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Roadtrip Back to Bangkok (27 April 2019)

Back to Bangkok

Back to Bangkok

We had to bid farewell to Khao Yai and made our way back to Bangkok to meet up with our friend. Before heading back to Bangkok, we decided to drop by Dairy Home for lunch and ice cream. Yes, it is so good that we decided to drop by again before bidding the final farewell to Khao Yai.

Back to Bangkok - Puppy

At Dairy Farm, we get to meet a puppy after we parked our car. A very playful little fellow. We had fun interacting with him before we head in for steaks. Kind of miss him already while I’m typing this blog entry.

Baan Tobi Hom

Baan Toei Hom

Returning the car at the airport can be confusing because the signs weren’t obvious and we had to turn out and enter again. Thankfully, we managed to return without much issue. After which, we took their MRT towards our Airbnb.

Back to Bangkok - Baan Toei Hom

We stayed at Baan Tobi Hom, which is a shophouse where the owners open a small eatery. We’ll be staying upstairs so we had to carry our luggage up a few flights of stairs. Since we arrived first before the friend, we decided to choose our bedroom first. We took the bigger sized bedroom while we let him have a smaller room.

After a short rest and settled our stuff, we decided to head out to the nearest mall to see what’s for dinner.

Movie – Avengers: End Game

Movie Ticket

We decided to watch Avengers: End Game. While we were at the self serve counter, every timing that we clicked, it’s full. But we managed to get two seats for a 7 pm show. While we were waiting for the time, we decided to head over to Macdonald’s for a quick dinner.

Our friend’s flight got delayed a little thus he couldn’t make it in time to join us. Thus he had to settle his own dinner while we were off to watch a movie.

I was told that before every movie in Thailand, we all had to stand in attention for their national anthem with a short video clip of their King. I am glad that at least I got this piece of information if not I wouldn’t know what to do.

Avengers: End Game was a 3-hour long movie. A battle between the Avengers and Thanos. So glad to be able to see Thor and Captain America again. Or rather Christ Hemsworth and Chris Evans. Yes, fangirl here!

Back to Bangkok - Last Train

The movie ended around 11 pm. We had to follow the other moviegoers to exit the mall as it was already closed when we made our way out of the cinema. Thankfully, there’s still MRT for us to get back to our Airbnb. And yes, we managed to catch the last train home.

Road Trip – Kanchanaburi (22 April 2019)

Sinsuvarn Airport Suite – Preparing Towards Kanchanaburi

We checked out early and waited for the 9:30 am shuttle bus towards the airport. We’re off to pick up our ride. First stop of the road trip, Kanchanaburi!

I wouldn’t say we had a good night’s sleep. It’s not very sound proof or rather not at all. I’m a light sleeper so I get woken up easily. So far, this is the only hotel that I’ve some dissatisfaction when it comes to soundproofing.

Dead mosquito on the wall

Apart from the sound, the room is full of mosquito. I can’t remember how many times I tried to kill these annoying buggers from sucking our blood. And to be honest, there’s a dead mosquito on the wall left by the previous tourist who came here to stay.

All in all, it’s not a very pleasant experience I would say.

Road Trip Towards Kanchanaburi

Honda City
Honda City, the car we rented

Collected our car from the chic rental at the airport and we’re ready to head off for our road trip. We decided to opt for self-drive instead of public transport for convenience. We didn’t want to drive in Bangkok itself, so after collecting the car and setting up the GPS, we head towards Kanchanaburi direction.

Toll ticket
Toll ticket

Along the way, we passed by 2 tolls, which cost us THB$50 each. We depart at around 11 am from Bangkok and reached about 4 pm at our destination. Didn’t prepare any songs of our choice and the radio have not much English channel for us. Even if it does, it’s only for a few hours.

Wampo Viaduct

Kanchanaburi Wampo Viaduct
Kanchanaburi, Wampo Viaduct

After we checked in at our accommodation, we head off to Wampo Viaduct which was about 15 minutes drive. Upon arrival, we were unsure where to park as there’s no proper parking lot. Thus we followed the car that was already parked there.

The place at Wampo Viaduct is like a little market but most stalls were already closed when we arrived. However, we continued walking towards the railway track where we saw many tourists standing there waiting for the train.

A few minutes after our arrival at the railway track, we heard the sound of the train coming from far. Thankful to be able to see the train stopping by before moving off. Not sure how many scheduled train there is per day, but I would say we’re lucky in that sense that we don’t have to wait long for this opportunity.

After the train passed by, we walked on the railway track for some video and photo taking before heading back to look for dinner.

Best Fried Rice

As we head back we realized there’s no place to settle our meal. We happened to saw one stall with the staff there and decided to try and ask if they’re still open. Thankfully, they are!

