Discovered Tiktok


I knew about TikTok a few months ago when it started to boom all over the internet. I wasn’t sure if I should jump onto the bandwagon as well. Mainly for work because I do not want to be left behind in regards to technology. It’s a fast-paced world right now, and being left behind can be scary while your competitors are far ahead of you. And at a time like this, we need to keep up and change in order to survive during the pandemic.

I was curious and went to Google it for more information. It’s a social media solely for videos in case some of my readers have no idea what it does. However, according to my findings, TikTok’s users are the majority of youngsters. So if you’re intending to use it for business and your target audiences are the younger generations, this is where you should be lurking at.

What i Discovered

Finally downloaded the app after much hesitation. Created an account for both ourfamilee and my work. Wanted to have at least a personal account to scroll through pet videos or random stuff.

Before I follow any tiktokers, my feed was flooded with videos. There are some cute challenges that aren’t harmful. But the majority, in my opinion, are trying to hard to get attention. However, there are some videos providing information and knowledge.

For example, I’m following a veterinarian who is on Tiktok. He’s using this platform to educate pet owners about pet’s health. There’s also a couple who are traveling on a van and making it their home. It’s like documenting short videos of their adventures which are interesting to me.

Short Video

Tiktok is a place where you post short videos up to a minute long. It’s a place to showcase your talent in terms of content and creativity in that short time frame. Quite challenging actually.

Have been trying it out and I must say it’s not easy putting every information into a minute-long video. So far our Tiktok videos that received the most views are food-related. I thought it would be our fur kids, but I was wrong.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to try this out. And it’s a major milestone for me making this scary step. I’ve no idea how Tiktok will help in my business but there’s no harm to actually try it.

Hopefully, I’ll improve as time goes by. And yes, this is how I get through the second month of the circuit breaker.