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Road Trip to Khao Yai (24 April 2019)

Khao Yai

It’s another day of travelling on the road again towards Khao Yai. Another long drive to the next destination. After checking out from River Kwai Bridge Resort and getting coffee, we were on the road again.

Baan Mai Chay Nam Restaurant

Khao Yai - Ban Mai Chay Nam Restaurant

Our first stop was Ban Mai Chay Nam Restuarant upon arrival at Khao Yai. It’s a restaurant showcasing olden days items, like a collector’s themed restaurant. Most of the items there are probably way older than the two of us combined. It’s an interesting concept restaurant that’s like a mini museum.

Khao Yai - Ban Mai Chay Restaurant

We decided to settle our lunch here since our last meal was breakfast. Ordered quite a few dishes and frankly speaking, it wasn’t worth the money. These dishes you can get it at the stalls by the roadside when you visit the night market.

Piazza Palio

Khao Yai - Piazza Palio

After lunch, we head off to Piazza Palio. The entrance is free and you get to spend as much time as you want there. When we were there, there’s not much crowd. It’s basically a Italian themed place where you can take as many pictures that’s Instagram worthy to post online.

We didn’t spend much time there as basically there’s nothing much to explore other than taking some pictures. Shop wise, many were closed when we’re there. It’s like a ghost town in my opinion.

Baan Suan Noi

Khao Yai - Baan Suan Noi

We decided to head off to our accommodation and call it a day. It’s one of the accommodation that we’re looking forward to for this trip. Took us quite long to decide before we finally decided to go ahead and book it months prior to the trip.

Everything there are built by the owners of the place. There are little hobbit place and a mini santorini theme room for you to choose from. They have a cosplay room where you get to dress up for photo opportunity.

There’s nothing much around the place. But there’s a small little eatery next to it.

Road Trip – Kanchanaburi (22 April 2019)

Sinsuvarn Airport Suite – Preparing Towards Kanchanaburi

We checked out early and waited for the 9:30 am shuttle bus towards the airport. We’re off to pick up our ride. First stop of the road trip, Kanchanaburi!

I wouldn’t say we had a good night’s sleep. It’s not very sound proof or rather not at all. I’m a light sleeper so I get woken up easily. So far, this is the only hotel that I’ve some dissatisfaction when it comes to soundproofing.

Dead mosquito on the wall

Apart from the sound, the room is full of mosquito. I can’t remember how many times I tried to kill these annoying buggers from sucking our blood. And to be honest, there’s a dead mosquito on the wall left by the previous tourist who came here to stay.

All in all, it’s not a very pleasant experience I would say.

Road Trip Towards Kanchanaburi

Honda City
Honda City, the car we rented

Collected our car from the chic rental at the airport and we’re ready to head off for our road trip. We decided to opt for self-drive instead of public transport for convenience. We didn’t want to drive in Bangkok itself, so after collecting the car and setting up the GPS, we head towards Kanchanaburi direction.

Toll ticket
Toll ticket

Along the way, we passed by 2 tolls, which cost us THB$50 each. We depart at around 11 am from Bangkok and reached about 4 pm at our destination. Didn’t prepare any songs of our choice and the radio have not much English channel for us. Even if it does, it’s only for a few hours.

Wampo Viaduct

Kanchanaburi Wampo Viaduct
Kanchanaburi, Wampo Viaduct

After we checked in at our accommodation, we head off to Wampo Viaduct which was about 15 minutes drive. Upon arrival, we were unsure where to park as there’s no proper parking lot. Thus we followed the car that was already parked there.

The place at Wampo Viaduct is like a little market but most stalls were already closed when we arrived. However, we continued walking towards the railway track where we saw many tourists standing there waiting for the train.

A few minutes after our arrival at the railway track, we heard the sound of the train coming from far. Thankful to be able to see the train stopping by before moving off. Not sure how many scheduled train there is per day, but I would say we’re lucky in that sense that we don’t have to wait long for this opportunity.

After the train passed by, we walked on the railway track for some video and photo taking before heading back to look for dinner.

Best Fried Rice

As we head back we realized there’s no place to settle our meal. We happened to saw one stall with the staff there and decided to try and ask if they’re still open. Thankfully, they are!