Kanchanaburi Pork Basil Rice

This stall is located right at the entrance from where we drove in from our accommodation. Ordered fried rice for myself while Fluffy Bunny ordered pork basil with rice. I’ve always love the fried rice in Thailand as they’re fragrant compared to the ones I had in Singapore.

Kanchanaburi Fried Rice

And yes, I love this fried rice that I’ve eaten. I would say hands down, this is the best fried rice I’ve ever eaten in Thailand. Not sure if we’ll ever be back though. But I’m so thankful that very day to be able to have such nice fried rice where everywhere else was closed.

A Relaxing Day At Johor Bahru JB (19 Aug 2017)

Purchasing Train Tickets

We got our train tickets to JB online via this website last month. It is best to book about a month in advance as it usually get sold out pretty fast. Around 19 July when we checked on the available tickets, the morning departure were already sold out.

Traveling by train is a lot more faster and stress free. We’ve traveled by bus and we got so frustrated by it. Long queues at the immigration checkpoint is something we can’t avoid. However, queuing at the bus area can be pretty humid with poor ventilation. Not to mention, people cutting queues. Entering or exiting Malaysia can take up to minimum 3 hours one way if you take the bus route.

The train ride itself takes around 5 minutes. Whereas at the immigration checkpoint and waiting for departure probably take about half an hour. Do note that you need to be at the waiting area about an hour early as the gate will close around 10 minutes before the train departs.

For this trip, our exchange rate is SGD$1 to RM$3.10.

Getting To Woodlands Train Checkpoint


Here’s how we get to Woodlands train checkpoint:

  • Take the MRT (north-south line) to Marsiling station.
  • Cross the overhead bridge
  • Take bus 856 at the bus stop opposite the MRT station
  • Alight at around 3 stops away

Alternatively, you may take buses from Woodlands bus interchange or at Kranji. But this route is too complicated to me as there’s too many available buses to take.

As our trip was a Saturday, traffic jams are expected. At the second bus stop after we board the bus, we were told that the bus route would be diverted. The bus no longer stops at Woodlands train checkpoint and we were told to alight if that’s our destination. The bus driver said it’s walking distance and a few minutes walk away from where we alighted. Being unsure how to get there, we decided to follow the crowd.

When you’ve reached Woodlands train checkpoint, head straight towards the ticketing counter at level 1. Exchange your printed ticket to their actual ticket before heading up to level 2 waiting area. The area can be warm and a little humid despite having some fans around. So be prepare to sweat.

The train is a old model so if you have the urge to snap a picture of it, don’t bother. No photo taking or video recording is allowed at the checkpoint. So just use your eyes and enjoy the beauty of an old model train.

Tony Roma’s

Tony Roma's

Address: Komtar JBCC Lot 203, Second Floor, Johor Bahru City Centre, 80000 Johor Bahru

As our train departure was at 12pm, reaching JB would be around lunch time. In the morning, I remembered Fluffy Bunny telling me she would love to try their Subway. She said maybe they have something different compared to Singapore’s Subway. Naturally, I said OK although I didn’t like sandwiches.

Upon arrival, I suggested to have lunch at the mall next City Square since we haven try out the restaurants available. Honestly, I have forgotten that we planned to have lunch at Subway.chicken platter

We decided to try out Tony Roma’s as I was keen to try the chicken platter. The platter cost RM29.90 (SGD9.65) and it comes with two sides. I was expecting it to be a whole chicken leg or something, roasted or BBQ version. But it came in smaller fried pieces. Presentation wise, not very appealing however the taste I would say was not bad. Although by the looks of it, the portion seem little but it’s quite filling.

Pepsi Ribs

Girlfriend ordered the Pepsi Ribs set at RM42.45 (SGD13.70) and she get to choose two sides. Her choice for the sides were roasted vegetables and baked potato. The ribs were tender and juicy however there’s no pepsi taste. Or it’s just a naming gimmick? I didn’t like baked potato, thus I didn’t give it a try. The roasted vegetables were soft enough and the capsicum’s taste wasn’t that strong. I approve.


We were served a loaf of bread and butter. Both of us were stunned as we didn’t order it. After asking the staff, we got to know this bread was complimentary. Tried it and didn’t like. This type of bread although they toast it before serving, It felt hard and not crispy.

Window Shopping At Komtar Mall

After lunch, we decided to have a stroll at Komtar Mall. According to Fluffy Bunny’s ex-colleague, there is a grocery store located in the mall. But we were unsure which level it is at and decided to look for it.

We took an escalator up to level 3 not knowing where it will lead us to. At first, we were afraid we’re at the wrong place as we saw parking lots. However, there is an entrance nearby that have a food court and a few shops. Yes, we found the grocery store and decided to walk around for a bit.

