffy Bunny by many. And she called me Piggy because I sleep most of the time. For short, I would call her Bee.

My girlfriend and I are more than ready to settle down. We had plans for our future, probably a child (which we will decide about that in future when the time comes) and a love nest we could call our own. At the moment, as of the year 2017, we do have two adorable yet mischievous fur kids. They are none other than Toby, a Shih Tzu and Twix, a Toy Poodle. At least for now, we do have a complete familee.

Little Red Dot

We reside on this tiny island called Singapore also known as Little Red Dot. It is a very conservative country where being in a same sex relationship may be frown upon. Although our relationship isn’t recognized here, we hope for the best. Maybe someday this country will open up and come to accept the LGBTQ community.

Purpose of This Blog

I love to write and would like to jot down our ups and downs in this relationship. In the distant future when I look back, at least there’s a memory in writing where I can reminisce the past. And I do hope through this blog, people will get to know and understand that same sex couples are no different from straight couples. For those who are seeking inspiration and courage, let this blog show you that you’re not alone going through difficult times too.