Kanchanaburi Pork Basil Rice

This stall is located right at the entrance from where we drove in from our accommodation. Ordered fried rice for myself while Fluffy Bunny ordered pork basil with rice. I’ve always love the fried rice in Thailand as they’re fragrant compared to the ones I had in Singapore.

Kanchanaburi Fried Rice

And yes, I love this fried rice that I’ve eaten. I would say hands down, this is the best fried rice I’ve ever eaten in Thailand. Not sure if we’ll ever be back though. But I’m so thankful that very day to be able to have such nice fried rice where everywhere else was closed.

Departure – Singapore to Bangkok (21 April 2019)


Getting ready for Bangkok
Getting Ready

We’ve been saying that we would make a trip to Bangkok some day years ago. Finally, with the right opportunity and valid reason, we booked our tickets a few months ago. And ever since, I’ve been counting down to our trip.

Although it’s a 4 pm (Singapore time) flight, I’ve been anxious and excited since morning. After settling our fur kids, I head over to Dear’s place where her mum offered to send us to the airport after she’s done with her errands. And that’s when I’ve been hoping that her mum will come back soon. Because when we’re at the airport, it’s official that the holiday starts.

Travel Hiccups

There’s always bound to be some hiccups for whatever reason. Our main hiccup was that we had forgotten about our Thailand sim card that we bought online. We’re supposed to collect it at the airport before checking.

We ended up boarding the plane without the sim card. Texted our friend to help us collect before he join us the following week. And we had to get another sim card when we arrive in Bangkok airport if not we have no way of communicating our family on WhatsApp during our trip. And of course, we rely on the data for GPS too as we’ll be having a road trip.

Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

Bangkok Sinsuvarn Airport Suite
Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

We took a shuttle from the airport to Sinsuvarn Airport Suite. It’s about 10 minutes ride from the airport and we’ll be staying here for a night. After checking in, we headed towards our room. You have to climb down a flight of stairs to have access to the lift. Then another flight of stairs down after we exit the lift to our room. I would say, this isn’t friendly for the elderly especially with luggage.

Bangkok Sinsuvarn Airport Suite Room
Sinsuvarn Airport Suite

After entering our room, we realized it’s two single bed instead of a queen that we booked. Called the reception desk to clarify to be told that for the night, they’re fully booked thus we got downgraded. As it’s only for a night, we decided it’s OK.

Dinner – Macdonald

Pork Burger

We decided to head out for dinner. With nothing in mind, we walked to the nearest shopping area to look for food. Ended up, we had Macdonald for dinner. Got me a pork burger while Fluffy Bunny ordered a cheeseburger.

It’s been years since I last had pork burger and I love it. Quite enjoying to visit Macdonald when I’m overseas as the menu are usually different. Being different, I get to order something different and give it a try.


Bought myself a Zoro toy from One Piece. His swords twirl up your cables which I think is pretty useful and of course he’s my favorite character. We decided to put it in the car to twirl cables.

We walked back to our hotel after dinner to rest and that’s how we spend our first night in Bangkok.

Singapore Slingers vs Mono Vampire (8 April 2018)

Online Ticket Purchase

Have been wanting to watch a basketball match for quite some time. Being there supporting our local home team would be fun. After seeing a match that’s coming up, I asked the fiancee and a friend of ours if they would like to go with me.

We booked our tickets online when it’s on sale and we were spoilt for choices. Choosing a good seat and considering the price of the ticket if it’s worth it. But of course, we went ahead with the booking and the countdown to the game begins.

It’s a quarter-final and Singapore Slingers are up against Mono Vampire!

OCBC Arena

The match was held at OCBC Arena. We’ve never been there and aren’t sure where it actually is located at. Like many said, follow the crowd and we managed to get there with ease.

Queuing up to enter the venue was pretty quick which was surprising to me. Considering that they do check our bags, the flow was quick. Probably because they had more than one bag check station.

The entire hall is huge! It’s my first time being to a basketball game and all the excitement is there can be overwhelming. I have no idea how I should cheer for our own Singapore Slingers.

Singapore Slingers vs Mono Vampire

Singapore Slingers

The players from both teams vary in height. But the #21 player from Mono Vampire is freaking tall! And with that tall a player, naturally, he will be stationed right under the hoops. His main role from what we observed was to protect the hoop and prevent our Singapore team from scoring.

I love the atmosphere and the supporters and fans of Singapore Slingers were cheering for the team. Oh, not to forget during the half game, while the players were off to rest for a few minutes, there was a short mini-game for the spectators. I assume those chosen ones had participated in a contest earlier on.

