We Had Covid!

Self ART Test – 9 Feb (Night)

First covid-19 ART self test

After dinner, we both head home with our new purchases from Decathlon, we arrived home with a piece of bad news. My father contracted covid from work. Being anxious as we’re about to have our long-awaited vacation on Royal Caribbean’s cruise to nowhere, we both did an ART test at home.

The wait for the results was faster than we thought, and I’m the lucky one to join my father. Dear’s results were negative but she decided to stay with me instead. And so, the self-isolation in our room starts.

Informing close contacts & cancel work appointments

The next step after self-isolation in our room, we had to inform our close contacts that we’d met the past few days. Of course, everyone panicked and did their own ART test. Thankfully, their tests all came back negative, however, I did tell them to monitor their health for the next few days.

Canceled all my upcoming work appointments and apologized for the last-minute changes. Thankful that my customers were understanding of my situation and all wished me a speedy recovery. Will contact them again when I’m better or after my 7 days of isolation to reschedule their fur kid’s appointments. They told me to take it as a break from work and I deserve the rest I needed.

Rescheduled Activities

Checked with Royal Caribbean and was told that we needed to at least recovered from covid 10 days before boarding. And so we had to cancel and wait to rebook our next trip.

For our fishing trip which we used our Rediscover voucher to book, Klook didn’t allow rescheduling, only cancellation, and no refund will be given. Since we’ve been looking forward to the trip, we decided to try our luck and contact the fishing organizer directly. Thankfully, they allowed us to reschedule after knowing and understanding our situation.

Eat, Sleep & Repeat

Self-isolation was just repeating eating and sleeping. For the first four days since I tested positive, I had been sleeping a lot. Only waking up for meals though I didn’t have much appetite. For Dear, she was monitoring her health as she was a close contact. Tested ourselves again after 72 hours from the first test, I was still positive while Dear got a negative result.

During my recovery, I was shivering but thankfully no fever. So I hid under my blanket, then I got warm and started to sweat. Since I was sick, I thought why not just sweat it all out. Maybe I could sweat out the covid. Despite being warm under the blanket, I decided to just get this over and done with to get myself to sweat out as much as I could. I did feel slightly better but not fully well.

I couldn’t remember which day was it, I got giddy in the morning after my toilet break. While I was resting on my bed, I got up quickly and rushed to the toilet. Yes, I vomited. Though nothing much came out since I haven’t eaten anything, somehow I felt even better. Curious, I went online to check, some covid patients do experience giddiness and vomiting.

Food panda & Online Shopping

Food delivery became our best friend during our quarantine period. We’ve lost count of how much we’ve spent on this platform. All we know was we’ve been ordering for almost every meal. Thankful for the wide variety of food available and the quick deliveries. Yes, no delays during our quarantine period. And I didn’t get all hangry at all.

We did some online shopping as well for coconut water, cooling water, and more covid-19 ART test kits. With all the technologies, online shopping is a blessing during this difficult time. I’m not sure how we would survive without online shopping.

Our Symptoms

We understand that symptoms vary from human to human. And here’s a breakdown of ours.

Skinny Bunny (Me): started without symptoms. But after I got tested positive, I felt lethargic the next day. Then came the runny nose and cough. Giddiness and vomited a few days after my first positive ART test result.

Fluffy Bunny (Dear): started without symptoms. But after she got tested positive, she had headaches. Then came the runny nose, lethargy, and cough.

If you have no symptoms but is close contact with a covid patient, it’s best to get yourself tested. No symptoms don’t mean you don’t have covid. You can be asymptomatic and are already infected.

Recovered, Tested Negative

Negative ART result on 9th day

My mum and Dear recovered much faster than me. Mum got tested negative on her 5th day. While Dear got tested negative on her 7th day. I have no idea when my dad was cleared of covid, but mine was on the 9th day.

But it’s ok. We decided to stay home despite being able to head out on the 7th day. It’s always good to play safe and stay home. Because we won’t know how infectious we will be. Finally, head out after being tested negative. It’s always good to be out for some fresh air.

Getting sick with covid isn’t a laughing matter. It’s not something we should celebrate. The recovery period can be very uncomfortable though we had mild symptoms. We’re glad that we’re able to self recover at home.

