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Departure – Singapore to Bangkok (21 April 2019)


Getting ready for Bangkok
Getting Ready

We’ve been saying that we would make a trip to Bangkok some day years ago. Finally, with the right opportunity and valid reason, we booked our tickets a few months ago. And ever since, I’ve been counting down to our trip.

Although it’s a 4 pm (Singapore time) flight, I’ve been anxious and excited since morning. After settling our fur kids, I head over to Dear’s place where her mum offered to send us to the airport after she’s done with her errands. And that’s when I’ve been hoping that her mum will come back soon. Because when we’re at the airport, it’s official that the holiday starts.

Travel Hiccups

There’s always bound to be some hiccups for whatever reason. Our main hiccup was that we had forgotten about our Thailand sim card that we bought online. We’re supposed to collect it at the airport before checking.

We ended up boarding the plane without the sim card. Texted our friend to help us collect before he join us the following week. And we had to get another sim card when we arrive in Bangkok airport if not we have no way of communicating our family on WhatsApp during our trip. And of course, we rely on the data for GPS too as we’ll be having a road trip.

Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

Bangkok Sinsuvarn Airport Suite
Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

We took a shuttle from the airport to Sinsuvarn Airport Suite. It’s about 10 minutes ride from the airport and we’ll be staying here for a night. After checking in, we headed towards our room. You have to climb down a flight of stairs to have access to the lift. Then another flight of stairs down after we exit the lift to our room. I would say, this isn’t friendly for the elderly especially with luggage.

Bangkok Sinsuvarn Airport Suite Room
Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

After entering our room, we realized it’s two single bed instead of a queen that we booked. Called the reception desk to clarify to be told that for the night, they’re fully booked thus we got downgraded. As it’s only for a night, we decided it’s OK.

Dinner – Macdonald

Pork Burger

We decided to head out for dinner. With nothing in mind, we walked to the nearest shopping area to look for food. Ended up, we had Macdonald for dinner. Got me a pork burger while Fluffy Bunny ordered a cheeseburger.

It’s been years since I last had pork burger and I love it. Quite enjoying to visit Macdonald when I’m overseas as the menu are usually different. Being different, I get to order something different and give it a try.


Bought myself a Zoro toy from One Piece. His swords twirl up your cables which I think is pretty useful and of course he’s my favorite character. We decided to put it in the car to twirl cables.

We walked back to our hotel after dinner to rest and that’s how we spend our first night in Bangkok.

Japan – Osaka (29 Sept 2017)

Japan – Narita Airport (Tokyo)

Narita airport

Our currency exchange rate: SGD1 = JPY 80

We arrived at Narita airport at around 8 am after a long flight from Bangkok. Once I alighted the plane, I knew my adventure in the land of the Rising Sun was about to begin.

When we arrived at the arrival hall, I was greeted by friendly staffs. We queued up for the immigration checkpoint and I was amazed that they had a system to make the queue go fast and smooth. Around 10 minutes, I am out of the immigration checkpoint and on my way to retrieve my luggage.

damaged luggage

Once I retrieved my luggage from the conveyor belt, I was pretty sad to see some damage. It’s a new luggage that I got and was a little upset over it. But it’s just some scratches which are fine actually. Not to the extent where I need to report for damages. I am pretty lucky actually. There’s a lady whose luggage broke. The wheels almost came off and the corner cracked.

JR Office

Before we could embark on our adventure, we had to collect our JR passes. This pass is very important to us for our trip. It can be used on all JR lines.

The JR office is located in the basement, a few meters away from the entrance of the train station. Once entered the office, we were given up a form to fill up before we join the queue at the counter. We bought our JR pass through Klook website. Each JR pass cost us ¥46390 (SGD$579.87). It’s a 14-day pass which will cover all our train journeys till Tokyo.


Collected our JR passes and reserved seats for our shinkansen ride towards Osaka. As it was a long journey, we bought two onigiris at family mart to fill up our tummy if we’re hungry later. It cost us ¥110 (SGD$1.37) each, tax included.


narita expressThe JR pass is simple to use. Look for the staff at the station’s gate and show them your pass before entering or exit. For shinkansen, you are able to reserve seats at the JR office located within the station premises. If you intend not to reserve, there are train cabins cater to non-reserve seat passengers.

