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Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel

Vers (Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel) on a mission to hunt for Skrulls which brought her to earth where she discovers that she is not what she believes she is. During her time on earth, she met Fury who works in SHIELD. With help from Fury, she discovers the truth and unleashed her true power.

My Thoughts

Being a Marvel fan and knowing Captain Marvel will appear in Avengers: End Game, it’s a must watch. We decided to have a late night movie at Bishan Junction 8, a 10:30 pm movie. Knowing the movie will end really late and there’ll be no bus back, we planned to walk home instead.

The start of the movie is a short clip in honor of Stan Lee. It’s a bit saddening to know that in future Marvel movies, there won’t be any cameo of him. Somehow, it’s quite warming to see him appear in this, probably the last cameo before he went to heaven. Thank you Stan Lee for everything about Marvel.

I was told that the movie is predictable. But to me, as much as it’s predictable, it’s still a nice movie. Considering the effects that went into it, I would pretty much say it’s quite convincing and realistic.

The entire movie, I quite like how comical it can get when it comes to Goose, the cat. As an animal lover, seeing a cat in the movie brings some shine into my eyes. It perks me up the entire movie waiting for another scene of Goose.

For Marvel fans, this is another must watch movie!



I Tell Lies

I admit that I do tell lies, especially towards the girlfriend. Guilty of course and the fury after she knows is oh my goodness. No words can describe the fury she’s feeling. It’s easy to tell a lie and then the next. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle.

Recently, I lied that I took my probiotics. I just blurted it out without thinking, neither have I think of the consequences after. I didn’t have any reason to lie and I have no idea why I did it. Saying I did take the probiotics seem like a natural thing. Although to me this is a small matter, it wasn’t to Fluffy Bunny. And like an adult, I had to bear the consequences.

An Angry Fluffy Bunny

When she found out that I lied, I was being confronted. Like every quarrel, I kept my mouth shut. The more I say something, it will lead to a never-ending cycle of a heated argument. I understand her fury and she said she wouldn’t be surprised if someday we broke up due to lies.

I knew I did wrong this time and I regret doing it. Broke her trust and there’s nothing I could do to salvage it. Guess I had to slowly gain her trust back.

Made A Vow

No, it’s not a wedding vow. I was made to vow that I would never lie to her again. It doesn’t matter if it’s something big or small, no lies. But of course, if I plan to give her a surprise, those are exempted.

Hope I could keep up with my words. Fingers crossed.