Post-covid Symptoms

We know of post-covid symptoms and we’re experiencing such as lethargy. I do feel a little breathless after a short walk, and I know it’s definitely not my asthma as the feeling is different.

Right after recovering covid, I head back to work and I realized I couldn’t do the same amount of physical work as before. I get easily tired physically and had to take a break in between dogs more than I usually would. Dear has been reminding me to take it slow and that someday we’ll get back our stamina and be back stronger. Read some articles about post-covid symptoms and it might linger around for months.

Whatever it is, I’m glad that we’ve recovered and are slowly getting back to our normal pre-covid health. Also thankful that we did take our covid jabs which helped in a way that the virus didn’t make us seriously ill.

Do take care. Health is more important than wealth.

Twix’s Hip Dislocate Recovery Journey

How it happened?

How Twix looks like when I got home

On 9 September 2020, my mum called to inform me that Twix had injured herself. Rushed home after my last appointment to see her lying on the bed and unable to greet me like she used to. My first instinct was to check her legs and there’s no visible wound. And so, I touched and give a light squeeze on her legs and she doesn’t seem to be in pain either. But she definitely can’t walk and she was soaked in pee. The bed she was lying on was soaked as well.

Called my mum to enquire what had happened. I was told Twix was trying to get her attention and was jumping on her hind legs as per usual. Suddenly she gave a loud yelped and refused to move thereafter. She even refused to have her breakfast.

Worried, I called up our regular vet to check if it’s OK for me to head down for an emergency check. Because I know she’s in pain somewhere but I have no idea where. Cleaned her up and we head down to the clinic.

Namly Animal Clinic

Twix’s x-ray

Address: 74 Namly Pl, Shamrock Park, Singapore 267223

Went to see Dr Ling who thankfully was on duty. After she checks Twix for any visible wound, she said it’s best to do an x-ray. The results came back to show that Twix had dislocated her right hip. After we’ve seen the x-ray, Dr Ling mentioned that she doesn’t specialise in Orthopaedic and would refer us to a specialist.

Checking with us where we stay, she recommended Dr Landon and Dr Dennis Choi. After consideration, Dear and I decided to go do Dr Dennis Choi. Firstly, we don’t have the budget to see Dr Landon although I’ve read many positive reviews of him. Secondly, Dr Dennis Choi is nearer for us and reviews of him were good as well.

We trust Dr Ling’s recommendation and she went ahead to get us an appointment. Thankful for her help and advise. We were given some pain killers for Twix to ease her pain. And was given instructions to fast her from food before the appointment with Dr Dennis Choi.

Appointment with Dr Dennis Choi

Dr Dennis Choi after reviewing Twix’s x-ray, he gave us a few treatment options and the risks that come with it.

  • Pop the dislocated hip back. No surgery required. But chances of the hip dislocate again is higher.
  • Putting a screw to hold the hip in place. Chances of dislocating are still there but lesser compared to popping the dislocated hip back to the original place.
  • FHO surgery. It is a surgery to remove the femoral head. Scar tissue will be formed and act as a “joint” to hold the hip in place. So there won’t be any chance of hip dislocate in the same area.
  • Hip replacement surgery. Not very common in dogs but the option is available. If we opt for this surgery, he needs to refer us to Dr Landon as he’s not familiar with this procedure.

We decided to go with FHO surgery after taking her lifestyle and activity level-wise at home. And so Twix got admitted to the hospital. Was told that we can pick her up the next day as they need to monitor her for a day.

After Surgery

After surgery and back home

The day Twix got discharged, we’ve been encouraging her to walk and utilize her leg. And we’ve decided to temporarily put Toby with Dear’s sister while Twix was still recovering. Which was about two to three weeks where we think it’s safe for the siblings to reunite. I’ve also rescheduled most of my appointments to spend time with Twix during her recovery period. I would say I’m a paranoid mother despite me always assuring my customers that their fur kids will be fine.

Daily night walk at the carpark due to rainy day.

Every morning, I would do some home physiotherapy exercises with Twix. This was before Dr Choi teaches me anything. I thought maybe doing a few walking movements might help.
Every night, we would bring her out for a short walk. Or maybe longer when we think she’s able to push her limit for the night. We would usually head home when we noticed she started to limp and not utilise the affected leg.

