Bangkok – Pet Expo, Mission Impossible (8 September 2022)

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It was checkout day at Holiday Inn, but before we leave, we had our last breakfast buffet. Enjoying the yummilicious breakfast that I’ll probably miss as it’s so far the nicest breakfast buffet I ever had in Thailand. And no, I’m not kidding. We left two small luggage at Holiday Inn for safekeeping before we head off to our next destination.

Going on a holiday with Dear means we’ll be always changing accommodations due to our itinerary. So we’re on our way to Bang Na as that’s where the pet expo will be. I’ve been asking Dear a few months back if we could visit Thailand’s pet expo. Initially, it wasn’t confirmed as we were in the process of purchasing our first home. Money was tight and going on a trip wasn’t on our to-do list for the year. But thankfully, after everything, we have a little budget and off we go.

Checked into our Airbnb where I almost slipped trying to take a video of our accommodation. At first, I thought it was because I’m wearing my socks but even barefooted, we almost slipped. The floor was slippery and we have to walk with care. After we settled our stuff, we head out walking towards the pet expo.

Sign to follow towards Pet Expo

We followed the sign and poster for the pet expo to reach where the exhibition hall. As we were nearing the right exhibition hall, we saw more dogs and heard lots of barking. Bought our tickets which cost a total of 40baht and off we go to experience an overseas pet expo. It has a theme, Mission Impossible. We saw the floor plan online and thought it would be a huge event, thus we set 2 days to visit if we can’t finish walking on the first day. However, we were wrong. It wasn’t as huge as we thought it was, in fact we managed to explore the entire pet expo in a few hours.


Like Singapore’s pet expo, lots of pet products are on sale. We arrived at the reptile and exotic animal section as we walked further. Saw a few bearded dragons, frogs, and snakes. There’s even a huge python in an enclosure! Apparently, it was like a normal sight in Thailand’s pet expo, but it was all new and exciting for us. Of course, small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits are also on sale. Yes, you can buy a pet at Thailand’s pet expo which is something we won’t get to see at Singapore’s pet expo. There’s a feeding section for animals such as tortoises, goats, and chickens, etc. Each feed cost around 20baht if you’re keen to feed them.

Bought some tees for Ben, 4 at 100baht. We brought along a tee of his as measurement and bought him some. We were told by our Animal Communicator friend that he likes wearing clothes. Our first fur kid that will get so excited when we show him his tee. Digging through the pile of tees for designs and sizes wasn’t easy, considering there was a small crowd at the booth.

Short Skit, Mission Impossible

As we walked past the stage area, we realized there was a small crowd and we decided to stay at wait to see what they were waiting for. We visited on the first day of their pet expo, they had a mini welcome opening ceremony. Saw a cute skit performed by a few humans and two cute corgis. After this short entertainment, we decided to leave the premises as I’m getting hungry soon.

Tanaka Suisan, Bangna

It was raining cats and dogs when we exit out the building. Holding onto our only umbrella, we made our way to the nearest Japanese restaurant, Tanaka Suisan, for lunch. It’s right opposite the expo along the street and fairly easy to recognize with the banner outside their door.


We had the buffet, 777Baht per person. The first 10 sushi was omakase; subsequently, you can order sushi of your choice. It comes in a plate of 10 sushi and we had like near 40 sushi each. Yes, shocking and we left with a fully satisfied tummy. The sushi that we had were fresh and delicious. Lots of good reviews online especially from Japanese. Dear said they have other outlets, so do google to find out which is the nearest one to where you’re staying.

Went back to our Airbnb to rest. And yes, we skipped dinner due to a very heavy lunch. Really needed the rest after traveling to Bang Na and exploring their pet expo. It was definitely a pleasant experience and will definitely be back again in future for their pet expo.

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