Inspector Gadget (1999)

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Inspector Gadget

Jonathan Brown (Matthew Broderick) a security guard dreamt of helping people by being a police officer. However, due to an accident, he was injured and woke up finding himself being totally different than before.

Brenda (Joely Fisher) whose father got killed after an attack to their lab decided to finish what her father had started. She chose Brown to be first test subject for a gadget program due to his devotion in finding her father’s murderer.

Both unknowingly got into an adventure together with Jonathan’s niece, Penny (Michelle Trachtenberg), her dog Brain and the Gadgetmobile.

My Reviews

I remembered watching Inspector Gadget cartoon version on TV when I was young. I didn’t even know that there’s a movie of this cartoon series that I’ve been watching. Even so, I was still a student and doesn’t have the money to watch it at the cinema.

Recently I made a Disney movie list and Inspector Gadget was one of it. Frankly speaking, I don’t remember how Jonathan Brown became a robotic gadget guy. Somehow this movie does bring back some memories from childhood.

I can’t really comment much on the story plot as to me, it was quite predictable. But hey, their target audience probably would be for kids so as an adult watching it, there’s not much of a surprise element. But nevertheless, it’s a good movie for adults like me who have watched Inspector Gadget when they’re young.

Definitely recommending this old movie for those who have yet to watch it.

Toby’s 10th Birthday

Toby’s Birthday – 3rd or 9th January?

When we adopted Toby around 9 years ago, it was confusing to know when is his actual birth date. His old vet records and pedigree certificate both stated different birth date. However, the month is the same. So we decided it doesn’t matter which date, as long as we wish him happy birthday in January, it’ll be the same.

Morning Walk at Punggol Tebing Lane

This year, I decided to bring him and Twix on a car ride to Tebing Lane for a walk. I know he enjoys a walk or goes on a cycling ride with me. So this year, we went to a place that he’s never been before.

We did a quick walk before the sun and floor gets hot. Went to the Tebing Lane bridge where we walk over to Lorong Halus. There’s nothing much there thus we headed back across the bridge.

Ants Attacked

As we continued to walk further, the son had to poop and he chose the nearest grass patch. Little did we know, we had stepped on a colony of ants. And yes, we got bitten. Toby was jumping around due to pain and feeling uncomfortable.

My first instinct was to help him even if I got bitten by ants. Then I checked on Twix who seem to have no reaction at all. It took quite a while to remove all ants from Toby as he’s being uncooperative as he was jumping when the ants bite him.

Thankfully, I managed to make sure that both of them are ants free before continuing our journey.

Heading Home

As the sun gets hotter and brighter, we decided to head back to the car and head home. And I could see that Toby’s stamina isn’t as good as before due to age.

When we walk back to the car, I realised Toby walked slower when there’s shade. It’s like he’s enjoying his walk. When we got to the sunny area, he seemed to be in a rush trying to reach the shaded area.

Despite being attacked by the ants, I could tell that my silly boy enjoyed himself nonetheless.

Wedding Planning – Budgeting & Venue

Start of Our Wedding Planning

It’s a once in a lifetime event and I would so love to make it memorable. In case you do not know, I have always been looking forward to this day all my life. Well, not so for my fiancee (Fluffy Bunny). So ever since, I had many ideas. From beach wedding to Harry Potter theme, which of course she said no to them sadly.

I decided that I wanted to do something to remember this special occasion. I suggested doing a bullet journal together. One where we jot down everything for our big day. From there we had a rough idea on what we need to do or things to take note of. Which is much easier than panicking at the last minute in my opinion.


Before we even start budgeting, we started a page on our bullet journal. One to track our savings that we planned to put aside for our big day. That was before we allocate and budget the respective needed expenses.

It wasn’t easy since our wedding will be overseas. Thus we need to factor in the currency exchange. Our budgets include attire, flights, accommodations and the wedding day itself. Seeing those numbers made Fluffy Bunny stress as she’s the one who is good with budgeting, to be honest.

So far, we’re within budget for the individual expenses. We’ve settled our flights after knowing Scoot was having promotion which helped save some money. Which also mean that we have some extra cash from the budget that we can allocate to another expenses.


Initial plan was to get married in Taiwan. Firstly, it’s an Asian country and we both like the place. Secondly, it’s nearer to home considering it’s around 4 to 5 hours flight. Sadly, their same sex marriage doesn’t seem to come true any time soon after the recent referendum.