Reviews with Dr Choi

Last review with Dr Choi

After the surgery, there would definitely be a few follow up reviews with Dr Choi. The first review was to make sure the wounds are OK and to check on Twix and see how she’s doing. Subsequent reviews was to make sure that Twix is getting stronger, better and utilizing her legs.

Dr Choi taught me how to do some physiotherapy at home with Twix. The first set was to mimic the walking movement and some stretching. A few weeks later at another review, we were told that Twix is good to go climbing stairs as part of her physiotherapy exercises. And he encouraged us to get Twix to do the sit and stand exercise, dog version of squats.

All in all, we had three reviews with Dr Choi after the surgery. After the third review, he said Twix is doing better and there isn’t a need to see her anymore. We continued with daily night walks and home physiotherapy exercises and we’re glad with the progress Twix made. We were told many were still not utilising the leg after the surgery which led to weak muscles.

Really thankful for Dr Choi for performing the surgery for Twix and giving her the greatest care we could ever ask for. She recovered well and is back to walking on four legs.

If you’re interested where Dr Choi is, he’s at Mount Pleasant Gelenggang.

My First Vlog Experience

Making My first vlog

I’ve no idea why, out of the blue I decided to start a vlog. Without any topic or content in mind, I just went ahead and it just kept going. I ended up sharing what my day was like in the vlog as well as what’s on my mind.

With just my phone and the phone holder in the car, that’s how I start. Then I realized, I didn’t have any microphone when I recorded it and was afraid that I was too soft in the video. Thankfully, it’s still audible when I played the video while I was editing it at the end of the day.


I used the Inshot video editing application on my phone. To me, it’s a basic editing platform for a not very tech-savvy me. It’s simple and user-friendly in my opinion. Nothing complicated, so I’m good with it. Have been using it for a few years since the day I started exploring making videos for my work.

Most of my past videos were non-verbal and fast-forward to make a lengthy video short and get almost everything into a one-minute video for TikTok. So creating a vlog is a whole new experience for me as well as editing it.

It took me a while to finish the entire editing. I’ve tried keeping the video at its normal speed as well as a fast-forward one to see which would be better. I have no idea how long a vlog usually lasts, but a 45 minutes video seemed lengthy to me. But cutting out some parts totally doesn’t allow me to tell my story in full. After much contemplation, the final video up on youtube is what I’ve decided to have.

Due to the editing, I didn’t manage to post the video on the same day as the video was made. But I guess it’s OK, I’ll do better next time. At least I took the step forward out of my comfort zone to do something I probably never imagined that I would do.

Looking forward to second vlog

I’m looking forward to making a second vlog, but I’ve no content in mind yet. So it’s still on a hiatus. Wondering how those content creators can come up with content for their social media? Nevertheless, a second vlog is still on my mind and yes, it’ll be up to be shared when it’s ready.

So do stay tuned on our youtube channel if you’re keen to find out what’s my second vlog content will be.

[Review] My Experience With J&T Express As A Seller

Selling on shopee

I’ve tried selling on Shopee previously and gave up because I didn’t get any sales. Yes, I wasn’t patient enough to wait for someone to purchase something from my store. And with my limited products, I’m trying to compete with the other bigger players. Which I definitely lose out. Eventually, my store got taken down automatically because I didn’t log in for quite some time.

Then I decided to give it another try with my friend’s encouragement. She told me not to give up as it takes time for someone to purchase something from my store. She started from zero and now her Shopee store is doing well.

With the friend’s encouragement, I set up the store again. Adding products that I’ve already have on hand. Stumbled upon the shipping information and I had to ask my friend between Ninja Van and J&T Express. Although I did my research, both had equally bad reviews online, I asked which she would recommend since she had the experience for both courier services as a seller.

My first experience

So I’ve decided to choose J&T Express and set it as my preferred courier service on all my products. Then the waiting game for a buyer to purchase something on my store. It took about a month to received the notification from Shopee about a purchase being made.

Sharing my happiness with Dear and the friend who encouraged me, I went on to find a carton box to recycle and pack the order. Arranged for J&T Express to pick up the parcel at my place the next day. Dear helped me set up the printer we rarely use for me to print the shipping label. It was all so happy and exciting. I mean who wouldn’t be when there’s a first order coming in?

