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Wedding Planning – Invitation & Reception

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception wasn’t part of our plan. But Fluffy Bunny decided to gather everyone for lunch after our ceremony. A way to thank them for making all the way to celebrate our marriage.

Choosing a venue for the wedding reception wasn’t easy. There are so many choices to choose from. Initially, we couldn’t decide if we want a lunch or dinner, but after much discussing and asking her sister for advice, we decided on lunch.

Our initial venue to have lunch wedding reception only opens during dinner time on the day of our wedding. Thus we had to research further for other possible location. Checking out menus and reading reviews. Like everyone else, we just want everything to be awesome on our special day. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime event.

As I am typing this entry, we haven yet settle on the venue. But we do have a few in mind. Will be emailing them before confirmation and booking. Gosh… There’s so much to do for a one day event.


We wanted to keep this small and within budget. We do not want to spend a whole load of money in celebrating our next milestone. Invitation is a headache I would say because it’s a who shall be on our wedding invitation list.

I wished there’s a guide for us on how to define if this person is worth inviting. As we lay out the names, we realised there are just that few that’s a must to invite. Not to mention, the family which is a must. A few close and mutual friends of ours. Which I think is good enough. We don’t need a huge group of people to be there. After confirming our list of invitation, we decided to personally invite them.

As our wedding is at Australia, Sydney, we gave everyone a dateline to RSVP with us. This is for us to know how many confirmed guests so that we can proceed to book a venue for a lunch wedding reception.

Wedding Planning – Budgeting & Venue

Start of Our Wedding Planning

It’s a once in a lifetime event and I would so love to make it memorable. In case you do not know, I have always been looking forward to this day all my life. Well, not so for my fiancee (Fluffy Bunny). So ever since, I had many ideas. From beach wedding to Harry Potter theme, which of course she said no to them sadly.

I decided that I wanted to do something to remember this special occasion. I suggested doing a bullet journal together. One where we jot down everything for our big day. From there we had a rough idea on what we need to do or things to take note of. Which is much easier than panicking at the last minute in my opinion.


Before we even start budgeting, we started a page on our bullet journal. One to track our savings that we planned to put aside for our big day. That was before we allocate and budget the respective needed expenses.

It wasn’t easy since our wedding will be overseas. Thus we need to factor in the currency exchange. Our budgets include attire, flights, accommodations and the wedding day itself. Seeing those numbers made Fluffy Bunny stress as she’s the one who is good with budgeting, to be honest.

So far, we’re within budget for the individual expenses. We’ve settled our flights after knowing Scoot was having promotion which helped save some money. Which also mean that we have some extra cash from the budget that we can allocate to another expenses.


Initial plan was to get married in Taiwan. Firstly, it’s an Asian country and we both like the place. Secondly, it’s nearer to home considering it’s around 4 to 5 hours flight. Sadly, their same sex marriage doesn’t seem to come true any time soon after the recent referendum.

We’ve changed to Australia instead. Browse through some websites and decided we’re getting married at Sydney. I was the one who chose the place and yes, I love it especially the scenery. It wasn’t easy as I was contemplating between this or a beach wedding. After much debating, I have decided on Harbourside at Sydney.

Travel Planning For Japan Trip

travel planning

Travel Planning

Travel planning can be mentally draining. Between us both, Fluffy Bunny is the better travel planner. She could figure out many important details that I would have probably left out when planning a trip. We have been to quite a few places together and most of the trips are just the both of us. These are the trips where she planned the routes, where to stay, what to eat etc. I couldn’t have done it any better.

My Tasks & I Screwed It Up

We have been planning to visit Japan for years. Finally, we decide to do it on our 10th year anniversary. Bought our air tickets early this year and I was given the following tasks.

  • Plan the itinerary
  • Research on places of interest
  • List out restaurants or cafe we wanted to visit
  • Find out the address of the places we’re visiting and google map it

Fluffy Bunny have work during the weekdays. During the weekends, she would be meeting up with the boys about their current project. While my work is much more flexible and she thinks it would be best for me to research for our trip. It is a 3 weeks trip and I have no idea where to start.

We both have decided to visit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara at first. However, we decided to add in more places like Hiroshima and Kobe. And I had to google search what these places have to offer and what I would like to see during the trip. I ended up just listing down many places of interest and restaurants. What I didn’t do was to check for reviews and if it’s accessible from one place to another. I didn’t take into account that Japan has the most confusing train lines and they’re operated by different companies.

After all those troubles, I was given a new task. Research on Universal Studio and Disney theme parks. And I had to come up with the theme park itinerary.

Fluffy Bunny The Better Travel Planner

Like I have mentioned at the start of this post, girlfriend is the better travel planner than I am. She was the one who managed to plan how many days for each location that we’re visiting and where would we start from. I can never do what she did and honestly speaking, I’m amazed.

She managed to plan how we’re going to travel when we arrive and how to get to our accommodation. She could plan out where to have lunch and where to visit after. I admit this is something I could never do or rather I’m not good at it. I could bring you from point A to point Z. While the girlfriend would connect the dots and making sure the places aren’t too far off from each other.

Travel planning isn’t something she enjoys. Was told it’s mentally exhausting and she wished I could chip in more. OK, I will try and hopefully not screw this up.