We’ve changed to Australia instead. Browse through some websites and decided we’re getting married at Sydney. I was the one who chose the place and yes, I love it especially the scenery. It wasn’t easy as I was contemplating between this or a beach wedding. After much debating, I have decided on Harbourside at Sydney.

Changed of Diet For The Naughties

Change of Diet

Last year I took our son, Toby, to the vet and realized that he’s having a food allergy. And so it began our journey of finding out what he’s allergic to. Was recommended to try a raw diet by the vet and so I began to do some research before starting a whole new diet.

Apparently, feeding raw wasn’t easy. There’s so much to take note of. Such as bones, organs, meat percentage for your pet’s weight. Thankfully, Fluffy Bunny made an Excel Spreadsheet to calculate the individual ingredients required. Which did make things easier for me when I sort them out by meal portions.

Goodbye Processed Food

What I meant about processed food are kibbles and treats that they previously have been eating such as dog biscuits. There are so many ingredients being put into creating what I call it now, junk food.

Due to the many ingredients, I have no idea what our fur kids are allergic to. I remembered the time when Toby had something that they claimed it’s Duck flavor. His whole eyes became swollen and he couldn’t open his eyes well enough to see the world. Had to apply eye drop and eliminate that food forever.


We got rid of kibbles. Stopped raw because my mum complained there’s no space in the freezer. Currently, the furkids are on freeze dried. They were on Primal previously, but we switched to Woof for a try. And they’ve been doing well so far. No relapse of skin issues or swollen eyes.

For treats wise, we gave them dehydrated meat that doesn’t have any other added ingredients. Currently, they are on Zeal for treats. Have been alternating the flavors for both freeze-dried and treats because eating the same forever seem so boring. Alternating flavors make feeding time exciting for them as well in my opinion.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

fantastic beasts the crimes of grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

It is a continuous movie of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We last saw that Gellert Grindelwald was captured by MACUSA and that Credence was assumed dead by everyone.

The Crimes of Grindelwald revealed how he broke free and gather his followers in preparation for what he had planned. It is like a start of the Wizarding War, the time before Lord Voldemort.

My Thoughts

As a Potterhead, I’ve been waiting for this movie to be released with anticipation. When the time finally came, I was very excited and have a lot of hopes for it. After all, it’s a whole new movie story written that doesn’t come from a book.

I believed there are people who might be disappointed but to me, it’s a whole new adventure to this magical world. But of course, the ones that I’m more excited to see was Newt Scamander his Niffler. Yes, Niffler is now my favourite magical animal and would so love to have one myself.

There are a lot of questions that I would like to ask J.K Rowling after the movies. There is so many new information in this movie which left us wanting more answers. However, all we could do was make guesses and wait for the next movie.

Yes, it’s definitely a recommended movie for all Potterheads. Don’t be disappointed in the movie, as I believe the best has yet to come.

First Car Accident

First Car Accident

Had my first car accident on 20th October 2018 night. It happened after I’ve sent Fluffy Bunny home. I was the only one in the car. Every time after alighting the car, Fluffy Bunny would ask me to drive safely. I did, but I wasn’t lucky that very night.

Frankly speaking, every time when I was behind the wheel, I’m afraid that I would get myself into an accident. It was never the other way round. Like what everyone says, the car can be a killing machine if you’re not alert enough.

How It Happened

The light was red and I was waiting by the traffic junction, the route I always take when heading home from Fluffy Bunny’s place. When it finally turned green and waiting for the cars at the front to move off, I got hit from behind while my car was still stationary.

Rookie’s Mistake

Switched on the hazard light, put the car in a park mode and stepped on the leg brake after cursing. Yes, I was in shocked and I cursed after the impact. Alighted to check on the car and exchanged contact details.

My hands were shaking when I try to take pictures of the other driver’s driving license and NRIC. My mind was in a daze and tried to remember what other important details I should get. I did everything right except, I panicked and forgotten one of the most important things. I’ve forgotten to get the other vehicle’s car plate number.

Hospital – A&E

I was in shock but I had to contact the first person that is in my mind. I gave a quick text to Fluffy Bunny and quickly make my way home. Being worried, she brought calming tea and came to look for me to make sure that I’m OK. I thought I was not till I said I was giddy.

We quickly made our way to the nearest hospital’s A&E department. Thankfully Sengkang General Hospital has opened its doors and it’s a few streets away from home. Despite the long hours of waiting and repeating every symptom I had to nurses and doctor, I was sent home with muscle relaxant and fastum gel.

The doctor told me to return back if I felt any different or if my hands start to feel numb. If not, I should be OK within the week.