Woke up early on 10th September as I’ve arranged the parcel to be picked up for the time slot 9 am to 12 pm. Happily waiting while I had my morning coffee. And was thinking of having lunch after the parcel is being picked up.

12 pm went by and there’s no sign of J&T Express staff. So I thought maybe there’s a delay due to traffic. And I waited for another hour before contacting J&T Express directly.

Hi, pickup has been assigned for today. We have notified the pickup team to contact you on the ETA

J&T Express (on FB Messenger)

I was told the pickup team would contact me, but after another hour’s wait, there’s still no sign of J&T Express. I contacted them again yet there’s no reply back. It’s like they ghosted me.

It’s OK, so much for the service. The pickup guy came at about 3:30 pm. 3.5hours late without an apology or reason to explain to me how “early” he was. My first experience with a courier as a seller wasn’t pleasant. Thank you J&T Express for the awesome experience.

I think with all the wait and hassle that I had to go through, I think it would be much quicker if I deliver the parcel myself. Was told that the courier is very slow with delays but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. They have my contact number, why didn’t anyone contact me if they’re going to be late?

Also, what’s the point in allowing me to choose my preferred time slot according to my schedule for the team to pick up my parcel? If they can’t be punctual and adhere to the time slot that consumers like me chose, then what’s the point with the option? Your lateness has caused me inconvenience. I had to cancel my lunch appointment just to wait for your pickup team to arrive.

I hope the team will improve better. As sellers and buyers, we all trust you to take better care of the parcels that were entrusted to you to deliver. I will give you another chance but I won’t be having any more expectations after such a disappointment in my first experience.

Thankfully the receiver received the parcel. So all is good. Was waiting to check if the parcel had reached the receiver before I post this up on the blog. Maybe J&T Express is just slow, but I do hope they treat the parcels well instead of the kind of horrors we saw online.

Neighbourhood Shopping – Cheng San CC, AMK MRT, AMK St 31, Bishan AMK Park [15 June 2021]

Night Walk – Cheng San CC

Decided to have a walk after dinner and to explore the other part of Ang Mo Kio as part of our neighborhood shopping. Walked towards Cheng San Community Center to see if we like the area nearby. Apparently, we didn’t although Dear used to stay opposite Jing San Primary School.

Dear did some research previously, the houses around the primary school are relatively newer and over our budget. With just the pricing alone, we didn’t really consider the area although it’s near her mum’s place. But it’s definitely a nice place as it’s near hawker and walking distance towards MRT.

Ang Mo Kio MRT

We decided to continue walking towards Ang Mo Kio MRT after we passed by Cheng San CC. And we did discuss that if we’re OK with the noise level when the train passes by.

I guess for a start we won’t but eventually, we’ll get used to it like the residents staying near the tracks. But what can we dislike about it when that’s the major con of staying near an MRT station?

Being near the MRT station also does have other perks. Such as walking distance to AMK Hub, AMK Central, and the bus interchange. Everything is basically within reach if you want to. But of course, the housing prices around the area can be eerily scary.

Ang Mo Kio St 31

Explored Ang Mo Kio St 31 and apparently, we both seem to like the ambiance directly opposite AMK Hub. However, the ambiance a few blocks away seemed to be different. It’s puzzling although the places are within the same area they gave a very different vibe.

As we walk further, we realized there’s a Giant outlet which is something we both seemed to approve of. One of the criteria of house hunting for us is that there must be a supermarket within walking distance. Food-wise, we didn’t have to worry much as there are coffee shops and a hawker center within a few kilometers.

Bishan AMK Park

The Bishan AMK Park has two sides. The one that we visited previously, that side is nearer to Mayflower. The other side is near Ang Mo Kio St 31, which was where we head over from. It is also the side where the Dog Run is situated at.

I’m not sure about the opening hours of the Dog Run, but I read online that it’s 24 hours. It’s no wonder that there are a few dogs and their owners spending the time there at such a late hour. I’m guessing it’s more cooling to visit at night and a lesser crowd compared to during the day.

