Melbourne – Arrival (28 Sept 2019)

Singapore to Australia, Melbourne

Have been looking forward to this trip when we bought our flight tickets last year. It’s my first trip to Australia and the first English speaking country that I visited. Stepping into Singapore Changi Airport means that our trip has finally begun.

It was a 7-hour direct flight and all I could remember was I slept most of the time. Only stood up once to move my legs was when I needed to use the toilet.

Thankful that the flight towards Melbourne was a peaceful journey and the seat next to me was empty. Which means we get more space to put our stuff during mealtime.

Arrival at Melbourne

We arrived at Melbourne’s airport at around 8 pm, their local time. The time in Australia is around 3 hours faster than Singapore’s which means it was around 5 pm back home when we arrived.

Upon arrival, we were pleased to know that our passport can be used at their electronic machine for immigration clearance which they called it the e-passport. It was a fast and hassle-free experience and I’m pretty impressed. It was like a good start for my trip to Australia. The only downside upon arrival was the long wait for our luggage.

So, Fluffy Bunny was the one who planned all our itinerary and the one who did research for most of the routes such as how to get there. I am basically of no help at all other than researching on places of interest that I would want to go or that both of us might be interested in.

We took the Skybus from the airport towards Southern Cross Station. As my Australia’s sim card takes about 24hour to fully activate before I could use, I tried the wifi provided on the Skybus. It didn’t manage to connect and even when it was connected, the data speed was slow in my opinion.

We bought two sim cards, Telstra and Optus. As we will be on a road trip, getting two different company’s sim cards will be a better option in case one doesn’t have any connection. And thankfully we did, as Telstra takes longer time to be activated and we didn’t know till we register it online.

Tips: When traveling in pairs or groups, it’s always good to purchase different company’s sim cards. When one doesn’t seem to connect well, you may tether the data to one another in order to stay connected to the internet.

It took us quite a long while to figure out how to purchase their myki card through the machine. We couldn’t find someone to ask and their customer service counter was already closed. So we had to press each option to see what it meant before we manage to purchase a card each.

Their myki card can be used only in Melbourne and for all type of transportation within that city. So remember to tap before and after boarding to pay for your transport fare.

business apartment in the CBD

We will be staying at an apartment in the CBD area for two nights. Upon entering the building, we were greeted by a very nice cute interesting buttons in the lift. It took me a while to realise that pressing the button once is enough. Pressing it again twice in a row will reset everything and the lift wouldn’t move to the level you wanted.

You may check out this place where we booked through Agoda here.

When we arrived in Melbourne, it was around 8 degrees. A pretty cold night and the only downside staying in this apartment is that the heater provided is very small. It doesn’t warm up the entire apartment, let alone around the bed area. We had to wear our jackets to wrap ourselves up to stay warm. Other than that, it’s a nice cosy place to stay at, as long as not during the winter.

Dinner from 7-Eleven

I have been hearing from friends who had been to Australia, that the shops close as early as 5 pm. Thus, it can be difficult to find dinner if we don’t have an early meal. Unless you get some ingredients at the supermarket and cook a meal yourself. Provided you stay in an apartment that has a kitchen for you to use.

Since we landed late and after checking into our apartment, it was already past 9 pm. There were bars and pubs around our apartment that was still opened, but what we needed was a proper dinner. Unable to find a restaurant that’s open at that timing, we visited 7-Eleven instead.

Got ourselves instant noodles and a packet of microwavable spaghetti. It wasn’t a proper meal, but at least we get to fill up our tummy and rest for the night. Also bought a Krispy Kreme doughnut as my dessert for the day. It wasn’t cheap, but I just had the craving for something sweet that night.

Travelling can be tiring and we were exhausted after a long flight. Finally, we get to rest before we start exploring and see what Melbourne has to offer.