We Had Covid!

Self ART Test – 9 Feb (Night)

First covid-19 ART self test

After dinner, we both head home with our new purchases from Decathlon, we arrived home with a piece of bad news. My father contracted covid from work. Being anxious as we’re about to have our long-awaited vacation on Royal Caribbean’s cruise to nowhere, we both did an ART test at home.

The wait for the results was faster than we thought, and I’m the lucky one to join my father. Dear’s results were negative but she decided to stay with me instead. And so, the self-isolation in our room starts.

Informing close contacts & cancel work appointments

The next step after self-isolation in our room, we had to inform our close contacts that we’d met the past few days. Of course, everyone panicked and did their own ART test. Thankfully, their tests all came back negative, however, I did tell them to monitor their health for the next few days.

Canceled all my upcoming work appointments and apologized for the last-minute changes. Thankful that my customers were understanding of my situation and all wished me a speedy recovery. Will contact them again when I’m better or after my 7 days of isolation to reschedule their fur kid’s appointments. They told me to take it as a break from work and I deserve the rest I needed.

Rescheduled Activities

Checked with Royal Caribbean and was told that we needed to at least recovered from covid 10 days before boarding. And so we had to cancel and wait to rebook our next trip.

For our fishing trip which we used our Rediscover voucher to book, Klook didn’t allow rescheduling, only cancellation, and no refund will be given. Since we’ve been looking forward to the trip, we decided to try our luck and contact the fishing organizer directly. Thankfully, they allowed us to reschedule after knowing and understanding our situation.

Eat, Sleep & Repeat

Self-isolation was just repeating eating and sleeping. For the first four days since I tested positive, I had been sleeping a lot. Only waking up for meals though I didn’t have much appetite. For Dear, she was monitoring her health as she was a close contact. Tested ourselves again after 72 hours from the first test, I was still positive while Dear got a negative result.

During my recovery, I was shivering but thankfully no fever. So I hid under my blanket, then I got warm and started to sweat. Since I was sick, I thought why not just sweat it all out. Maybe I could sweat out the covid. Despite being warm under the blanket, I decided to just get this over and done with to get myself to sweat out as much as I could. I did feel slightly better but not fully well.

I couldn’t remember which day was it, I got giddy in the morning after my toilet break. While I was resting on my bed, I got up quickly and rushed to the toilet. Yes, I vomited. Though nothing much came out since I haven’t eaten anything, somehow I felt even better. Curious, I went online to check, some covid patients do experience giddiness and vomiting.

Food panda & Online Shopping

Food delivery became our best friend during our quarantine period. We’ve lost count of how much we’ve spent on this platform. All we know was we’ve been ordering for almost every meal. Thankful for the wide variety of food available and the quick deliveries. Yes, no delays during our quarantine period. And I didn’t get all hangry at all.

We did some online shopping as well for coconut water, cooling water, and more covid-19 ART test kits. With all the technologies, online shopping is a blessing during this difficult time. I’m not sure how we would survive without online shopping.

Our Symptoms

We understand that symptoms vary from human to human. And here’s a breakdown of ours.

Skinny Bunny (Me): started without symptoms. But after I got tested positive, I felt lethargic the next day. Then came the runny nose and cough. Giddiness and vomited a few days after my first positive ART test result.

Fluffy Bunny (Dear): started without symptoms. But after she got tested positive, she had headaches. Then came the runny nose, lethargy, and cough.

If you have no symptoms but is close contact with a covid patient, it’s best to get yourself tested. No symptoms don’t mean you don’t have covid. You can be asymptomatic and are already infected.

Recovered, Tested Negative

Negative ART result on 9th day

My mum and Dear recovered much faster than me. Mum got tested negative on her 5th day. While Dear got tested negative on her 7th day. I have no idea when my dad was cleared of covid, but mine was on the 9th day.

But it’s ok. We decided to stay home despite being able to head out on the 7th day. It’s always good to play safe and stay home. Because we won’t know how infectious we will be. Finally, head out after being tested negative. It’s always good to be out for some fresh air.

Getting sick with covid isn’t a laughing matter. It’s not something we should celebrate. The recovery period can be very uncomfortable though we had mild symptoms. We’re glad that we’re able to self recover at home.

Post-covid Symptoms

We know of post-covid symptoms and we’re experiencing such as lethargy. I do feel a little breathless after a short walk, and I know it’s definitely not my asthma as the feeling is different.

Right after recovering covid, I head back to work and I realized I couldn’t do the same amount of physical work as before. I get easily tired physically and had to take a break in between dogs more than I usually would. Dear has been reminding me to take it slow and that someday we’ll get back our stamina and be back stronger. Read some articles about post-covid symptoms and it might linger around for months.

Whatever it is, I’m glad that we’ve recovered and are slowly getting back to our normal pre-covid health. Also thankful that we did take our covid jabs which helped in a way that the virus didn’t make us seriously ill.

Do take care. Health is more important than wealth.