Walking in the park at night wasn’t that bad either except that the lighting wasn’t as bright as I thought it would. It’s quite relaxing with a lesser crowd and we get to enjoy some nice peace and quiet before heading home and calling it a day.

Neighbourhood Shopping – Ang Mo Kio/Mayflower [14 June 2021]

What’s neighbourhood shopping?

Neighborhood shopping is probably the term that only we use, which is to describe us wanting to explore the possible areas that we want our future home to be at. It is like shopping for clothes where we would visit many boutique shops before purchasing something we like. In this case, the neighborhood.

How neighbourhood shopping came about?

It started when Dear wasn’t sure if we will like the neighborhood when we move. So I suggested visiting the possible neighborhoods that we both like and are considering. And from there, we both called it neighborhood shopping. Not only do we want to like the house, but we also hope to like the neighborhood too since it’ll be our first home and we’re unsure how long we’ll be staying there.

Neighborhood shopping allows us to explore the places as well. It’s like allowing us to know what’s in the area such as coffee shops or small supermarkets. Who knows what we’ll find, maybe a hidden gem somewhere.

Ang Mo Kio Ave 10

Visited Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, near Teck Ghee Community Center after dropping off some food for my in-law’s friend. The atmosphere and feel were quite relaxing and peaceful despite the bustling shops around the area. It’s within walking distance to Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park. And I believe if you’re OK with it, you could even walk towards Bishan MRT or Bishan Junction 8 as part of your exercise regime.

After exploring the place, we took the park connector route right underneath the MRT track towards Jubilee’s direction. We planned to walk towards Mayflower after we run some personal errands. Quite like the walk under the MRT track and it got me thinking that it’ll be a nice place to walk the fur kids during rainy days. It’s sheltered and the distance is enough for small dogs to have their daily walk. And we could use the same sheltered walk to head over to the MRT station or to AMK Hub and bus interchange.


We strolled over to the Mayflower MRT area from Ang Mo Kio Central. It was a nice walk, we walked through a few different neighborhoods and experienced the vibe around. Dear get to reminisce some fond memories of hers during her secondary school days.

We both agreed that we like the Mayflower area. It has that silver zone vibe, peace, and quiet which is what we both like for a neighborhood. We didn’t like the crowded and noisy neighborhood that the younger areas gave us. Despite the slightly out of the way from Ang Mo Kio Central, with the Mayflower MRT that might be opening soon, it might be quite accessible in the near future.

Bishan AMK Park

The Mayflower area that Dear brought me to, it’s walking distance towards Bishan AMK Park. We walked towards it and enjoyed how nice and relaxing the park was. People minding their own business. Lots of dog owners strolling with their four-legged fur kids. It’s quite peaceful yet a little crowded that day.

We took a seat by the bench next to the pond. Watched some chickens walking around. And we both realized this is the kind of place we’re looking for to live in. We’re not sure if there are any flats available for sale next year, keeping our fingers crossed.

Heading Home

After a rest and drinking water to keep ourselves hydrated, we decided it’s time to head back home. But of course, I don’t have the energy to walk back and thus we waited for the bus at the nearby bus stop next to Mayflower MRT.

And yes, I got really hungry after we boarded the bus. Thankful that we didn’t walk back because I won’t know how we’ll manage it with my hungry tummy growling.

Got Bitten On The Nose

How it happened?

It happened in April when I was off to my last appointment for the day. I’ve groomed this poodle before and the day I got bitten was my second visit. On the first visit, he was such an angel allowing me to groom him. However, the second visit was a nightmare for me.

As usual, after I unpack my grooming equipment, I got ready to start grooming. Sadly, before I could even start, I got bitten on the nose just when I bend down to retrieve my small shaver. I’m not sure how bad the wound was, all I remember was to get some tissues near me to cover and add pressure to stop the bleeding. Everything happened too fast and sudden that I didn’t know what to do other than adding pressure and hoping the wound isn’t bad.

A trip to the clinic

After the owner came back into the room, I told her I needed a while as I got bitten by her poodle, she asked me to head down to the clinic at the void deck. She said the wound looks bad. She can’t accompany me as she had a newborn at home, so I made my way down alone.

While on the way, I was still adding pressure to the wound. As I couldn’t wear my mask on (a mandatory rule due to covid-19), I was hoping that I wouldn’t get caught and be issued a fine. I had a valid reason for not wearing my mask, that’s what I thought.

