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Departure – Singapore to Bangkok (21 April 2019)


Getting ready for Bangkok
Getting Ready

We’ve been saying that we would make a trip to Bangkok some day years ago. Finally, with the right opportunity and valid reason, we booked our tickets a few months ago. And ever since, I’ve been counting down to our trip.

Although it’s a 4 pm (Singapore time) flight, I’ve been anxious and excited since morning. After settling our fur kids, I head over to Dear’s place where her mum offered to send us to the airport after she’s done with her errands. And that’s when I’ve been hoping that her mum will come back soon. Because when we’re at the airport, it’s official that the holiday starts.

Travel Hiccups

There’s always bound to be some hiccups for whatever reason. Our main hiccup was that we had forgotten about our Thailand sim card that we bought online. We’re supposed to collect it at the airport before checking.

We ended up boarding the plane without the sim card. Texted our friend to help us collect before he join us the following week. And we had to get another sim card when we arrive in Bangkok airport if not we have no way of communicating our family on WhatsApp during our trip. And of course, we rely on the data for GPS too as we’ll be having a road trip.

Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

Bangkok Sinsuvarn Airport Suite
Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

We took a shuttle from the airport to Sinsuvarn Airport Suite. It’s about 10 minutes ride from the airport and we’ll be staying here for a night. After checking in, we headed towards our room. You have to climb down a flight of stairs to have access to the lift. Then another flight of stairs down after we exit the lift to our room. I would say, this isn’t friendly for the elderly especially with luggage.

Bangkok Sinsuvarn Airport Suite Room
Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

After entering our room, we realized it’s two single bed instead of a queen that we booked. Called the reception desk to clarify to be told that for the night, they’re fully booked thus we got downgraded. As it’s only for a night, we decided it’s OK.

Dinner – Macdonald

Pork Burger

We decided to head out for dinner. With nothing in mind, we walked to the nearest shopping area to look for food. Ended up, we had Macdonald for dinner. Got me a pork burger while Fluffy Bunny ordered a cheeseburger.

It’s been years since I last had pork burger and I love it. Quite enjoying to visit Macdonald when I’m overseas as the menu are usually different. Being different, I get to order something different and give it a try.


Bought myself a Zoro toy from One Piece. His swords twirl up your cables which I think is pretty useful and of course he’s my favorite character. We decided to put it in the car to twirl cables.

We walked back to our hotel after dinner to rest and that’s how we spend our first night in Bangkok.

Section 377A – Repeal or Retain

Section 377A

section 377A

It has been a hot topic in recent months, especially after India repealed theirs. Singapore has been divided into 3 sides in my opinion when it comes to Section 377A.

  1. People who are and/or those supporting the LGBTQ community are voting to repeal this penal code.
  2. People (mainly religious leaders and members) who votes against this penal code.
  3. The Government. In my opinion, they are more of going according to the majority’s views and try to appease the minority. In other words, they will try all means to delay going into the topic of Section 377A.

For those who have no idea what this penal code is about. It is a law that criminalises sex between mutually consenting male adults. According to our government, the law is there but not enforced.

Legal Challenge To Repeal

Years ago, there’s this gay couple who tried to repeal this law from the penal code. However, they failed. Professor Tommy Koh said to try again when someone commented on Facebook that the challenge was once rejected by the court.

True enough, DJ Big Kid decided he should be the one to do. Although I’m not sure if the legal proceeding has started, I would say, I wish him all the best. This legal challenge, if it succeeds may be a huge step for the LGBTQ community in Singapore. However, if he were to fail to repeal this penal code, it’s OK. We will try again someday. And we’ll come back stronger.

Religions Interference

Weirdly, religions are interfering into this. They are against the repealing of section 377A. According to them, marriage should only be involved with a man and a woman. Same-sex is an abomination and it’s a sin.

They have been trying to get involved in states matter. Trying to help the government to make decisions over states matter in my opinion.

So if we were to allow religions to voice out in states matter, shouldn’t we make abortion illegal as well as that’s what goes against the Bible’s teaching? Put it into the penal code as part of our law?

My Opinion

There are so many opinions online and I thought, maybe I should have mine too. Since it might concern and affect us in future.

Of course, I am in support to repeal this penal code. It means a lot to the LGBTQ community. We’ve been through a lot compared to our straight brothers and sisters, especially the prejudice, judgement and stereotype.

Repealing this penal code doesn’t mean we’re asking for same-sex marriage. It meant that our community isn’t criminals due to the penal code. And it is also one step forward to humanity and equality. It also means that we don’t have to hide who we are.