There was a mini basketball game where players were dressed as penguins. It’s quite cute and funny to see chubby penguins running around the court and trying to score.

Intense Period 4

The Last Minute

As the game progress into period 4, it was super intense. The scores were tied and that it is the final round to see who wins the game. The clock was ticking, we’re all screaming and cheering for our team.

During the last few seconds, however, the opposing team managed to score and win the game. I’ve never been to a basketball game before and yes, this experience was truly a memorable one.

Good Game

Final Score

Despite our loss, I would say this was a good game. Both teams gave their best and although it’s sad that our team lost, the day ended pretty well. I may have left the place a little sad, but I went home with a nice experience.

Yes, I would want to support Singapore Slingers again during the next season. I’ll be waiting to cheer on you guys again so let’s all work hard. Till we meet again!

Japan – Departure (28 Sept 2017)

Changi Airport Terminal 1 – Departure Day


We bought our tickets in January and it was on promotion. The price we got was fairly cheap for a trip to Japan.

Our ticket cost $422.20 per pax for a round trip. There will be a transit stopover at Bangkok airport which is fine with us. Usually, transit tickets are slightly cheaper than the direct flight. It depends on individual budget.

Thai airways allow online check-in and we did it a few hours before our flight. However, our email stated that we needed to visit the counter for check-in. Unsure what’s wrong and worried it could be our booking issue. After scrolling Facebook, I got to know the airport had some system issue and some flights data are affected. Thus both online and in-person check in at the counter took longer than usual to process. So glad we arrived at the airport early to avoid being late.

I was feeling excited upon arriving at the airport, but Fluffy Bunny wasn’t. According to her, she had to be on the airplane in order for the excitement to kick in.

Our flight was at 8:50 pm and we managed to have a cup of tea each and a toast to share before boarding.

We got the window seat which I am happy about. I get to see the outside as the plane slowly make its way for taking off. Although I do have phobia during taking off and landing, it still didn’t stop me from looking out of the plane window. I find it so interesting to see what’s going on on the outside. If I am lucky, I could see beautiful sunset or sunrise on the plane.

It’s been some time since I last took a non-budget flight. So glad there’s entertainment on the flight and we watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We didn’t manage to finish the entire movie on board as we were about to arrive at Bangkok for our transit flight.

Low sodium meal

We requested for a special meal when we booked our air tickets. Low sodium and low-calorie meals. If you want to get your food first, order the special meal. You get the food before everyone else.

Bangkok – Transit

Bangkok airport

The landing at Bangkok wasn’t a smooth ride. Before we start to descend, the captain announced there might be a slight delay for landing as there’s thunderstorm in Thailand. I have never met a thunderstorm before on board a flight.

While we slowly descend when it’s safe to do so, I could feel the plane was a little shaky. When the wheels touched the ground, it wasn’t as smooth as most flight that I have been on. Probably due to the wet surface. During this instance, I grabbed onto Fluffy Bunny’s hand rather tightly.

After alighting the aircraft, we had to make our way to our next boarding gate. We found the information counter to ask for direction and was told our next connecting flight is all the way in the east wing of the airport. We arrived at the west wing.

Seeing that the journey to the other end will be a long one, we hurried as fast as our little legs could carry us. We didn’t stop for shops as there’s simply no time for it. My Thai Bhat seems to be redundant that day.

East Wing transit queue was long that night. And the queue was moving rather slowly. After checking in, we stopped for a toilet break before heading towards our boarding gate. Which was at the furthest end of the boarding area.

Taking off during heavy rain was yet another new experience for me. It felt different from the usual take off on good weather. The excitement and worry were what went through my mind.

Low sodium sandwich

We had supper on the plane. Sandwich and it was what I needed. Got a little hungry after I alighted from the previous plane. This was my low sodium sandwich.

Low sodium breakfast

We slept through on the flight before waking up for our breakfast on the plane. Like the flight before, we had the special meal. So we get to eat first.

Once done with our meal, we continued watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at where we stopped at. This time, we managed to finish the movie before we land. Around 5 hours of flight from Bangkok can be tiring.

I love the orange juice that I was given on board both flights. It’s not too sweet nor sour to my liking. However, I kept it in my bag for later as I was already full.

Read more about my Japan trip at the next entry.