When I entered the clinic, the receptionist helped me with registration. They thought I had a nose bleed as I was pinching my nose with tissues. I told them no, I got bitten by a tiny dog. Upon hearing that, I got ushered into the doctor’s room to seek treatment. Skipping the queue as they deem it as an emergency.

The doctor helped to clean up my wound and I was told the bite pierced through the nose. My nostril was bleeding on the inside too. Got given a tetanus jab because the last I took was quite some time ago. He mentioned that the tetanus jab can last about 5 years. Despite my fear of needles, I went through with it because I was told it might help prevent or reduce any inflammation or infection. And it’s part of the treatment to receive the jab I guess.

Had a brief chat with the doctor while he attends to my wound. He was the first person to believe me that the small dogs are usually the most aggressive ones compared to the bigger dogs. Though if a large breed were to bite, the injury definitely will be much worse.

Self-declare medical leave

After my visit to the clinic, I head back to the customer’s house to retrieve my stuff and call it a day. We rescheduled the appointment thinking it could be a one-off incident because he wasn’t aggressive before. The owner reimbursed me the medical fee and I could feel that she’s sincerely sorry about what had happened.

I canceled the week’s appointment because I wanted to let the wound heal. And also wearing a mask over the wound hurts badly. Dear came back early from work to check on me. Felt so loved and cared for.

Felt the pain kicking in after all the shock and adrenaline was gone. It’s bearable thus I didn’t take the pain killer that the doctor prescribed. I tend to my wound with care because I didn’t want it to leave a horrible scar and also its pain when applying the cream. Thankfully, it healed well with slight scarring. Not obvious unless you take a closer look at it.

Newborn baby, maybe?

I don’t blame the dog for acting the way he was. My guess could be the owner’s newborn baby who just got home from the hospital after about seven months in the NICU due to being born prematurely. With all the medical machines and a newborn, I’m guessing the dog felt neglected, in need of attention, and had slight changes in the environment he was used to, thus he attacked me unexpectedly. It could also be an act of jealousy.

It’s just my guess, I don’t know the actual cause of his sudden aggressive behavior. But I read up and heard a few stories of how the dog/cat’s behavior changed when a newborn arrived in the family. Yes, even though the parents may have done everything to introduce the baby to the pets, it doesn’t mean the dog/cat won’t act all crazy.

I’m just lucky I guess.

I’m Skinny, and I’m Unhealthy

Don’t envy my scrawny outlook

Many envied me for being skinny and they wished they were as slim as me. I wished they would stop commenting and envy how skinny I am no matter how much I eat. For the record, I’m unhealthy despite having a slim body.

My wife and I had to explain many times that I’m actually unhealthy and I have skinny fats hidden inside that small body frame of mine. Nobody in our circle of friends knew what skinny fats are or even heard of the term. To be honest, I didn’t know about it too. I got to know of it when I came across an article about it on Channel News Asia’s Facebook page.

Skinny Fats and Why It’s Deadly

How to Reduce Visceral Fat [And What NOT to Do to Shrink Your Belly]
side-by-side comparison shows how tightly packed the abdominal cavity can become with visceral fat Image from makeyourbodywork.com

The medical term for skinny fats is metabolically obese. Yes, I’m obese on the inside where unhealthy fats are surrounding my organs. I may look normal on the outside, but actually, I might have a slew of healthy issues beneath me.

I have a low muscle mass and my fat percentage is quite high, which I’m aware of after visiting ActiveSG Lab. They have this machine to measure your weight, height, muscle mass, fat percentage etc. I think it’s good for those who wish to know more about their body and what they could do to improve their health.

Health issues that people like me may face if we continue our unhealthy lifestyle are diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke or even Alzheimer and cancer. We may have vitamin deficiencies too which can lead to fatigue or low concentrations levels.

Are you skinny fat?

As I was researching about skinny fats and what I should do to get back to being healthy, I came across this list on shape.com website:

  • Haven’t been lifting weights since years ago.
  • Experience constant “sugar crash” or “brain fog”, such as fatigue, low energy, or difficulty in focusing, memory or concentration.
  • Pass on protein-packed food.
  • Belly is bigger than the rest of the body.
  • Diet consists of excess carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, sugar or processed food.
  • Feel light-headed after mild exercise.

