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Farm Chokchai, Dairy Home, Primo Piazza, Pak Chong Night Bazaar (25 April 2019)

Farm Chokchai

Initially, Fluffy Bunny wanted to bring me out for breakfast but sadly it wasn’t open yet. Thus we made our way towards Farm Chokchai for their morning farm tour at 10 am. If you’re driving there, be warned that the car park is very far from the main ticketing entrance. You’ll be passing by their restaurant, their gifts shops which you might think you’ve reached, but actually no.

Farm Chokchai

We were early thus had to wait at the waiting area before we were ushered into an air-conditioned room where we were made to watch an introductory video. After we’re done, we were ushered to the next station where they introduced us to their bull. Explaining to us how they carefully chose their cows and bulls for their breeding program.

Next up, we’re ushered into the next station where they showed us their ice cream factory. Got a small cup of ice cream to sample which I personally didn’t think there’s any wow factor to it. After which, we’re on to the next station on milking the cow. As I’ve always wanted to try milking a cow, I volunteered when they asked who would want to try.

Farm Chokchai

After which we took a ride on a carriage pulled by a tractor for a ride around the farm before we were on a short 30 minutes of free and easy. There are a few mini-games for you to play and win prizes and a small little ATV track. But of course, all these require you to pay extra if you would want to play.

Farm Chokchai

Next is a short cowboy show where they showed us some tricks before asking for volunteers. Of course, I volunteered again. Hey, nobody knows me there and I have no idea where I got the courage to do so. It’s fun and quite a nice experience I would say.

After the cowboy show, it’s the end of the farm tour where we got to ride on the carriage again to the main entrance of the farm.

Dairy Home

Dairy Home

We headed towards Dairy Home which is a few kilometres down from Farm Chokchai for lunch. Fluffy Bunny said this place is famous for their steaks and homemade ice cream. And my eyes lit up when she mentioned steak.

Dairy Home

We ordered two different cuts of steaks. Got ourselves each a cup of ice cream that comes with two flavours. With every ice cream purchase, you may bring home the cup. Bring the used cup to the counter to exchange for a new one where you get to choose other designs.

Dairy Home

The steaks were cooked to our preference. They are tender and chewy. Taste-wise all I can say was yummy. I love the area too with some dogs that are friendly towards humans. They love the attention given and would ask for more. Which will literally make your heart melt.

Primo Piazza

We headed to Primo Piazza next.

Primo Piazza

We headed to Primo Piazza next. We paid THB200 each for the entrance. Which we get tickets to feed the animals at their feeding area. Use the tickets given to exchange for some feeding grass and you get to feed the hungry alpacas and goats. Do note that the animals will come together at once, some may try to snatch from your hands.

Primo Piazza is just another Instagram worthy place. Nothing much in my opinions. No shop and it’s practically empty. You’re there paying the entrance fee for less than an hour to feed the animals. Maybe you can be there for an hour at least for photo taking session which is not our style of travelling thus we left after taking a rest at the cafe which was open that day.

The Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

We headed to the Chocolate Factory which was nearby for a tea break. We ordered some drinks and a white chocolate lava cake. Their cafe is a great place to relax and have an afternoon tea/coffee. I would say, the service given was good too.

Pak Chong Night Bazaar

After relaxing at The Chocolate Factory, we headed towards Pak Chong Night Bazaar. I am not disappointed.

It’s more than just-food. You get to shop for accessories, clothes, phone accessories etc. However, we didn’t get ourselves anything there except some street food for dinner. We didn’t stay as long as we hope to return back to our accommodation before the sunset.

Although we left early, before we could reach our accommodation, the sun starts to set. Managed to see a nice sunset along the way. However, it became dark when we’re nearing our accommodation. Their street lights aren’t a lot compared to Singapore’s. Thus we had to navigate in the dark with only the car’s headlight. It’s quite scary, but the experience was a little fun.

Dinner Date At Swensen (16 July 2017)

Complimentary Treat From Great Eastern

Early this year, we received a letter from Great Eastern. We got ourselves a complimentary meal from Great Eastern. I have no idea how this works but according to the letter our representative achieved the Great Eastern Life Achievers Club Award 2017.

We both bought policies from Great Eastern. Previously we got ourselves Accident Plan. This year I bought myself a term plan which Fluffy Bunny think we need it. As I get the hang of managing my finances, girlfriend think it’s time that I do some investment and get myself insured with some policies. And here I am, taking one step at a time for a better future.

Swensen @ Nex Mall

The other day after work, I was feeling down probably due to work and it’s time of the month. I texted Fluffy Bunny to ask if she would like to have dinner at Swensen. Since we haven redeem ours yet and I needed some good food to cheer me up.

We get to choose only selected main course and drinks. It comes with a scoop of ice cream that we get to choose the flavors of our choice. I am not sure if the outlet were under staff the day when we dine in, but the service they gave was good.

Coke Zero & Lemon Tea

I ordered myself lemon tea while Fluffy Bunny got herself a Coke Zero. Look at the glass size different! The lemon tea was too sweet for my liking. Added some plain water to dilute it a little.

BBQ Chicken

Ordered myself a BBQ chicken, that’s new on their menu. When it came, I was afraid the portion was too little. But little did I know, it’s actually quite filling. Taste wise, it’s not the usual BBQ sauce that we always had for western food. It taste more like chinese BBQ sauce, the char siew taste.

Fluffy Bunny ordered chicken baked rice (no picture) and it doesn’t taste as good. It was bland, and rice wasn’t coated with cheese like it should. We don’t remember the baked rice was this bad.

Swensen Ice Cream

I ordered myself the usual flavor for my ice cream, Sticky Chewy Chocolate. I prefer chocolate ice cream more than any other flavors. But of course, they had to be nice.

Both our meals cost us nothing and I would say I enjoyed my night with Fluffy Bunny. It’s something that I needed when I’m feeling down. Enjoyable meal and great company that makes the night awesome.