Accident Reporting – Police & Vicom

Since the car that I drove was under a rental company, they will be settling the insurance claim from the other party. On my side, I had to make a police report within 24 hours and it’s another long wait at Sengkang Police Station.

And not to forget, I had to drop by Sin Ming’s Vicom to make another report together with the car rental company. I conclude that getting into an accident can be troublesome and time-consuming. No idea why the majority of the drivers are still driving recklessly.

Thankfully I’m OK after a few days rest. And now I do have the phobia of cars hitting me from the back at the traffic junction. But it’s not something that would deter me from driving. I enjoy driving and would love to drive as long as I could.

Section 377A – Repeal or Retain

Section 377A

section 377A

It has been a hot topic in recent months, especially after India repealed theirs. Singapore has been divided into 3 sides in my opinion when it comes to Section 377A.

  1. People who are and/or those supporting the LGBTQ community are voting to repeal this penal code.
  2. People (mainly religious leaders and members) who votes against this penal code.
  3. The Government. In my opinion, they are more of going according to the majority’s views and try to appease the minority. In other words, they will try all means to delay going into the topic of Section 377A.

For those who have no idea what this penal code is about. It is a law that criminalises sex between mutually consenting male adults. According to our government, the law is there but not enforced.

Legal Challenge To Repeal

Years ago, there’s this gay couple who tried to repeal this law from the penal code. However, they failed. Professor Tommy Koh said to try again when someone commented on Facebook that the challenge was once rejected by the court.

True enough, DJ Big Kid decided he should be the one to do. Although I’m not sure if the legal proceeding has started, I would say, I wish him all the best. This legal challenge, if it succeeds may be a huge step for the LGBTQ community in Singapore. However, if he were to fail to repeal this penal code, it’s OK. We will try again someday. And we’ll come back stronger.

Religions Interference

Weirdly, religions are interfering into this. They are against the repealing of section 377A. According to them, marriage should only be involved with a man and a woman. Same-sex is an abomination and it’s a sin.

They have been trying to get involved in states matter. Trying to help the government to make decisions over states matter in my opinion.

So if we were to allow religions to voice out in states matter, shouldn’t we make abortion illegal as well as that’s what goes against the Bible’s teaching? Put it into the penal code as part of our law?

My Opinion

There are so many opinions online and I thought, maybe I should have mine too. Since it might concern and affect us in future.

Of course, I am in support to repeal this penal code. It means a lot to the LGBTQ community. We’ve been through a lot compared to our straight brothers and sisters, especially the prejudice, judgement and stereotype.

Repealing this penal code doesn’t mean we’re asking for same-sex marriage. It meant that our community isn’t criminals due to the penal code. And it is also one step forward to humanity and equality. It also means that we don’t have to hide who we are.

Dear straight people, I’m pretty sure there’s more or less a few people around you that are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or queer. The majority are hiding in the closet and doesn’t mean they aren’t around you. They could be your family member or your closest friend. Put yourselves in their shoes, how would you feel if the roles are reversed? What if being straight isn’t normal and you get judged for who you are?

My point is, we can all live together in harmony loving the people that we love. Why should we have this penal code and separate us as Singaporeans?

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief (Book)

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thiefpercy jackson the lightning thief

I only started reading Percy Jackson recently and finally finished the first book. While reading through, I was like wow. There are so many new adventures of Percy Jackson that I didn’t know of in the first book.

I have been quite fascinated by the Greek god mythology and have been keen to read Percy Jackson for quite some time. Finally, I decided to just go ahead and read the first book despite having a long list of to-read books.

Book vs Movie

I would say, I love the book more. The movie seems to have changed the storyline and left out a lot of information. The adventures in the book seem to be more exciting to me compared to the movie.

It is like the Harry Potter series where we would compare between the books and movies. However, I would say that the Harry Potter movies tried to follow the books as much as possible and don’t change such drastically. Which didn’t really disappoint me much.

But Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief book and movie does have a huge difference. The storyline to me changed a lot which made me question does the scriptwriter of the movie even actually read the book? I understand that there’s a need to squeeze as much information as possible onto the big screen, but please don’t change almost the entire plot. It made me feel that the movie that I watched isn’t what the story should be.

My Reviews

So, my review will be base on the book and not the movie. I’ll give my opinion about what I feel after reading since I’ve ranted about my displeasure about the movies.

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief opens another adventure for me about the Greek mythology. The first that got me interested in the Greek gods was Hercules. It’s a fresh new story and adventures. Got to know more about the Greek gods after reading Percy Jackson and of course thanks to Google, where I get most of my information from.