I identify with most of what’s listed above and I can say it’s not something I’m proud of. I didn’t know I was this unhealthy and am glad that I came across an article about this topic a few years ago. It’s like a wake-up call to me that I need to get back and be healthy.

How am I affected? And what I did to get healthy?

Every time when I looked in the mirror or look down at my belly, I feel fat. Yes, skinny people like me do feel fat but I’ve my reason. I have a bulging tummy which nobody knows because it’s hidden beneath my clothes. That bulging tummy is a sign of skinny fats.

Before I started to get healthy, I’m always feeling tired. I’ve no mood for anything and basically, I need my afternoon naps. The words, food coma, that my friends have been using, I experienced that too. Being born weak with health issues when I was younger, my unhealthy lifestyle during adulthood isn’t helping much. After graduating from secondary school, I haven’t been exercising. Eating whatever I feel like having was also part of the contributing factor to me being skinny fat.

I’ve experienced pains to my knees. I thought taking glucosamine would help. It did but not much. Occasionally, my arms would be in pain too whenever I lifted them up. I live with these for years and thought it was normal and part of ageing. The biggest wake up call that I needed to do something was when I experienced sharp pain on my back. Thinking it could be due to work. And I didn’t want to end up like my sister who is now suffering from back pain and had to visit specialist to sought help.

I decided to get rid of my unhealthy lifestyle in year 2019. I’ve changed my diet, eliminating carbohydrates such as rice and noodle. My meals mainly consist of proteins, fruits and vegetables. I’ve also cut down on desserts and sugary drinks. Now I’m taking my coffee and tea without sugar which most of my friends thinks I’m crazy.

Year 2019 was also the year I started bullet journaling. And I decided to do a exercise challenge on a monthly basis with different exercise planned for each day of the month. I started small, example a 10 sit up for the start. It’s because I haven’t been exercising and I didn’t want to strain and push myself till I got myself injured. Each day I try to complete the challenge. I did increase the number of sets I had to do as I get the momentum of exercising.

Changes I noticed in myself

I’ve lost some weight but was told I looked healthier. I’m no longer taking afternoon naps. I no longer feel lethargic instead I’m much more alert. Concentration level while driving and at work got better too. Realized my bulging tummy got smaller too which was what I’m aiming for. This means my body fat percentage is gradually heading towards the healthy range.

The pain and aches that I’ve been feeling previously were gone. I can’t remember when was the last time I felt the sharp pain in my back or that my knees giving me the aches. I am no longer taking glucosamine to help with my joint issues.

I’ve found out that I’m lactose and gluten intolerant after my change of diet. Despite me being lactose intolerant, I do enjoy ice cream at a controlled amount. Not too much to avoid tummyache and many visits to the toilet.

My advice to everyone, always listen to your body. Some signs are an indicator to certain problems or illnesses that you need to address. Don’t ignore them like how I ignored my skinny fats issue. Health is important, don’t neglect some self love.

[Review] Experience at Mount Pleasant Gelenggang

Before Our Visit

At Namly Animal Clinic

After Twix had her x-ray at Namly Animal Clinic with Dr Ling, we were told she doesn’t do orthopaedic surgery and had to refer us to a specialist. She mentioned that there’s two specialist she would recommend us. Dr Landon and Dr Dennis Choi.

As I know who Dr Landon is as I spent most of my time scrolling on Facebook, his name was mentioned a lot in the Poodle Club Facebook group. It was mentioned that his fee can be expensive.

Due to budget, we opted for Dr. Dennis Choi who is based at Mount Pleasant Gelenggang. We’ve read a lot of bad experience with Mount Pleasant, but we decided to trust Dr Ling in recommending us the best veterinarian for Twix’s condition.

First Visit

At Mount Pleasant Gelenggang

Dear drove while I carried Twix in my arm during the journey. Upon arrival, we entered to find it quite crowded yet social distancing were adhered to due to covid-19 measures. As I stood looking lost because no vet technicians were available for me to approach at the reception desk. No one greeted me or asked me to wait while they finish with their task. Some were even seen chit-chatting casually among themselves.

