Happy Birthday to Me (21 Feb 2020)

How I wish To Celebrate My Birthday

Decided to visit Disney Magic of Animation Exhibition on my birthday. And have been waiting ever since I got to know of its existence in Singapore. As a Disney fan, particularly bias towards Mickey Mouse, it is a must-visit for me.

Due to the Covid-19, we had to see how bad the situation gets. Thankfully, the number of cases in Singapore per day have been decreasing. And the number of recoveries has been increasing. So despite the virus going on, we decided to go ahead. To reduce our contact with the crowd as much as we could, I made the decision that we drive out towards the Art Science Museum.

Tips: Parking at Marina Bay Sands is expensive. You may park at Gardens by the Bay if you would like a cheaper alternative.

Disney Magic of Animation Exhibition

Where: Art Science Museum
When: 26 Oct 2019 to 29 Mar 2020

We paid via Standard Chartered credit card, on top of the 15% discount, we were given a Simba Funko Pop. It’s while stock last and thankfully we’re lucky enough to get our hands on it.

Entering the exhibition is like going back through time. I got to learn how Disney started and got to where they are now. It’s amazing to learn so much such as them studying animals’ movement for the movie, Bambi. It really takes a lot of time and effort to perfect an animation from start to finish.

At the end of the exhibition, we were greeted by a small section of merchandise. So much to choose! Wanted a tee, but it’s difficult to find my size. Adult sizes are too big. Kids sizes are just right but the length of the shirt is too short. After browsing the entire collection, I decided I would want a bowl. Despite the hefty price tag, Dear said it’s OK to get since I like it a lot.

My Birthday Thoughts

As I got older, celebrating my birthday has become more of wanting to spend it with my love ones. No big birthday bash, no fancy restaurants. A simple meal and doing what we like has become what I’d prefer now.

Maybe I am beginning to see that spending time with love ones are important thus my priority now. It’s like what many said, you won’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Cherish the people around us before it’s too late.

I am happy now and hope it will stay this way.