Melbourne – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (29 Sept 2019)

Queen Victoria Market

Address: Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Headed to Queen Victoria Market for grocery shopping in the morning. Dear planned to get some ingredients to cook us a meal since we have a kitchen that we can use at the apartment.

Upon entering the building, it is like Singapore’s version of a wet market but with air conditioning. There is a wide variety of seafood and meats. We were spoilt for choices. We decided to continue exploring the market while we think of what to cook for dinner. As we walked further, we arrived in the pastry section. Lots of bread and pastries as well as some shops selling cheese. The vegetables and fruits are in the outdoor section. And Dear bought a bag of tiny avocados at AUD$2. Each avocado is around my palm size. Quite cute I would say compared to the ones we usually bought back at home.

Queen Victoria Market is a large place. Bigger than I expected as there is another section where they sell clothes, accessories and souvenirs etc.

Did a tag for Twix at AUD$15. Price is inclusive of engraving. There’s an additional AUD$5 if you would like to add another phone number to the tag. Always wanted to get her one but it is expensive in Singapore. Finally got one, although it isn’t cheap, the price was reasonable.

Cafe Victoria

Decided to dine at one of the cafe nearby for brunch. After seeing a few different cafe menus, I chose Cafe Victoria. Mainly because it’s wallet-friendly and it’s not crowded.

Ordered a cup of latte for me and Dear tried their flat white. We were asked if we would like it in a cup or mug. We weren’t sure what that meant and we asked what’s the difference. Apparently, it’s the size of the drink. Cup is small size while the mug is the bigger size. We both ordered our coffee the cup size because we weren’t sure if we’re able to finish if we were to get the mug size.

It’s our first cup of coffee in Australia. According to my research, Melbourne is filled with cafe and they do have really nice coffee if you know where to go. Quite amazed at the taste. It’s rich and roast-y, amazingly refreshed.

Food-wise, I ordered a big breakfast as the description made it sound so yummy. To my surprise, it really was a big breakfast. I gave all my bacon to Dear as I’m not a fan of it. Don’t really enjoy if my food is too salty and bacon happened to fall under that category.

Dear ordered her all-time favourite, egg Benedict. She seemed to enjoy it and according to her, the portion was just right.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

One of the highlight of the trip, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter and after knowing that they will be playing in Melbourne during our trip, I told Dear that I want to go. We bought the tickets a little late, we ended up sitting separately. Although it was a restricted view, we managed to get the first few front rows and at a cheaper price!

We watched both part 1 and 2 on the same day at Princess Theatre which I got to know it’s walking distance from where we stayed. So we literally walked home after part 1, cooked and had dinner before walking back in the evening for part 2.

So I have been waiting to get my hands on the Ravenclaw house scarf to complete my collection. And was hoping that the price would be reasonable and not ridiculously expensive. During the break for Part 1, we headed to the merchandise store immediately. Thankfully, the scarf was within the budget that I’ve set. And yes, finally I am able to complete my house scarf collection.

I will be writing up a review on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in another post do keep a lookout.