So we managed to register after a good 5 minutes of waiting, we were told that only one owner is allowed in the premises although we noticed that some fur kid do have more than a owner around. But thankful to Dr Choi who allowed Dear to enter the room because I can’t decide on which treatment would be suitable for Twix. His kind understanding did help in our decision making and taking the stress off me.

Second Visit – Twix’s Discharge Day

Arrived at the clinic after work to pick Twix up. The reception’s vet technician called up to request for Twix’s discharge twice because we waited but no Twix walk out the door. Although it was about 30 minutes to get Twix discharged, not sure why the hospitalization room took so long to bring the daughter out to us.

Instructions of aftercare and medication were given to us clearly. Which I am satisfied with as I had a friend who told me nobody told her anything about after surgery care. And yes, she went to the same Mount Pleasant clinic as us.

Stitch Removal

Before & After Stitch Removal

When it’s time for Twix to remove the stitches, which I was told I don’t have to make an appointment and there’s no cost for the removal, I made time for it.

Took her to the clinic myself and was ushered into a room where a group of vet technicians was standing around as though they were waiting for our arrival. It was a quick procedure. Fuss and pain-free. Could see how comfortable Twix was.

However, there’s one vet technician who wasn’t friendly at all and insists that I head to the counter to check if I need to make payment for the stitch removal. Although I didn’t like the way she said it, I made my way there to check with the receptionist. Thankfully, no payment needed and we get to go home.


The first review we had was a week after the surgery. Then another a month later. I would say the services rendered were much better than our first visit. Not sure what’s going on there or that it’s quite normal for a corporate kind of veterinary clinic.

From registering to seeing Dr. Choi to making payment, everything was a breeze and much better compared to our first visit. I would say, definitely there’s an improvement.

Skinny Bunny’s Thought

Many negative reviews about Mount Pleasant, but I’m thankful that our overall visits were pleasant. I guess, it depends on individuals and what’s your expectations are. For us, our main concerns was to get Twix treated by one of the best veterinarian in Singapore. As long as she recovers well with no complications and comfortable with the doctors and nurses there, I’m OK.

Do give Mount Pleasant a chance to prove themselves worthy if you have not visited the clinic before. I’m sure there is some nice and good staff there. Let’s not penalize them just for a few bad feedbacks online. (Maybe I’ll get flamed for trying to put good words for Mount Pleasant. Haha…) But honestly, everywhere will definitely have some bad apples around that tarnish the company’s reputation. Don’t let these bad ones deter you away from good veterinarians in the clinic.

Circuit Breaker Exit Phase 1

Work Frustration

It was a sigh of relief when the government announced that we will be exiting the circuit breaker phase by phase. I was waiting anxiously to see if pet grooming will be able to reopen for business. The joy that I had when I got to know that pet groomers can head back to work. My phone kept buzzing with incoming texts from anxious owners trying to get a slot for their fur kid’s grooming.

Of course I’m happy being able to head back to work. But the next update among the groomers were that home grooming isn’t allowed to operate. I felt as though my world had collapsed. Millions of questions running through my tiny brain. I decided not to reply customers for the time being as I needed to stay calm and work this out. I need to find a solution in order to work and start earning some income.

Contacting Nparks & MTI

My grooming instructor said we could contact the authorities for more information or to appeal. So I wrote in to both Nparks and MTI hoping one will reply me as soon as possible.

MTI replied first with a generic email. So I continued to wait for Npark’s reply in the hope that there’s more information before I could give my customers an answer. To be honest, it was a long wait.

Working From Home

I’ve decided to bring home the fur kids to groom instead. At least, I’m not violating any no visit rules. Pick up and drop off is allowed. So technically, I’m following the circuit breaker rules.

I had to text all the customers about the changes. And instead of complaints, I got a bunch of understanding customers. Very thankful that they go with the flow and changes that I had to make.

As I offered pet transport, I had to turned the car into a more comfortable ride for the fur kids. Putting down the back seats and covering it with our camping waterproof mat. Added a dog pillow for the fur kids to lie down too if they want during the ride.

Sometimes, I’m quite amazed at what I could actually do in time of crisis. Had to self praise myself once in a while I guess. *proud moment*