My First Vlog Experience

Making My first vlog

I’ve no idea why, out of the blue I decided to start a vlog. Without any topic or content in mind, I just went ahead and it just kept going. I ended up sharing what my day was like in the vlog as well as what’s on my mind.

With just my phone and the phone holder in the car, that’s how I start. Then I realized, I didn’t have any microphone when I recorded it and was afraid that I was too soft in the video. Thankfully, it’s still audible when I played the video while I was editing it at the end of the day.


I used the Inshot video editing application on my phone. To me, it’s a basic editing platform for a not very tech-savvy me. It’s simple and user-friendly in my opinion. Nothing complicated, so I’m good with it. Have been using it for a few years since the day I started exploring making videos for my work.

Most of my past videos were non-verbal and fast-forward to make a lengthy video short and get almost everything into a one-minute video for TikTok. So creating a vlog is a whole new experience for me as well as editing it.

It took me a while to finish the entire editing. I’ve tried keeping the video at its normal speed as well as a fast-forward one to see which would be better. I have no idea how long a vlog usually lasts, but a 45 minutes video seemed lengthy to me. But cutting out some parts totally doesn’t allow me to tell my story in full. After much contemplation, the final video up on youtube is what I’ve decided to have.

Due to the editing, I didn’t manage to post the video on the same day as the video was made. But I guess it’s OK, I’ll do better next time. At least I took the step forward out of my comfort zone to do something I probably never imagined that I would do.

Looking forward to second vlog

I’m looking forward to making a second vlog, but I’ve no content in mind yet. So it’s still on a hiatus. Wondering how those content creators can come up with content for their social media? Nevertheless, a second vlog is still on my mind and yes, it’ll be up to be shared when it’s ready.

So do stay tuned on our youtube channel if you’re keen to find out what’s my second vlog content will be.