I would say, I highly recommend this book if you’re into Greek gods mythology. You’ll understand and know more between Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, the big 3 according to the book. Following the adventure of Percy and his friends, I was introduced to more mythical creatures, both evil and good. The book taught me one valuable lesson, and that is not everyone can be trusted even if they’re someone near or close to you.

Will be moving on to the next book where a new adventure awaits.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

There’s no specific way to do a bullet journal. From what I learned after scrolling through Instagram and facebook groups, it is everything about you. Do whatever you like because it’s your journal, there’s no right or wrong.

It could be for journaling, keeping notes from school, scheduling, grocery list and many more. You could even add a tracker to track your health or exercise regimens. Be creative and you’ll find your own style to it.

If you’re unsure how to start or set up your bujo (bullet journal in short), google it or scroll through the social media for inspiration. At least that’s what I did.

Trial Year

This year, I decided to give bujo a try. Got me a blank notebook and I started doing a weekly habit tracker. Where I track my daily supplements intake, legs exercise for the ankles and knees. Even had a tracker done to track my asthma as well as the fur kids’ grooming sessions.

After trying many different styles, I guess I have yet to find one that suits me. Nevertheless, I will still keep trying and find one that works for me.

Made some mistakes along the way such as spelling errors, but that’s OK. I’m going to leave it there as it’s part of my journaling process. I would say, doing this does help keep my things in check as well as releasing the stress I had from work.


I got my inspiration mostly from Instagram and Facebook group for bullet journaling. There are a lot of nice ones but what I like best are the minimalist journals. They’re simple and neat. Not many colours, just black which made it soothing for the eyes.

But of course, I did try doodle challenge. However, I gave up following the doodle challenge on Instagram and decided to do one of my own instead. Like they always say, practice makes perfect. I’m not there yet, but definitely will reach there some day.

Psst… I’m already planning and sketching for 2019 journal. It’s never too early to start planning for the upcoming year. Besides, there are 2 more months left for the year and so I am here on my desk planning for 2019.

Twix Got A Huge Hotspot

When I Discovered Twix’s Hotspot


Discovered that Twix got the hotspot when I noticed her fur seem to be wet. Was hoping it wasn’t what I think it is, but sadly it’s the opposite. Although she had this skin issue previously and I do know what to take note of, but the recovering process and making sure the wound is well taken care of is a tiring process.

I immediately went to get my grooming shaver and shaved the fur around the area. Firstly, to have a better look at how bad the wound is. Secondly, it’s easier to apply medication. Thankfully, I have quite a few spare e-collar around and I immediately made her wear one. This is to prevent her from licking or biting which may aggravate the wound further.


If you have no idea what the term dogga means, it’s actually from the word yoga. It means your dog is flexible enough like as though they are doing a yoga pose. So apparently with the e-collar, Twix was able to lick and nibble on the wound which is near her tail. Despite trying on different size of e-collar, she was able to lick and nibble still.

bleeding hotspot

By doing so, she’s aggravating the wound and making it worse. And yes, the area spread and the wound got bigger and moist. It got so bad that she was bleeding once when I got home after work.

Stop Bite Collar

stop bite collar

A customer of mine introduced me to Stop Bite Collar and we managed to get one after reading many positive reviews. Immediately put it on her once we got home and although Twix wasn’t impressed, it sort of served its purpose.

recovered hotspot

She wore that Stop Bite Collar for about a week or two and the wound healed much better. And yes, this collar works and we’re happy. The stress caused by hotspot is enough to make us crazy. Having it healed eased our worries and anxiety.


When I mentioned to people about hotspot, they usually asked me what is it and what causes it. So I am going to summarize what I know about this skin issue and how to treat it.

It is also known as moist dermatitis. It’s usually red, moist, hot and irritated lesions. Can be found anywhere on the dog. It may start as a small wound but it could get bigger if your dog starts licking or chewing on it. It can be quite painful so handle the wound with care.


There are many factors that can contribute to your dog developing the hotspot.

  • Irregular grooming or dirty coat
  • Allergic reaction
  • Dogs that swim or are exposed to the rain
  • Excessive licking/biting


Send to the vet when you notice any sign of hotspot on your dog. It can be stressful for both owner and dog during this period of time, so stay calm and be there for fiddo. Once your vet has access and determined what’s the causes, he/she may prescribe medications to aid the recovery. They will also shave the area short and clean in order to air the wound as well as easy to apply medicine.

During the recovery period, it is important for your dog to wear the e-collar to prevent further licking or biting as this may cause more harm than good.