Dear straight people, I’m pretty sure there’s more or less a few people around you that are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or queer. The majority are hiding in the closet and doesn’t mean they aren’t around you. They could be your family member or your closest friend. Put yourselves in their shoes, how would you feel if the roles are reversed? What if being straight isn’t normal and you get judged for who you are?

My point is, we can all live together in harmony loving the people that we love. Why should we have this penal code and separate us as Singaporeans?

Vogue Car Rental

Vogue Car Rental

Vogue Car Rental

After I got my driving license early this year in January, the urge to rent a car was strong. But of course, I rented it for a purpose and it’s mainly for work. Searching for a car rental company that is P Plate friendly wasn’t easy, not to mention one that’s within budget.

Happened to come across Vogue Car Rental Facebook page and was quite delighted to know that they’re P Plate friendly. They have quite a lot of pickup point and one was quite near home which is pretty much in my favour. But of course, I had to check on the reviews before contacting them for further enquiries.

Sadly, they have no reviews on Facebook, however, they do have a few good reviews on carousell. As I research further, I found more customers feedback online. Those weren’t really pleasant. However, as a business owner myself, I understand that there will always be both good and bad reviews. And we just have to experience it for ourselves.

Cars That I Rented

The first car that I rented was a Honda Jazz for the weekend. The rental cost was $249, Friday to Sunday. External wise, it comes with lots of scratches. The driver’s side mirror, the signal light was broken. While driving it, I would say it’s a little noisy. And when I tried to sleep, the sound of the car’s engine seems to be on repeat in my ears. The brake wise, it’s not as sensitive as the cars that I drove when I was still learning. Overall, I would say it’s not a bad car. It’s nice to drive and the size wise is definitely suitable for a petite lady driver like me.

The second car that I rented was a Suzuki Swift. Rented it for 2 days on a weekday and the rental cost was $59 per day. External wise, perfect. No scratches or dents. I was surprised that the car boot wasn’t spacious and that my grooming equipment can’t fit in well. I ended up having to lay down the back seats to make a bigger boot area for my stuff. The car is pretty smooth to drive. Love how sensitive the brake was.

The third car that I rented was a Honda Jazz. Rented it for 1 day on a weekday and the rental cost was $65 per day. I can’t remember if this car came in perfect condition externally, but it is definitely a better ride compared to the Honda Jazz that I rented previously. It was smoother and the brake pedal was much more sensitive. Although many said there’s a difference between Jazz and Fit, to me it’s the same. After much research, it’s just the import companies that are different.

The fourth car that I rented was a Chevrolet Spark. Rented it for the weekend and the rental was $209, Friday through Sunday. It’s a lot tinier compared to the previous cars that I rented but the boot space is a little spacious compared to Suzuki Swift. The direction signal switch apparently is on the left instead of the usual right that I’m used to. So for a start, it took me a while to get used to it. However, for the doors, I had to close it a little harder compared to other cars. The doors seem to be lightly closed and the light indicator for car doors kept lighting up.

The fifth car that I rented was a Kia Picanto. Rented it for 8 days during the Hari Raya period and it cost me $788. When driving, the car seems to be jerky. It’s like there’s something wrong with the engine. There’s one incident where the car was moving and it gives a sudden jerky stop at the traffic light and I almost collided into a taxi that’s making a right turn on the next lane. I wasn’t stepping on the brake pedal at all.

Nissan March Breakdown

car breakdown

The sixth car that I rented was a Nissan March. Rented it over the weekends at $209, Friday to Sunday. It was a nice ride, the car size was alright even for the boot. I was amazed at the automatic feature of the headlights. Other than that, it’s a pretty old model.

However, it broke down on me after one of my appointment. The engine wouldn’t start and I had to call the rental company to ask for help. Being a girl who knows nothing, the staff asked me to jumpstart the car myself. Firstly, there are no other drivers around that I could ask to use their car to do the jumpstarting. Secondly, I don’t have the tools to do it. Politely I requested for them to come over to help me. The staff said OK, but it will take him 2 hours to get to Punggol as he was at Boon Lay. I don’t know how it will take him that long to drive over, but I said OK because I have no other choice.

Had to text my next customer to inform him that I will be late. That very day, everything got delayed and I waited helplessly for 2.5 hours till help arrives. He came with an extra battery, which ended up wasn’t working either. It took him about 20 minutes to give up trying and use the battery from the car he drove over instead. And he took back both faulty batteries.

My Reviews

My first impression of them wasn’t good. The staff was late by almost an hour during collection time. And they’re not apologetic. Thankfully, when I read the reviews online, I was already prepared for this. However, during the return of the car, they’re quite punctual. I can put up with punctuality, so I decided to give them another chance and book with them again when I need to use the car. Even the second time, the staff was late which I decided that it’s OK. I will schedule my appointments for a later timing then. Subsequently, the staff seem to be on time during collection day.

