Preparing For New Pawmily Members

Out of the blue, we asked my ex-customer if there were any kittens up for adoption as we would like to add a new pawmily member when she visited us for emergency help after rescuing Oogway. And lucky us, there are two ginger boys looking for a forever home! Scheduled a meetup before we decide as we don’t want to promise anything without seeing them. Initially, we wanted to adopt one, but was told it’s good to adopt as a pair especially when we do not have cats at home and it’ll be easier for first time cat owners like us.

Kittens teach each other how to behave when playing and interacting. They let each other know when biting, nipping or gnawing is too aggressive, and they learn to establish boundaries. Kittens also learn cat skills like using the litter box and grooming by watching each other.

We said yes to adopting both the ginger boys and preparation to welcome them home starts immediately. Lots of things to do and the first one was to do some measuring. One of the adoption criteria was to mesh up our windows and gate, which we will DIY ourselves.

Ordered everything from Taobao except their food of course. Choosing the cat tower that we both like and some wall mounts for the kittens. Yes, we went all out to get all these necessary things though we were told cats might not even use them after we placed our orders. It’s a little late but it’s OK.

Dear researched raw diets and cat litter while I did nothing and just waited for the kittens’ arrival. Yes, I’m that useless. There’s a lot to learn since we’re first-time cat owners and we went all out asking for advice and getting the necessary things. But what surprised us was the fosterer’s sudden call to say the kittens must come home immediately because another cat needs foster care. So we scrambled to purchase some canned food for the time being. We even went to collect giveaway litter box and some scratching post as temporary items before ours arrives. Everything was chaotic a few days before our kittens’ arrival. We were both excited and scared that we’re not fully prepared with the necessary items.

But yes, we managed to get the basic items and we’ve turned our study room into kittengarten for the time being. Stay tuned for the next few posts when they arrived. Might be updating more and abruptly ending this post because they arrived earlier than expected.