We took the Narita Express from the airport to Shinagawa. Transfer to shinkansen for our ride to Shin Osaka station. It was a long journey and we’re both tired from the flight, we ended up sleeping throughout our journey.

The leg space in shinkansen was spacious enough that we could put our luggage with us.

Transfer to JR Train

Upon reaching shin Osaka station, we had to alight and make a transfer towards Osaka station. It’s confusing but when you’re in Japan, there’s a lot of transferring of trains. Once we arrived at Osaka station, we made our final transfer before reaching our destination at Fukushima station.

After alighting and exiting out of the train station at Fukushima, what greeted us made us excited. It’s yoshinoya right next to the station. It’s one of our must try on the food list.

Airbnb at Fukushima

Address: 2 Chome-10-19 Fukushima Megarocoop Fukushima 621 Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 553-0003 Japan

Click here to know more about our accommodation in Osaka.

airbnb at osaka

Our accommodation wasn’t far from the train station. It’s within walking distance. What made this place so awesome is that there’s a 7-eleven store right below. Yoshinoya and MacDonald’s are within walking distance too.


Although the room was tiny, it felt cozy. The toilet is a little cramp which we have to be really careful. I think while using the toilet, I did hit my head a little while trying to wipe my butt. Yes, this is how cramped the toilet can be. Despite being small, I am amazed that there’s a bathtub.

The bed is a too soft for our liking. And the middle seems to be sunken in which made it uncomfortable during the night. The blanket used was heavy which made it difficult for me to pull it up and cover myself during the cold night.

There’s a laundry area in the building located at the rooftop level. ¥200 (SGD$2.50) for using the washing machine and ¥100 (SGD$1.25) for using the dryer.



Address: 5-13-18 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka 553-0003, Osaka Prefecture

The MacDonald’s we went is right next to the train station which made it pretty easy to find.

After settling down and a short rest, we decided to head out for a proper meal. We ended up at MacDonald’s and ordered something that we can’t find back home.

We had a set each with fries without salt. I don’t really like bacon and I didn’t know the burger that I ordered comes with it. However, the bacon here tasted different. It’s not as artificial and salty as I thought it would be. Which made me give bacon a try in a foreign land.

Both set cost ¥1330 (SGD$16.62). It’s yummy and worth the price. I don’t mind trying it again, probably ordering a different burger.


Address: South Gate Building, 3 Chome-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 530-8202 Japan

Girlfriend wanted to visit Daimaru and so we made our way back to Osaka station. It consists of around 15 levels. Different categories at each level. Ranges from men to women to children.

However, the main reason we visited Daimaru was mainly for the Tokyu Hands and Uniqlo located in the same building.

Tokyu Hands

Once at Tokyu Hands, we got separated as we wanted to see different things. Thankfully, we had a sim card each with data roaming. Even if we couldn’t find one another, at least we’re still contactable.

Saw Uni Style Fit pen cover, the one I really like. But it doesn’t make sense to get another similar one. Thus I was looking at the other available design. But was unsure if I should get it.

I strayed off towards another section of the stationary category. Saw moleskin notebooks and price wise is about the same as Singapore’s. Thus not worth getting. Thinking if it’s a reasonable price, maybe I could get one to start a journal.

There are 3 levels of Tokyu Hands in the building. However, we only managed to walk one level of it. We didn’t get anything that day as we’re trying to save some luggage space for later. And also to travel as light as possible.


We were thinking of getting new clothes here. Thus we visited one of my favorite clothing stores. Sadly, they are preparing winter wear and thus none of the clothes are suitable for us. We left the place empty-handed.


We visited the supermarket located in the basement. It is surrounded by food store and bakery. Many choices for our dinner.

takoyaki and bento

I was craving for takoyaki that cost ¥690 (SGD$8.62) and I bought a box of 8 to go. As it’s not enough for two as dinner, we bought another sashimi bento at ¥500 (SGD$6.25). And yes, dinner settled.