Doi Chaang Coffee

Address: Level 4, J4-20, City Square, No. 106 – 108, Jln Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru

We decided to head to City Square Mall for the coffee we both fell in love with. It’s the right taste to our taste buds and it smells awesome.

Cafe Mocha

I ordered my usual, Cafe Mocha that cost RM13 (SGD4.20). Fluffy Bunny ordered Flat White this time, that cost RM12 (SGD3.90). As much as we both like coffee, our preferences are a huge different.

Vanilla Crepe Cake

We ordered Vanilla Crepe Cake, RM13 (SGD4.20), as the girlfriend wanted to have some dessert. Since we’re already at the cafe why not get something to munch on. Vanilla isn’t my favorite flavor and crepe cake taste weird to me. I didn’t enjoy this as much as Fluffy Bunny does.

J. Co Donuts

J. Co Donuts

Address: Lot G 18, Ground Floor, City Square, Jln Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru

Because I had cravings and I decided to get some home to eat. There’s a lot of flavors to choose from compared to the donut shop when we arrive at the train station. However price wise, J Co is slightly more pricey.

The queue was short when I got there around 5pm. However, the ordering was quite messy with the front customer unsure of what he wants thus blocking other customers’ way. It took me quite a while to get my order across.

I ordered box of 6 donuts that cost me RM17.80 (SGD5.75). I left J Co as a happy girl that finally got what she wanted.

Souper Tang

Souper Tang

Address: J4 – 19, Level 4, City Square, Jln Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru

We decided to have dinner at City Square instead. At a restaurant that we have not been to before but passed by a couple of time when we were at JB. Most of the soup were herbal base and we decided to order a bowl each.


We were served two appetizer after we took our seats. Guava with Mandarin Peels on the left, RM4.62 (SGD1.50) and Cherry Tomato with Sour Plum on the right, RM4.62 (SGD1.50). I didn’t like both but the guava with mandarin peels are refreshing. Since both were being charged to our bills, Fluffy Bunny finished up the cherry tomato with sour plum as I didn’t really like it.


Girlfriend ordered Ning Shen Remedying Soup, RM18.77 (SGD6.05). When we were looking through at the menu, there’s some description of what benefit the soup has. Fluffy Bunny decided to order this as the benefits are what she currently needed, better sleep.

herbal soup

I ordered for myself the 10 Herbs Soup. I can’t remember what the benefit of this soup were, but I kind of like the taste. As this soup contains about 10 herbs, it’s a little pricier than Fluffy Bunny’s. It cost RM20.66 (SGD6.66). I didn’t quite like the meat given as it was tough and dry to chew on. However, I love the soup.

Both soup were for individual serving. Initially we wanted to order a bigger bowl to share. After browsing through the menu, we decided to order two individual serving bowls instead. This way, we could try two different soup and see which we prefer.

As I am lack of fiber lately, we ordered Tsai with Wolfberry Slimmered in Soup that cost RM21.60 (SGD7). I didn’t take a picture of it as I was a little hungry and busy eating.

Hui Lau Shan

After dinner, we had a stroll around bookstores. There were two available at City Square, Popular and MPH. We usually visit the grocery store and the book store more often when we travel.  I guess, it’s just our preferences and we both didn’t really like shopping. Entering JB for the day was meant to be a relaxing day for us.

Hui Lau Shan

Address: Lot J3 – 20, Johor Bahru City Square, 106 – 108, Jln Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru

As I am itching for dessert, we decided to give Hui Lau Shan a try. Most of their desserts are made from mango. So if you like mango, this is the place.

mango pudding

Being a fan of pudding, Fluffy Bunny decided to order mango pudding and give it a try. It cost RM7 (SGD2.25) and it comes with fresh mangoes. I tasted it and I still didn’t quite like pudding. I prefer jelly instead. However, the mango that comes with it was super sweet which I like.

durian mochi

I regretted ordering the durian mochi that cost me RM10 (SGD3.22). It is no where taste like Japanese mochi which I was hoping for. The durian filling in it tasted artificial. Was hoping for a fresh durian.

Heading Back To Singapore

Our train back was at 9pm and we headed back to the waiting area an hour earlier. Girlfriend decided to try on the massage chair again as she had a pleasant experience on the previous trip. However, this time round she wasn’t happy about it. She smells funny after using the massage chair. And yes, I had to remind her on our next trip not to use it.

You don’t need to change your printed ticket into their actual ticket. Just scan the QR code when you’re at the gantry. Ignore the queue at the waiting area after immigration checkpoint. People just swarm towards the entrance when it’s time for boarding. So hold on tight to your partner or elderly parents. People doesn’t care if they’re pushing in an un-orderly fashion.