Price wise, I would say it’s not cheap but affordable. It’s within my budget and there’s no extra charge for being a driver that’s still under probation. I am sure there’s other cheaper rental company, but I continued with this is more on the convenience for the pickup and return location. Booking was easy even at the very last minute. So no complaints about that.

What hit me that the service is getting bad to worse is when the car broke down and I needed help. It doesn’t help much when their staff had a very strong Indian accent when we communicate in English. It was a little difficult to understand for me what the staff needed me to do. I brushed this off as it’s just a communication barrier. No big deal about that, cos I believe that by asking again, we will both understand one another eventually. However, the staff seem to be rather impatient when I couldn’t understand what he needed me to do.

After he was done helping me with the car battery, I was told to take my cashcard along with me and hop into his car. I have no idea what he needed me to do and I wasn’t informed that I had to pay for his car park entrance just to help me start the car’s battery. I wouldn’t be upset if I was told about it, but no, he didn’t tell me anything at all. So basically, I waited for 2.5 hours with no apology for the wait, I had to pay for the car park entrance for him.

My verdict, I wouldn’t recommend Vogue Car Rental if you’re in a hurry during pickup day. If you’re lucky with no breakdown, I would say their services are still bearable. However, don’t expect VIP treatment from them though. Car wise, they’re not well maintained but for the affordable price, maybe can just close one eye. But of course, safety wise, not very advisable. And after my bad experience with them, I have decided not to engage their services in the future. Will be trying another, so stay tuned for my reviews once I think it’s time to type down my thoughts.

Singapore Slingers vs Mono Vampire (8 April 2018)

Online Ticket Purchase

Have been wanting to watch a basketball match for quite some time. Being there supporting our local home team would be fun. After seeing a match that’s coming up, I asked the fiancee and a friend of ours if they would like to go with me.

We booked our tickets online when it’s on sale and we were spoilt for choices. Choosing a good seat and considering the price of the ticket if it’s worth it. But of course, we went ahead with the booking and the countdown to the game begins.

It’s a quarter-final and Singapore Slingers are up against Mono Vampire!

OCBC Arena

The match was held at OCBC Arena. We’ve never been there and aren’t sure where it actually is located at. Like many said, follow the crowd and we managed to get there with ease.

Queuing up to enter the venue was pretty quick which was surprising to me. Considering that they do check our bags, the flow was quick. Probably because they had more than one bag check station.

The entire hall is huge! It’s my first time being to a basketball game and all the excitement is there can be overwhelming. I have no idea how I should cheer for our own Singapore Slingers.

Singapore Slingers vs Mono Vampire

Singapore Slingers

The players from both teams vary in height. But the #21 player from Mono Vampire is freaking tall! And with that tall a player, naturally, he will be stationed right under the hoops. His main role from what we observed was to protect the hoop and prevent our Singapore team from scoring.

I love the atmosphere and the supporters and fans of Singapore Slingers were cheering for the team. Oh, not to forget during the half game, while the players were off to rest for a few minutes, there was a short mini-game for the spectators. I assume those chosen ones had participated in a contest earlier on.

There was a mini basketball game where players were dressed as penguins. It’s quite cute and funny to see chubby penguins running around the court and trying to score.

Intense Period 4

The Last Minute

As the game progress into period 4, it was super intense. The scores were tied and that it is the final round to see who wins the game. The clock was ticking, we’re all screaming and cheering for our team.

During the last few seconds, however, the opposing team managed to score and win the game. I’ve never been to a basketball game before and yes, this experience was truly a memorable one.

Good Game

Final Score

Despite our loss, I would say this was a good game. Both teams gave their best and although it’s sad that our team lost, the day ended pretty well. I may have left the place a little sad, but I went home with a nice experience.

Yes, I would want to support Singapore Slingers again during the next season. I’ll be waiting to cheer on you guys again so let’s all work hard. Till we meet again!

Japan – Departure (28 Sept 2017)

Changi Airport Terminal 1 – Departure Day


We bought our tickets in January and it was on promotion. The price we got was fairly cheap for a trip to Japan.

Our ticket cost $422.20 per pax for a round trip. There will be a transit stopover at Bangkok airport which is fine with us. Usually, transit tickets are slightly cheaper than the direct flight. It depends on individual budget.

Thai airways allow online check-in and we did it a few hours before our flight. However, our email stated that we needed to visit the counter for check-in. Unsure what’s wrong and worried it could be our booking issue. After scrolling Facebook, I got to know the airport had some system issue and some flights data are affected. Thus both online and in-person check in at the counter took longer than usual to process. So glad we arrived at the airport early to avoid being late.

