Bangkok – A Trip To BKK’s Ikea (9 September 2022)

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Took the BTS and alighted at Udomsuk station. We’re here to take the shuttle bus to Mega Bangna. The bus stop for the shuttle bus is located right outside Lawson convenience store, pretty easy to locate. I thought it would be nearby the BTS station but I was wrong. It was quite a distance away and thankfully there’s shuttle bus service.

We followed the crowd and entered Mega Bangna which is a very large shopping mall that consists of many stores and restaurants. When we entered, we saw Big C supermarket and decided to explore it first since we weren’t hungry yet. There I found the Mickey Mouse air freshener that I wanted. After we checked out, we realized that they’ve charged us the wrong price for the air freshener. Head over to their customer service and thankfully despite our language barrier, they understood us and gave us the difference refund.

After shopping at Big C, we head off towards Ikea. As we were finding our way into the huge mall, we came across Miniso. Went in and saw a Mickey Mouse travel pillow. It was tempting to get but I decided not to purchase it as the chances of using it are low and we don’t travel enough to invest in one. It was a large mall and we took quite some time to reach Ikea from Big C. It’s literally walking from one end to the other.

Lunch at Ikea

The Ikea consists of 2 levels and we went straight to their restaurant because we were hungry. I got ambitious and ordered pork knuckles and a few other sides. And yes, I couldn’t finish because the pork knuckle was huge for my little tummy. The bistro offers more variety of snacks. They have more variety of ice cream and waffles too.

We booked a Grab to get back to our Airbnb. We waited at the wrong place, but thankfully our driver came over to where we were. Got back, unload our stuff, and rest before we head out again.

Booked a Grab and headed out to Train Market Srinagarindra. We input the wrong address, but thankfully we’re able to make the change while in the car. And yes, we managed to get to the right location after a mini hooha during the journey. It’s a very local night market, not many tourists in my opinion. But it’s definitely an interesting night market with all the vintage vehicles around on display.

Stall selling Marijuana

When we entered the night market, we happened to come across a small stall by the side selling marijuana. There’s potted marijuana. They even sell them like cigarettes. Yes, we went forward to have a look because of curiosity. The price of a stick of weed is shockingly expensive.😱 But it’s a nice experience to have a look at how the locals here sell weeds.


Saw a stall selling some old-school snacks/tidbits and Dear decided to get some. I didn’t get any as those snacks/tidbits don’t look familiar to me. We got hungry after some shopping, we decided to stop at a Muslim stall for some food. The fried rice was yummy. Despite our language barrier, we’re thankful there’s a picture for us to point to and order our dinner. Dinner was yummy and we enjoyed it.

We decided to rest for the night and booked a Grab back to our accommodation. On the way back, our driver asked if we put on our seat belts as there was a police check in front. Yes, we did of course. Ever since we had an unpleasant car ride driven by a family member, we’ve decided that even as passengers, we must have our seat belts on for our safety. As we practice this, it became a habit. Yes, safety comes first.