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Car and Van Shopping

Kah Motor

Early this year, Fluffy Bunny asked what I could like to do on my birthday. I casually suggested car shopping. Although I know we won’t be getting one but it feels like we’re shopping for my birthday present. The thrill of it seem fun. But gosh, I didn’t know what I had gotten us into then.

On my birthday, we googled for Honda showroom. It showed us our first destination, Kah Motor located at Ubi, next to Comfort Delgro driving school. They are the main authorized Honda dealer and I’m pretty sure as a first-time buyer, we won’t get duped into buying our first ride.

Kah Motor
Address: 370 Ubi Rd 3 Singapore 408651
Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 7 pm
Sunday: 10 am to 7 pm

Our experience at Kah Motor was a quick easy one. Knowing what we’re looking for, Honda Fit/Jazz, we asked if there’s any for us to test drive to see if it’s definitely the one we’re aiming for. Sadly nope. And when we visited during February, their Honda Jazz was completely sold out. Next batch arrival would be around June.

We asked for the price and the package they offer. We even had a breakdown of what the price includes, how much downpayment needed etc. For someone who shuts down when it comes to figures, I let Fluffy Bunny handle the finances.

CarTimes Automobile Pte Ltd

Our next stop was CarTimes, also located at Ubi. A few minutes drive away from Kah Motor. The place where it is located has other car dealer company as well. So it’s like a one-stop car shopping area if you would want to check out prices for the specific brand and model you’re looking for.

CarTimes Automobile Pte Ltd
Address: 61 Ubi Ave 2 #01-01 Singapore 408898
Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 7 pm

CarTimes offers both new and used cars of various brands and models. We went in knowing what we’re looking for and went straight to the point. Since they too have no Honda Fit available for test drive, we sat down and talked about price and package.

Their price can be compared with Kah Motor, not much difference. But the package that they offered are slightly more attractive. Service wise, I would say it’s better. When we went to Kah Motor, it’s our first showroom thus we couldn’t compare much when it comes the customer service.

Scotts Motors

Besides Honda Fit, we’re looking at Suzuki Every as well. Thus we decided to take a look and see if we could test drive one of it. I asked a fellow groomer friend where she bought hers, and was introduced to this Scotts Motors located near Thomson Plaza.

Scotts Motors
Address: 97 Soo Chow Walk Singapore 575383
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 4pm
Closed on Sundays

Thankfully, this place have both auto and manual transmission Suzuki Every for us to test drive. I gave the opportunity to Fluffy Bunny because it’s her dream van since when it first came out. As a passenger, I get to enjoy a short van ride around Thomson area.

Got to know the difference between auto and turbo for Suzuki Every. Price wise, quite a huge difference too. We ended up having to consider between the van and car after knowing their respective prices.

My Experience

Other than this 3 mentioned showrooms that we went, we did went to many other places that I lost count. Some were found after searching on Google while a few was just some that we pass by after a visit at a particular showroom.

After visiting many showrooms and met quite a few salesman, I would say there are many different impressions. As a first time buyer, although we didn’t have the intention to get one yet, I feel that there are a couple of them doesn’t seem keen to entertain us at all. Most of them were from the car dealers. The van salesman to me are OK. They explained to us the criteria for loans, carefully explained to us their packages as well as the van specifications. But somehow, there’s this particular salesman who doesn’t seem to know much about Suzuki Every. I think the company should give them a little training in better selling a van.

For car wise, maybe we look young and probably can’t afford a car, that’s why some of them gave us the cold shoulder. Thankfully, the majority of them are willing to help us out as a first-time buyer. Learnt a lot through this experience. And yes, you definitely need to compare price as well as the packages that they have to offer. Choose the one you’re comfortable with, not only in price and package but the services as well. Read reviews and do more research before signing those papers!

Car and van shopping is indeed tiring. I remember being so exhausted after the visit.

First Car Accident

First Car Accident

Had my first car accident on 20th October 2018 night. It happened after I’ve sent Fluffy Bunny home. I was the only one in the car. Every time after alighting the car, Fluffy Bunny would ask me to drive safely. I did, but I wasn’t lucky that very night.

Frankly speaking, every time¬†when I was behind the wheel, I’m afraid that I would get myself into an accident. It was never the other way round. Like what everyone says, the car can be a killing machine if you’re not alert enough.

How It Happened

The light was red and I was waiting by the traffic junction, the route I always take when heading home from Fluffy Bunny’s place. When it finally turned green and waiting for the cars at the front to move off, I got hit from behind while my car was still stationary.

Rookie’s Mistake

Switched on the hazard light, put the car in a park mode and stepped on the leg brake after cursing. Yes, I was in shocked and I cursed after the impact. Alighted to check on the car and exchanged contact details.

My hands were shaking when I try to take pictures of the other driver’s driving license and NRIC. My mind was in a daze and tried to remember what other important details I should get. I did everything right except, I panicked and forgotten one of the most important things. I’ve forgotten to get the other vehicle’s car plate number.

Hospital – A&E

I was in shock but I had to contact the first person that is in my mind. I gave a quick text to Fluffy Bunny and quickly make my way home. Being worried, she brought calming tea and came to look for me to make sure that I’m OK. I thought I was not till I said I was giddy.

We quickly made our way to the nearest hospital’s A&E department. Thankfully Sengkang General Hospital has opened its doors and it’s a few streets away from home. Despite the long hours of waiting and repeating every symptom I had to nurses and doctor, I was sent home with muscle relaxant and fastum gel.

The doctor told me to return back if I felt any different or if my hands start to feel numb. If not, I should be OK within the week.

Accident Reporting – Police & Vicom

Since the car that I drove was under a rental company, they will be settling the insurance claim from the other party. On my side, I had to make a police report within 24 hours and it’s another long wait at Sengkang Police Station.

And not to forget, I had to drop by Sin Ming’s Vicom to make another report together with the car rental company. I conclude that getting into an accident can be troublesome and time-consuming. No idea why the majority of the drivers are still driving recklessly.

Thankfully I’m OK after a few days rest. And now I do have the phobia of cars hitting me from the back at the traffic junction. But it’s not something that would deter me from driving. I enjoy driving and would love to drive as long as I could.