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Kanchanaburi – River Kwai Bridge (23 April 2019)

Saiyok River House

Saiyok River House

It’s another day of traveling, this time to River Kwai Bridge. Another part of Kanchanaburi and more war memorial places to visit.

I didn’t sleep well the entire night due to the warm weather and the annoying mosquitoes. I’ve no idea how many times I woke up to them buzzing around me. Neither do I have any idea how many times I’ve got bitten. Nevertheless, it’s a nice experience and I myself won’t want to do it. However, Fluffy Bunny seemed to be enjoying herself.

Breakfast was provided and we had them before we head off towards our next destination, River Kwai Bridge. They do have a few option of breakfast to choose from and I decided to go with their American Breakfast. Fluffy Bunny ordered Chicken Basil Rice.


While waiting for our breakfast, we came across a few kittens that was staying there. They’re so tiny and cute. And of course, playful.

River Kwai Bridge

River Kwai Bridge

Fluffy Bunny said I should try driving in Thailand and I was given the task of driving us to our next. Driving in Thailand is a little scary to me as I am not familiar with the place. It’s especially scarier when we’re in a city area. Other than that, it’s quite therapeutic I would say.

After we’ve checked in, we head over to River Kwai Bridge which is around 10 minutes walk from our resort. As we arrived around noon time, it’s extremely sunny and hot! The heat was unbearable I would say.

River Kwai Bridge - Chinese Soldier Tomb

We made our way towards the bridge and crossed over the river. Fluffy Bunny said across the river, there’s a war memorial which might be interesting. We found a Chinese Soldier Tomb after crossing and it’s about 5 minutes walk from the railway track. It’s just a small area opposite a Chinese temple.

After a while, we decided to head back. Got ourselves a coconut to quench our thirst and to cool down. Was told that there’s a heatwave going on in Thailand. Fluffy Bunny’s sister texted in the family’s group chat saying that she’s in Bangkok and the temperature there was 39 Degree Celsius. That’s crazy!

Big C

River Kwai Bridge - Big C

After resting for a while, we head our to Big C for some grocery shopping. It’s been a must go whenever we travel. Big C is a huge supermarket that sell not only groceries but electronics, stationary etc. as well.

Bought some snacks for friends and some for ourselves for our road trip. We bought light items as we will be visiting Big C again when we’re in Bangkok to do some last minute shopping.

As we were early, we went to a cafe in the building for a drink. We have plans to visit the nearby Night Street Food to settle our dinner. And they’re open from 5 pm onward.

Night Street Food

As we drove towards the Night Street Food, Fluffy Bunny asked me to check if there’s anywhere we can park the car. Quickly did a research and realized there’s no proper parking place. We ended up following the locals and park the car by the roadside next to the Night Street Food.

Night Street Food Chicken Stall

The entire place sells mainly food. As we walk to see what’s for dinner, we decided to try the chicken rice that online netizens recommended. I ordered myself a normal plate of chicken rice while Fluffy Bunny ordered chicken cutlet rice.

Chicken Rice

I would say, it’s delicious! Taste different from the ones I had in Singapore. Highly recommended if you visit this part of Kanchanaburi.