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Roadtrip Back to Bangkok (27 April 2019)

Back to Bangkok

Back to Bangkok

We had to bid farewell to Khao Yai and made our way back to Bangkok to meet up with our friend. Before heading back to Bangkok, we decided to drop by Dairy Home for lunch and ice cream. Yes, it is so good that we decided to drop by again before bidding the final farewell to Khao Yai.

Back to Bangkok - Puppy

At Dairy Farm, we get to meet a puppy after we parked our car. A very playful little fellow. We had fun interacting with him before we head in for steaks. Kind of miss him already while I’m typing this blog entry.

Baan Tobi Hom

Baan Toei Hom

Returning the car at the airport can be confusing because the signs weren’t obvious and we had to turn out and enter again. Thankfully, we managed to return without much issue. After which, we took their MRT towards our Airbnb.

Back to Bangkok - Baan Toei Hom

We stayed at Baan Tobi Hom, which is a shophouse where the owners open a small eatery. We’ll be staying upstairs so we had to carry our luggage up a few flights of stairs. Since we arrived first before the friend, we decided to choose our bedroom first. We took the bigger sized bedroom while we let him have a smaller room.

After a short rest and settled our stuff, we decided to head out to the nearest mall to see what’s for dinner.

Movie – Avengers: End Game

Movie Ticket

We decided to watch Avengers: End Game. While we were at the self serve counter, every timing that we clicked, it’s full. But we managed to get two seats for a 7 pm show. While we were waiting for the time, we decided to head over to Macdonald’s for a quick dinner.

Our friend’s flight got delayed a little thus he couldn’t make it in time to join us. Thus he had to settle his own dinner while we were off to watch a movie.

I was told that before every movie in Thailand, we all had to stand in attention for their national anthem with a short video clip of their King. I am glad that at least I got this piece of information if not I wouldn’t know what to do.

Avengers: End Game was a 3-hour long movie. A battle between the Avengers and Thanos. So glad to be able to see Thor and Captain America again. Or rather Christ Hemsworth and Chris Evans. Yes, fangirl here!

Back to Bangkok - Last Train

The movie ended around 11 pm. We had to follow the other moviegoers to exit the mall as it was already closed when we made our way out of the cinema. Thankfully, there’s still MRT for us to get back to our Airbnb. And yes, we managed to catch the last train home.

Khao Yai National Park, Yellow Submarine (26 April 2019)

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park

After breakfast, we head over to Khao Yai National Park. I thought it would be the kind of park we have back in Singapore. The one where you can stroll with your family or dogs, but I was wrong. Fluffy Bunny drove and we had to purchase an entrance ticket for both ourselves and the car.

It was a long drive up the mountain. Basically, once you bought the tickets and enter, you’re already in the National Park. Fluffy Bunny told me that we might see wildlife crossing the road or walking along the side of the road. Thus I kept trying to see if I can spot any.

Many said they spotted an elephant in the park. What we spotted were many monkeys and a lone deer.

Haew Suwat Waterfall

Haew Suwat Waterfall

After asking for direction, we head off to Haew Suwat Waterfall. One of the must-see waterfall in National Park. But was told it wasn’t the best season to see a waterfall due to dry weather.

When we arrive, it started to drizzle a little and we had to make a quick trip down to see the waterfall. We had to descend down a flight of stairs and walk quite a bit distance before we get to see the waterfall from a far distance.

As it’s a rather dry season, the stream of the waterfall was quite pathetic. It wasn’t what I expected after seeing pictures online. It’s just a tiny stream of water flowing down. Nevertheless, the sight was breathtaking due to the surrounding it was in.

Pha Diew Dai Cliff

Pha Diew Dai Cliff

We drove further into the National Park for Pha Diew Dai Cliff. I have no idea what it was as I thought the reason we visit the park was that I requested to see the waterfall. As head up further, it started to rain heavier. Which decrease the chances of seeing wildlife in the park.

Getting to this cliff requires a long drive up the mountain. There’s no sign to say where’s the exact location. We saw some cars being parked by the roadside and we followed suit. Seeing there’s a stair leading down to a path, we decided to do some walking. It was wet and cold weather during our walk, sadly we didn’t bring any jacket or shawl to keep us warm. Because we didn’t expect such a sudden change in temperature and weather.

Once we arrived at Pha Diew Dai Cliff, the view is worth the cold and wet weather. It’s simply breathtaking but you have to be careful. There’s no barrier to prevent you from falling over. So do remember to stand behind the yellow line for your safety.

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine Entrance

After our trip at the National Park, we head over Yellow Submarine for some refreshment. It’s one of the recommended cafes in Khao Yai.

Tea Break

Fluffy Bunny ordered latte while I ordered a cold refreshment, mint lime. We ordered chocolate lava cake to munch too.

Yellow Submarine

The place was quiet when we’re there. Great for relaxing and enjoy your afternoon snacks. The place is quite Instagram worthy too. Many locals and tourists would be standing around the building for some photo takings.

Road Trip to Khao Yai (24 April 2019)

Khao Yai

It’s another day of travelling on the road again towards Khao Yai. Another long drive to the next destination. After checking out from River Kwai Bridge Resort and getting coffee, we were on the road again.

Baan Mai Chay Nam Restaurant

Khao Yai - Ban Mai Chay Nam Restaurant

Our first stop was Ban Mai Chay Nam Restuarant upon arrival at Khao Yai. It’s a restaurant showcasing olden days items, like a collector’s themed restaurant. Most of the items there are probably way older than the two of us combined. It’s an interesting concept restaurant that’s like a mini museum.

Khao Yai - Ban Mai Chay Restaurant

We decided to settle our lunch here since our last meal was breakfast. Ordered quite a few dishes and frankly speaking, it wasn’t worth the money. These dishes you can get it at the stalls by the roadside when you visit the night market.

Piazza Palio

Khao Yai - Piazza Palio

After lunch, we head off to Piazza Palio. The entrance is free and you get to spend as much time as you want there. When we were there, there’s not much crowd. It’s basically a Italian themed place where you can take as many pictures that’s Instagram worthy to post online.

We didn’t spend much time there as basically there’s nothing much to explore other than taking some pictures. Shop wise, many were closed when we’re there. It’s like a ghost town in my opinion.

Baan Suan Noi

Khao Yai - Baan Suan Noi

We decided to head off to our accommodation and call it a day. It’s one of the accommodation that we’re looking forward to for this trip. Took us quite long to decide before we finally decided to go ahead and book it months prior to the trip.

Everything there are built by the owners of the place. There are little hobbit place and a mini santorini theme room for you to choose from. They have a cosplay room where you get to dress up for photo opportunity.

There’s nothing much around the place. But there’s a small little eatery next to it.