I was feeling excited upon arriving at the airport, but Fluffy Bunny wasn’t. According to her, she had to be on the airplane in order for the excitement to kick in.

Our flight was at 8:50 pm and we managed to have a cup of tea each and a toast to share before boarding.

We got the window seat which I am happy about. I get to see the outside as the plane slowly make its way for taking off. Although I do have phobia during taking off and landing, it still didn’t stop me from looking out of the plane window. I find it so interesting to see what’s going on on the outside. If I am lucky, I could see beautiful sunset or sunrise on the plane.

It’s been some time since I last took a non-budget flight. So glad there’s entertainment on the flight and we watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We didn’t manage to finish the entire movie on board as we were about to arrive at Bangkok for our transit flight.

Low sodium meal

We requested for a special meal when we booked our air tickets. Low sodium and low-calorie meals. If you want to get your food first, order the special meal. You get the food before everyone else.

Bangkok – Transit

Bangkok airport

The landing at Bangkok wasn’t a smooth ride. Before we start to descend, the captain announced there might be a slight delay for landing as there’s thunderstorm in Thailand. I have never met a thunderstorm before on board a flight.

While we slowly descend when it’s safe to do so, I could feel the plane was a little shaky. When the wheels touched the ground, it wasn’t as smooth as most flight that I have been on. Probably due to the wet surface. During this instance, I grabbed onto Fluffy Bunny’s hand rather tightly.

After alighting the aircraft, we had to make our way to our next boarding gate. We found the information counter to ask for direction and was told our next connecting flight is all the way in the east wing of the airport. We arrived at the west wing.

Seeing that the journey to the other end will be a long one, we hurried as fast as our little legs could carry us. We didn’t stop for shops as there’s simply no time for it. My Thai Bhat seems to be redundant that day.

East Wing transit queue was long that night. And the queue was moving rather slowly. After checking in, we stopped for a toilet break before heading towards our boarding gate. Which was at the furthest end of the boarding area.

Taking off during heavy rain was yet another new experience for me. It felt different from the usual take off on good weather. The excitement and worry were what went through my mind.

Low sodium sandwich

We had supper on the plane. Sandwich and it was what I needed. Got a little hungry after I alighted from the previous plane. This was my low sodium sandwich.

Low sodium breakfast

We slept through on the flight before waking up for our breakfast on the plane. Like the flight before, we had the special meal. So we get to eat first.

Once done with our meal, we continued watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at where we stopped at. This time, we managed to finish the movie before we land. Around 5 hours of flight from Bangkok can be tiring.

I love the orange juice that I was given on board both flights. It’s not too sweet nor sour to my liking. However, I kept it in my bag for later as I was already full.

Read more about my Japan trip at the next entry.

I’m Gay And This Is Who I Am

I’m Gay

Coming to terms with my sexuality isn’t difficult. I’m gay and I accept myself for who I am. As much as I want the society to accept me, I believe that I have to first accept myself for who I am. It is the one step which I think is important. I came across confessions from anonymous strangers online, stating that they had a hard time accepting themselves for being a homosexual. And they are still resisting the fact. If we can’t accept who we are, how are we going to get people to accept us?

Being Gay

I didn’t choose who I would fall in love with neither did I choose to like someone of the same gender. It’s the same for straight people, they didn’t choose who they like and be in a relationship with. Being gay is not a choice, it is not a disease nor a lifestyle for one to follow.

I am who I am, and I can’t change the fact about it. Being a lesbian in Singapore isn’t easy. We got stares of disapproval from the public. It is a conservative country which we believe that it’s near impossible for the government to change the laws to accept us. It is rather a sad thing as the LGBTQ contribution to this country isn’t recognized. Majority of us had to live in the closet and accept our fate. As much as I love my country, I have given up hope that Singapore will legalize same sex marriage (while I’m still alive). Yes, the activist like Pink Dot may still be strong with the LGBTQ community and family’s support. But we still have a long way to go.

I am Who I Am

In fact, I am proud to be who I am. Accepted myself for being a lesbian is one big step for me. During schooling days as I remembered it, to be like the majority of my friends, I had to be someone that I am not. Teased someone who might or might not be gay (sorry for the emotional stress I’ve caused). And I had to pretend that I am as straight as long as I could lie to myself. Yes, I may have had boyfriends in the past, I may have actually like them but are they true love? Are the relationships in the past genuine or is just being a relationship just to fit in?

Being a lesbian, I had my fair share of achievements and failures along the way other than my sexual orientation. All of these qualities add up to who I am today. Accept me for who I am, for my sexual orientation is part of me even if you disagree with it.